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PostPosted: Sun, Apr 26 2020, 16:34 PM 

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As promised, before the end of the three cycle holiday that was declared by Nec'perya's returned leader, Ust'Ilharess Tagnik'zur d'Vilrath, new laws are etched in stone at the ley node and by the docks:

The Laws of Nec'peryaThe Religious Laws are given the same weight as Civil Laws, the Religious Laws are under the Jurisdiction of the Temple, while the Civil Laws are under the Jurisdiction of the Militia and the Trade Council.

Residents are not required to follow the Spider Queen, they are free to follow their own gods, but they must respect the Spider Queen, her servants, the Yathrin and the Ilythiiri Pantheon, and abide by the following laws:

Religious Laws

All charges require the testimony of a "Credible Witness," this being someone of good standing in the City and not part of the offended House or offended Priestess’s House.

Sacrilege and Defilement of Sacred Sites
Examples: Despoilment of the Temple, defacement of Holy Icons
Punishment: Exile

Treason against the Dread Queen
Examples: Conspiring with enemies of the Dread Queen.
Punishment: Re-education, Exile

Harming Spiders
Examples: Stepping on a spider, stabbing a spider
Punishment: First offense is Re-education, second offense is Death
Further Details: Summoners are held responsible for the actions of what they bind, therefore any drow who summons will be responsible for any Laws it breaks and will face the brunt of punishment. The summoned spider is not to be harmed however, the summoner is also held responsible for the wellbeing of the spider

Harming a Priestess
Examples: Assaulting a Priestess, killing a Priestess
Punishment: Re-education, Death, Exile

Insolence towards a Priestess
Examples: Insulting behaviour,
Punishment: Physical punishment, re-education; Exile if the offender flees punishment
Further Details: Exemptions are made to the 'Refusal to obey' when following a higher order or mandate by the Vanguard, Temple or House. In these instances no punishments will apply for the male disobeying a personal order of a priestess, if the priestess in question chooses to push this and punishes him anyway, the Temple will decide a fitting punishment for the Priestess.

Male Harming a Female
Examples: Assaulting a Female, killing a female
Punishment: Physical punishment, re-education.
Further Details: Exemptions are made in the case of self-defense, except in the case where the male was being punished for an offense.

Consorting with enemies of the Dread Queen
Examples: Socialising with Eilistraeean whores, dealing with those banished and disgraced
Punishment: Physical punishment, re-education, a third offense of this and the punishment will match that of Treason against the Dread Queen
Further Details: Continued consorting with these enemies can be later be construed as Treason against the Dread Queen.

Male Insolence towards Females
Examples: Insulting behaviour
Punishment: Physical punishment, a third offense of this and the punishment will match that of a Male Harming a Priestess

Civil Laws
The Civil Laws, much like the Religious Laws, are to maintain stability and the peace in Nec'perya.

No Slavery
Slavery is not permitted in Nec’perya, slaves brought in by outsiders will be immediately freed and the slave’s owner fined, the amount to be based on the freed slave’s value as an artisan; this amount is remitted to the freed slave to cover the cost of their initial housing and food while they find employment.

Treason against the Establishment
Examples: Undermining the security of Nec'perya
Punishment: Exile

Punishment: Physical beatings, in some cases death

Assaulting others without proper cause
Punishment: Physical beatings, Restitution

Punishment: Restitution and/or physical punishment
Further Details: A fine equal to double the value of the stolen items

Trespassing on Private property
Punishment: See below
Further Details: Residents of the property being trespassed against are free to dispose of intruders as they see fit without incurring punishment, but only while on said property. If the intruder escapes the property then a civil judgement must be sought.

For those that remember Nec'perya's old laws under drow leadership, one punishment is conspicuously missing, in almost all cases where Death was considered an option, it has been removed.

Below the Laws is another notice:
Banished from Nec'peryaAll Dragonkin are hereby banished from Nec'perya until further notice.
Agents of Belenoth are not permitted entry without an appointment until further notice.

Vaeros ~ Forged of Dragonfire
Kestrel Swiftwing ~ Warpriest of Tempus
Ilharess Tagnik'zur d'Vilrath ~ l'Har'oloth zhah dro 'sohna!
Sir Khayri Aphaeleon ~ Avenger of Hoar, Knight of Fort Cystana

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Forum locked This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.  [ 1 post ] 

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