Half-Elf (Half-Drow) AA
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Author:  LibrisMortis_666 [ Mon, Sep 16 2019, 0:41 AM ]
Post subject:  Half-Elf (Half-Drow) AA

Here is what I've worked up so far:

Rogue (13) / Wizard (2) / Arcane Archer (15)

- The build would get (feats): Epic Dodge, Epic Weapon Focus, Epic Dexterity (I,II,III,IV) and maybe Epic Skill Focus: Spot if I don't get for an extra Epic Dexterity.

- Wizard is needed for Arcane Archer, but I gave myself 1 extra Wizard for Saves vs. Spells.

- Skills: Spot, Tumble, Use Magical Devices, Concentration, plus some flavor. Undecided. Maybe Parry.

- Should have 52ish AB with no enchantments. But if I did Bless / Aid / Divine Favor / Cat's Grace it should sit at 56/57 (depending on Bow). Extra annoying things I could use True Strike.

- AC isn't fantastic but with 4(?) APR + Epic Dodge. Shouldn't be too worried.

- Other Notes: I opt for +12 Dexterity on gear, plus +5 Spot on (3) items for a total of an extra +15. I used +30 Discipline gloves. Lastly +6 Constitution. Nothing overly fancy. My biggest concern is how are AA Arrows once I get use to them + my AA feats.


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