[IC] Cordor Guard - Recruitment
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Author:  A Majestic Dwarf [ Tue, Oct 29 2019, 12:26 PM ]
Post subject:  [IC] Cordor Guard - Recruitment

People of Amia

Given the losses sustained within the defense of Cordor and the combatting of the Horde up to this day, it is unsurprising that the Cordor Guard have suffered Casualties. We remain however, unbowed and determined to safeguard the people of the Commonwealth in these times of need. I put out the call, a call for all of those who wish to aid me in this goal, a call to join the forces of Cordor and strike back at our foe. We are seeking people with the skills and detirmination to fill out a number of roles.


For those who perhaps do not have the inclination to become lawmen, but still wish to aid the city in the field of battle. Under my command, the Irregulars will be primarily responsible for battlefield tasks which are outside of the expertise of normal soldiers. Taking the fight to the enemy and taking out their leaders and supply. This is intended as a temporary post, however, when the War with the Horde is over there will be allowances for those who wish a more permanent posting.


The Law and order of the City must be maintained, espiecially in times of war and strife such as this. Whilst the Guardsmen of the city do fight in the defense of the city, their primary duty is to maintain law and order. In this way they protect the people from the criminal element of society, and root out the corruption within. This is meant to be a permanent posting, and so if you apply for this position, please be prepared for the commitment.

Creatures and those banished under Cordor Law need not apply.

- Lieutenant Hornraven, Cordor Guard.

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