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PostPosted: Thu, Jun 22 2017, 7:20 AM 

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The moon elf, clad in his usual royal purple robes, staff of purple flowers sparking with weave energy shouldered as he faced his biggest fear since the Summer semester began at the Magisterium Mortis with he and professors Charybdis and Jacob scurrying to seem professional:
He faced down the mostly child filled "beginner's course".
Piles of perky humans stumbled about to their seats as the Headmaster began to neatly write his name in magical light just in front of the chalkboard.

It had been years since he'd seen a classroom, but he fell back into the groove with a decent margin of ease barring Timmy McConnell (Age eight, beginner course, specialist Illusionist, smells like aged cheddar), vomiting all over Julie Spi'Telamir's (Age twelve, beginner's course, evoker, sorcerer, really talented at accidentally burning Timmy McConnell instead of casting light) scribing supplies and she attempted to cast light on him in the face. He got better after the cleric saw to him. Julie seems more focused after the fact.

Yes, the lifelong teacher was back in business and the students were more challenging than he's ever faced in his life.

"Tarkuul kids are freaking weird, Gerald. One of the girls in the advanced course keeps firing naughty sendings at me..."

~Headmaster Hel'Vyst Be'tner

Hel'Vyst Be'tner
Veris Al'Rith

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PostPosted: Thu, Jun 22 2017, 14:14 PM 

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A shadowy figure might be noticed from time to time in the back of the classroom, listening.

PostPosted: Thu, Jun 22 2017, 23:29 PM 

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Jacob wakes up early today, as the semester is going to start. He had spent the night before preparing the material needed for today's lecture, he knows he has to give the student his best impression as he's only on his mid twenties and many could think he's unexperienced for his position, he will prove them wrong.
After the introductory talk by the Headmaster, Jacob would take the young students that where appointed to him. He began his lecture by a short presentation about himself, the vision that he has about magic and, of course, the mention that his focus is conjuration, but he makes sure that all the young minds know that he can and, most importantly, will guide them through all the different schools.
After that he would start by making the students present themselves, and tell a little about themselves and what do they know or think about magic. Then the lecture itself starts with a short test to know the current knowledge of the students, so he can have a better idea if there are some basics notions or if he has to start from absolute 0. The first topic he speaks of is basics notions about the weave, it's story and how it must be understood for the correct use of magic. He apparently knows what he's doing, as he understands that a solid base must be built before anything else, so the basics of magic are a mandatory thing the young minds must learn, if he comes to realize that the class is getting bored or the subject is too theoretical he would make some demonstration, so the students know that what he's trying to teach them have a purpose.
He left them some reading for after class, so the students can have a bit more of knowledge for the next class.
Jacob would then dismiss the class, after which he continues his own studies, regarding some particular personal project, one student comes to him with doubts about the class, which he answers gladly, after that the student ask him what is he preparing, to what he would answer: "I'm working on my thesis, young one."
He spends the rest of the day at the library and then in the laboratory, only to finish the day by trying to gather his fellow proffesors Hel'Vyst, Erebus and Sera to take a few drinks at the tavern, to celebrate the beginning of a new time for the Magisterium

-Jacob Hel'Tharan: Knowledge through sacrifice.
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We are southamerican rockers, nou sommes rockers sudamericaines...

And DM side: DM Clangeddin

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