[IC] Sorcere Branch Office
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Author:  Genar_Detkasa [ Mon, Jan 09 2017, 4:27 AM ]
Post subject:  [IC] Sorcere Branch Office

It was a dark and not very stormy night in the Library of Tarkuul, while his master chattered above, the svirfneblin known as Secretary Walschud can be seen heading into the Curator's Office in the library with a stack of papers. The sounds of things being moved around can be heard and when they ceased the svirfneblin exited the room with a hammer, nails and plaque. He hammers into the door of what once was the Curator's Office, instead leaving a plaque that displayed;


Sorcere Branch Office

Attached to the door is a notice;

This office is here to facilitate collaborations between the Sorcere and the Magisterium Mortis.

To those seekers of knowledge whose inquiries take them to the realms of the Underdark, you are also free to express your interest with this branch office.

Naltyrr Zau'tar
Ul'Faeruk of the Sorcere

The svirfneblin secretary would be the main occupant of this office, often sitting idly on the chair with a single deck of cards playing card games by himself or building a house of cards. Failing that, he can be sometimes found outside the office trying to find other ways to free himself of the perpetual boredom this thankless job has bestowed upon him.

Author:  LibrisMortis_666 [ Mon, Jan 09 2017, 4:36 AM ]
Post subject:  Re: [IC] Sorcere Branch Office

This would seem to have permission from the Speaker.

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