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PostPosted: Sat, May 02 2020, 19:30 PM 

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A letter is delivered to Bendir Dale by way of courier, addressed to The Council of Elders. The letter itself is plain, simple parchment void of wax. The scrawl itself is shaky at best, as if written by a beginner or perhaps a sickly body. Those reading it have a sneaking suspicion that this is hardly the first version of the letter, but still some things have been crossed out on the final draft.

To the Council of Halflings Bendir Dale,

I am a creature of, as many people have said, chromatic blood. As such, lately I am not allowed outside the walls of Bendir Dale what with the increase of disciples about. However, in the past I had been allowed outside the walls. I am unsure if then I was supposed to be away from those walls for I never filled out an official letter such as this. However, the militia never turned me away then, and even mayor Rosary (Unsure if she is mayor now) had shared conversation with me.

As such, I had met several other warriors and characters today that are great friends. Even in the time that I had stayed outside those walls, I fought alongside those outside the walls in defense of the town. Bendir Dale means more to me then I care to admit.

There are some trustworthy folks that would be able to testify to me being trusting. I had meant to gather signings to show this, but a few of them are scattered, and some I would only be able to find in the place I am asking to be in. The Pink halfling would be able to vouch for me, and as much as I don’t like him and he doesn’t like me, I had fought at least a battle or two beside the copper Will.

In my time outside the walls, I am understanding that I am to behave around those of different dragon blood, and those that would see me as a violent threat. I have no thoughts of deception while outside the walls.

While I would be overjoyed to be allowed inside Bendir Dale, I had never been allowed the chance, and doubt I would be granted such if I had asked.

Thanks For Your Time Reading Over a Letter.

-Eyeoreaekey Seeaetoes Iorrakyi S.

I've been gone a hot minute but we back now!
Iorrakyi Siatos: "Friendly" Red Half-Dragon Barbarianess

Syvx: Curious Nature Kobold

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Forum locked This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.  [ 1 post ] 

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