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PostPosted: Tue, Aug 16 2016, 21:32 PM 

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Joined: 02 Jun 2015
Location: Georgia, United States.

1st weekly meeting:

Attended by:

Headmaster HoJo
Living Guard Kuria
Naltyrr d'Torviir, Ul'faeruk of the Sorcere
Mherun Xilphas
Necromaster Laura

Topics discussed:

1. Naltyrr d'Torviir mentioned possible work between both Tarkuul and Underdark. He sent me a message to the Magisterium Mortis about several topics.

Genar_Detkasa wrote:
Headmaster of the Magisterium Mortis

Firstly, congratulations on your ascension to the head of Tarkuul's academic institute.

Secondly, an introduction. I am known as Naltyrr d'Torviir, presently the Master of the Sorcere in the drow city of Nec'perya; my title in the drow tongue is Ul'faeruk. The Sorcere is our own arcane institute of learning.

Thirdly, the point. I suspect we are both inclined to believe that our institutes can mutually benefit each other in the pursuit of knowledge and power. To that end, I propose we meet to discuss how this can be done. I already have a few things in mind of where we can begin.

Fourthly, the ugly. We the drow of Nec'perya, and myself personally, have past history with the Living City of Tarkuul where we previously attempted an alliance. Suffice to say this attempted alliance did not end amiably to say in the least so I expect there will be some resistance to the idea of this kind of cooperation again.

Fifthly, the better part. Fortunately the one Tarkuulian we held a lasting grievance against has left the service of Tarkuul, as has her primary patron. Furthermore this is just between the Magisterium Mortis and the Sorcere of Nec'perya; we can leave the drow houses and most of the associated political headaches out of it (as much as one can anyway).

Sixth, a sour part. We cannot entirely ignore those past troubles so it is in the interests of mutual cooperation to overcome them, that said I am not interested in having onerous terms. If you want background, I suggest talking to either Gerald or Lucius. If the former is drunk and latter entombed under a mound of books, I can fill you in with the expected drow bias.

Seventh, the concluding remarks tinged with optimism for the future. If you agree to this meeting, then we can discuss our visions, the nitty gritty details and perhaps find some common ground. There are doubtless some significant gains to be made from cooperation, however limited, between two arcane institutes of the Surface and the Underdark

Eighth, my contact details. My secretary and servitor will return to the Living City after four of your surfacer days since this missive's delivery to receive your response.

Naltyrr d'Torviir
Ul'faeruk of the Sorcere

// On an OOC note, I think we can help each other in stimulating arcane/magic RP on the evil spectrum of things. I'm available on weekends to meet up, the designated Tarkuul meet-up time is a fine time as any for me to log on.

2. It was voted upon that Kuria would assume the position as High Captain of the Living Guards. Sense the absence of one has grown. She has continued to play the role of the Captain by recruiting members. To me, it was always unofficial she as the High Captain.

3. Gerald Edmund was voted on towards becoming the new Castellan. Considering he would perform any task thrown at him. I doubt he, as a apprentice, would get in the way of the Castellan's roles.

4. Magistrate of Tarkuul position was also mentioned. It was determined that none, currently, seem fit to handle such position.

5. The Shar Temple, or ruins of such, were discussed. It was pitched by multiple individuals that the Shar Temple gets converted into either a training facility, or Observatory.

- Headmaster of the Magisterium Mortis, HoJo.

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Auri: Champion of Bahamut

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PostPosted: Wed, Aug 17 2016, 7:14 AM 

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Gerald returns to see this notice and attempts rather desperately to look like he isn't hung over, because he needs to find a good excuse for having missed this meeting. He then proceeds to try to mumble to himself about not even realizing the job was open, and that he should probably look up what a Castellan actually does since it was never particularly clear.

Gerald Edmund
Discord: Metal Viking Guy #5433

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PostPosted: Wed, Aug 17 2016, 20:36 PM 

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Joined: 02 Jun 2015
Location: Georgia, United States.

Gerald would be left with a small notice, perhaps having assumed Gerald's confusion!

The Voice.
The mysterious haunting presence of the Voice serves as the final authority of the Enclave. Its near omniscience within the borders of the City make its position unassailable. Rarely does it stir, but it leads the Council of Hands as their ruler, whom serve at its pleasure.
Lucius Blackwater, High Arcanist of the Tower of the Damned, Lorekeeper and Curator.
The High Arcanist serves the City's magical needs, acting as both lead researcher and Headmaster of the Magisterium Mortis. He is charged with maintaining the city's magical defenses and functions, and crafting new magic to benefit the Enclave as a whole.
Grim, Keeper of the Crypts, Magistrate.
The Keeper of the Crypts serves as both healer and undertaker, ensuring the dead are cataloged and put to their proper use, and that the living of the City are in good health. The Keeper is responsible for the care of the subterranean sections of the City, and the creatures that lurk within. As the Magistrate he serves as the authority on matters of trade and diplomacy, maintaining the peace and general direction of the Council of Hands, as well as delegating tasks as needed. The Speaker is responsible for directing the Enclave towards a productive future under the guidance of the Voice.
Castellan of the Enclave.
The Castellan holds final authority on the City's defense, protection and military, and is responsible for ensuring the residents are comfortable and cared for. He serves as the grounds-keeper, steward and executioner.
High Captain of the Guard.
The High Captain leads the Living Guard from the front, handling the day to day matters of the guard and military. He is responsible for leading the Living Guard and Sentinels into battle, and ensuring they are trained and prepared for any conflict. He is also responsible for ensuring the defenses and men of the City are supplied and provisioned.

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Auri: Champion of Bahamut

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