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PostPosted: Wed, Aug 14 2019, 20:36 PM 

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The moment you read this thread means we've released the new Kohlingen Dungeon.

We're splitting this update in to two key Phases. What has been released is Phase 1.

Phase 1 is a Dungeon aimed at ECL 17-23 (after Beastmen stop yielding half decent XP) and from The Burning Garden area you have two paths. Take the North Path to the ruins of Kohlingen's famous Manor, or take the East Route and travel through the city... Perhaps a previous place of worship to the north of Tritemple may hold a foe that drops an item that will allow you to access Phase 2 when we release it...

Phase 2 will be a Dungeon aimed for ECL 23+... the rest is under wraps.

Kohlingen Dungeon has three notable mechanics that is worth letting you be aware of beforehand:

- There are no one-click transitions. Finding piles of rubble to climb is key to travelling in the ruins... but this comes at a cost. If you're in combat, you won't be able to escape. You're either going to strategically get yourself somewhere safe or die trying.

- These areas are littered with key minibosses from the Dragonbane Plot. It may be worth noting where they are as they may interrupt your grind considerably...

- At Night... the area's difficulty may challenge those on the lower end of the targeted ECL range.

I hope you guys enjoy!

"Operating in the border between light and darkness, shadowdancers
are nimble artists of deception. They are mysterious and
unknown, never completely trusted but always inducing wonder
when met"

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Forum locked This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.  [ 1 post ] 

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