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PostPosted: Tue, Jan 22 2013, 20:54 PM 


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With little fanfare, a revised set of Laws is made public for all residents.


None shall ever impede the journey towards power and knowledge of another being within Tarkuul. However, those who study and pursue power within Tarkuul are responsible for the protection of their own works and material possessions. Should a conflict arise that cannot be dealt with in accordance with the Laws of the Living City, it should be brought to a member of the Living Guard.


All those who come to Tarkuul in peace, seeking to attain or to spread knowledge and power are welcome within the protection of the Living City. However, those who are suspected of abusing the hospitality of the Living City or suspected of endangering Tarkuul's strict state of political neutrality will be subjected to the Council's discretion on a case-by-case basis.


None shall do harm to another being or to the Living City's property within Tarkuul, except when acting in self defense or in defense of the city itself. A physical attack on a citizen or an official of Tarkuul outside the Living City will be treated as an act against the Living City. The offenders shall be brought in for questioning and due process. Any physical conflict within the Arena is not subject to this Law.


Those who come to Tarkuul with ill intent toward the Living City or it's denizens forfeit the protections of the Laws of Tarkuul. This includes but is not limited to espionage, aggressive or disruptive behavior, and treasonous acts. Such individuals will undergo an investigation and will be subject to the processes of the Living Guard.


Holding a sentient subjugated being, slave, or captive inside the walls of Tarkuul requires the approval from the Council of Hands expressed in a written form. All said subjects must be independently approved before they are brought to the Living City to avoid violation of the First Law.


Any sentient servants or subjugated beings within the Living City are recognized under the Laws as guests of the Living City and as such they are subject to the protections and responsibilities of those Laws.


The Living Guard has the authority to enforce Laws to the best of their ability, and if any member of the Living Guard makes a request, it should be obeyed. If an individual disagrees with the actions of a Living Guard member, it should be brought to the attention of their commanding officer.


Members and officials within the various offices of the Living City may be subject to stricter guidelines and standards according to the will of their individual leadership. If a Tarkuul official oversteps their authority, neglects their duties, or misrepresents the will of the Living City they may be subject to review by the Council or in extreme cases, the Voice itself.


Non-compliance with the Laws of Tarkuul may result in being banned from the Living City or more immediate punishment, as the Council or the Voice sees fit. The Council of Tarkuul holds authority over all matters of governance within Tarkuul, including oversight of the various offices within the Living City. If the Council's decision is not agreeable to an individual, then an appeal may be made to the Voice itself.
The Voice's word is final.

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Forum locked This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.  [ 1 post ] 

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