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That Guy
PostPosted: Wed, Jun 28 2017, 23:18 PM 

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bobofwestoregonusa wrote:

-Black Company-


Black Company is an elite unit within the Living Guard devoted expressly to lightening raids and asset retrieval where a detachment of the Living Guard is impossible or ill advised.

Black Company is composed of the adventuring and mercenary soldiers of the region pledged to military service to the Living City; upon the soil of Tarkuul they are pledged to uphold the Laws of the City; devoted expressly to the purposes of the recovery of rare artifacts, the elimination of those who would threaten the Enclave, the protection of the Enclave's interests, lightening raids into enemy territory, and acquisition of resources vital to the continued progress of the Living City as a state.

Due to the often more dangerous nature of tasks undertaken by Black Company they are not required to wear the same uniform as the rest of the Living Guard; however members seeking promotion beyond the rank of Watcher will be required to don the uniform at all times when on active duty.

As with the rest of the Enclave of Tarkuul: The Living Guard promotes the right of the individual, with their own self development as a moral purpose in life, productive achievement as his or her noblest pursuit, and reason as their only absolute; as members of Black Company this is considered especially so.

To this effect, enlistment with Black company entails the following benefits:

  • Salary far above the rank and file between 10,000 to 30,000 gold dependant on rank
  • Access to advanced equipment as made available
  • Support of the Living City regarding personal ambitions and increasing personal power

Submit all applications to Centurion Ro in the barracks of the Living Guard in the Court of the Living.
//PM That Guy
The Living Guard Application
Full Name:
Patron Deity:

By submitting this application for review, you accept that it may be reviewed by commanding officers of the Living Guard, or if needed the Council of Tarkuul. Save for these instances: This information will be kept confidential to ensure the applicant's information is not compromised.

As an extended arm of the Living Guard Black Company is subject to the same chain of command as the rest of the Living Guard, however candidates of note within Black Company shall be given for advancement.
The High Captain delegates general orders to others of the guard. The Captain's duty is to hold regular meetings with members of the guard, to ensure duties are being performed correctly, also to keep all members up to date with on goings in the City, and are trusted to determine the best course of action through which the Enclave's interests are best served

Second-in-command; they answer to the High Captain and consult him with matters concerning the Living Guard. When the Captain is indisposed, it is the Legate who takes charge of the Living Guard until the High Captain’s return or upon his or her replacement. The Legate also must assist the High Captain in managing and maintaining the Guard as a functional force, hold meetings when necessary and keep them informed of the Guard’s current course of action.

Selected for their command ability, diplomatic sensitivity, or for pure skill at arms. The Centurion Order stand as Champions of the Enclave: Tasked with ensuring the Watchers are organised, and that discipline is maintained. Answering only to the High Captain or Legate, they are to hold command over the rank and file in order ensure that the Enclave's needs are met. The Centurion Order are empowered to organise drills, field exercises, and lead the ranks of Watchers and Initiates below them into combat. To accept the rank of Centurion is to accept position as nobility within the Enclave of Tarkuul through merit of service and skill; those sworn to the Centurion Order hold a place of honor as the strongest, brightest and most powerful the Enclave has to offer.

The Watchers are the rank and file of the Living Guard, they are empowered to uphold the Laws of the Living City and maintain the peace through use of force if needed.

The Initiates are not full members of the Living Guard, but rather new recruits who are under review. They are not permitted to act on their own and must accompany a full member of the Living Guard when performing arrests or expeditions. They are to assist any of the Living Guard when called upon and must learn from whomever they are accompanying. They do not receive full access to Living Guard intelligence and documentation until elevated to Watcher status, although the period of evaluation seldom takes more than ten days.
-Expectations of Black Company and the Living Guard-
1. Enforce the Laws of the City.
2. Patrol the Living City and just outside the portals as needed.
3. Escort visitors to locations of interest within the Living City on request.
4. Attend meetings and drills when they are held.
5. Keep disruptions in the City to a minimum.
6. Know the Living Guard tactical conduct.
7. Black Company is responsible for frequent expeditions to secure gold and supplies for the City, as needed by the Council and Magisterium.
8. Black Company will be asked to perform operations outside of the city when the Voice, or Council deem necessary.
9. Assist the Council and Magisterium by request.

1. All members of the Living Guard are ultimately under the authority of the Voice.
2. Salute all ranks above you and follow the orders given by your superiors to the best of your ability.
3. Your authority and duty only extends as far as the Enclave's borders, unless mandated otherwise by the High Captain or Legate. Within the City; members must act according to their status. However outside, individual misgivings are their own prerogative, and the Enclave respects the laws of foreign states within their own borders. Actions against each other are not the concern of the Living Guard. Actions against foreign dignitaries and states may be considered a violation of the Laws of the City. Actions causing harm to the city will be treated with due severity.
4. All members of the Living Guard using the resources of the city are to do so with caution and respect, those seen misusing or damaging said resources will be punished.
5. Show due respect and courtesy to all Tarkuulian denizens and visitors.
6. The Living Guard is expected to maintain an active, contributing presence in the City. Those that go missing without prior notice can expect demotion or removal, and will be subject to re-evaluation upon any potential return to service.

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