(IC) In Thraan'dariv [Not-Necperya]
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Author:  MazeOfThorns [ Sun, Oct 09 2016, 17:12 PM ]
Post subject:  (IC) In Thraan'dariv [Not-Necperya]

Sentinel partook of the battle in Not-Nec'perya proper as a guard for his jabress and the visiting Yath'tallar. The creatures were not unheard of to the drow warrior. He was unsure if any of those not in his group knew anything outside that they 'had wings'.

The human and orog former Not-Nec'perya slaves, now toting swords and shields were in shambles. Their wild flailing did not just hit Sentinel but the House Zau'tar warriors as well. The only reason none were wrapped up and taken were due to the efforts of himself and the House Zau'tar warriors.

When the battle was done and those injured limped to healers. Sentinel and his charges spoke awhile longer before the Yath'tallar departed.

The half-blood did a passable job. Sentinel had seen worse. Their conversation was not long but it was filled with interesting information. They did not remain in Not-Nec'perya, he and his jabress, drow really don't sleep after all.

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