Amia Job System: FAQ

This FAQ was made by Ts_ on 24 June 2009

1. Where do I start?
In general, you want to start by reading the main page of the job system.

2. What is the Job System good for?
Mostly, it gives your character something to do. For example, many jobs collect resources somewhere on Amia. That gives you a new reason to explore all areas. You can then sell these resources to other players, which gives you many new role-play opportunities. Other jobs do not use resources, but require you to entertain other players, e.g., with preaching or a massage.

3. Do I have to have a job or use the job system to play on Amia?
Definitely not. The job system does not give mechanical advantages to those that use it.

4. So what do I get for doing my job?
Usually jobs result in a little bit of XP and gold. Under almost all circumstances, this will be less than what you can make by killing monster, but it's a nice alternative source of some XP once in a while. However, the general idea is that adventures make you an adventurer, not a full-time job as a tailor.

5. I've looked at the website and found a cool job. Where do I find the trainer for this job?
The job trainers are NPCs who are spread out over the entire world. In general, there is one trainer for each job on each server. However, some of the job system NPCs are where your character cannot go due to alignment or race restrictions, or maybe that area is simply to deadly for a low-level character. In that case, you can try looking on the other server. Probably the best way to find a trainer is to let your character ask around.

6. How do I change my jobs?
Jobs are meant to be permanent, but if you really messed up, you can try to find a helpful DM.

7. What are all those entries in the Matrix on the job system web page?
The long table tells you how to make an item, and also the category the items belong to. A line might look like this:
428, Walnuts, Orcharder, Orchard, --- , ---, Ingredients, 31 GP.
From left to right: This is line 428 in the table, it tells you how to produce Walnuts. The job involved is Orcharder. You have to use some object "Orchard" (more specific, a Walnut tree in this case) to obtain 1 Walnut. Walnuts belong to the Ingredients category, so you can sell them to Ingredients Traders for about 31 GP.

A more complicated line could look like this:
40, Bench, Carpenter, Carpenter's Workbench, Pine Planks, Ash Planks, Furniture, 204 GP.
This tells us that 1 Bench can be made by a Carpenter by putting 1 Pine Planks and 1 Ash Planks into some object "Carpenter's Workbench" in the game. The resulting Bench belongs to the Furniture category, which means that it can be sold to a Furniture Merchant NPC. The value of the Bench would be about 204 gold pieces.

It's really not as complicated when you try it in the game. Just click on something that belongs to your job or bring the right ingredients to the right place and put them in the right object.

8. I know that I can sell Books to the Book Merchant NPC, and Ingredients to the Ingredients Merchant NPC and so on. Is there any other way to sell my items?
Yes. You are always encouraged to barter your items to other players for an agreed upon price. For some categories, players can even become traders. For example, all items in the "Metal" category can be sold to players with the Metal Trader job, almost as if they were NPCs. The player traders can also buy the metal to sell them to other players that refine metal.
Not all trader jobs are available, though. Furniture Trader, for example, cannot be taken as a player. (It's not in the list of available jobs.)
Lastly, you can always sell your items to regular shops, but they will pay you just 1 gold for your items that could be worth much more, so that is only slightly better than putting them in trash barrels.

9. I need some resources for my job but cannot make them myself. What do I do?
First of all, it is hardly a good idea to take rank 1 in some job because you want to make all ingredients yourself. Instead you should buy supplies from other players. Someone with a higher rank can produce what you need much quicker, and again, you get to interact with other people! The PC Notice forum contains the "Amian Services Directory" which might help you to find a supplier. You can also make a new post there.

10. I don't understand what I am supposed to do for my job. Help please?
If the job description on the job system web page does not explain things fully to you, you can ask for help in the General Discussion forum. Searching for the name of your job might already bring up some solution, too.

11. Where can I report a bug or make suggestions?
The Things to Change forum contains threads for job system bugs and suggestions.

12. I have more questions!

Resources (many, not all)
Matrix of jobs and resources