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PostPosted: Fri, May 15 2020, 5:19 AM 

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A formal letter is addressed to the Ruling Duergar Clans of L'Obsul.

"Esteemed Duergar,

By manner of announcement, I am Jhaeliria D'Vilrath, Third Noble Daughter and emissary of House Vilrath on behalf of Matron Tagnik'zur D'Vilrath: Founder, Master and Custodian of the Spiderqueen's Gift that is the city Nec'Perya. With the Orog Clans shattered and House Zau'tar crippled from the
fallout of recent events, the Matron Vilrath has directed me to address you personally: you are likely aware of me and my abilities, just as House Vilrath are aware that you are the undisputed power of L'Obsul, such is your stability at this time.

House Vilrath has made request to negotiate the services of between six and nine trade-masters of your Clan for instructional and overseer duties in Nec'Perya. A requirement for employment under House Vilrath's Matronage is that they be specialised in building construction and restoration with the added requirement that they be capable of teaching their skills to a populace of 'broad skill.'

House Vilrath will remember your.... willingness... to negotiate for such services in future inter-city diplomacy that would be profitable to both of our parties.

I look forward to your most pleasing reply and the discussion of business that will follow.

Jhaeliria D'Vilrath. Third Daughter and Noble of House Vilrath."


"I'll think of something once Amia:EE drops."

PostPosted: Wed, Jun 03 2020, 5:09 AM 

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OOC: Can we please get some response to this? an important update to the city is pending this.

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PostPosted: Mon, Jun 08 2020, 6:20 AM 

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Foreman Morndin of Clan Kheledan returns to L'Obsul after a rather lengthy inspection of the buildings around Nec'perya, nose deep in a ledger as he makes calculations. He spends the next day or so speaking with both members of the general workforce in L'Obsul as well as those in charge of the materials supply chains. It would seem he's working on an estimate for a project of some kind, but he's rather tight-lipped about any details to anyone outside "his" workforce or Clan Kheledan, itself.

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Forum locked This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.  [ 3 posts ] 

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