Local Shieldmeet Traditions
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Author:  Dark Immolation [ Thu, Oct 31 2019, 3:47 AM ]
Post subject:  Local Shieldmeet Traditions

To be completely honest and upfront, I'm half making this thread so we haven't gone a full year without a post here. :lol:

As many players and readers of Forgotten Realms material might know, Shieldmeet is the setting's version of a Leap Day. Many cultures and religions attach significance to this day, whether it be the hosting of games, feasts, or the renewing of oaths and contracts.

Is anyone aware of(or would like to conjecture) what sort of Shieldmeet traditions we might have in our Amian locales?

Maybe Wharftown has a Fish-Fest and in Nesek merchants traditionally sell their wears for a copper a piece. With one coming up next year(2020/1388 DR) it's not too early to get the ball rolling on ideas. There are plenty of real life inspirations to draw from(the Roman festivals, Feast Days, Jubilee, the Olympic games, etc). And past events to build upon(Kohlingen had a traditional chivalrous tourney at one point, but recent events may put a damper on that).

Author:  Budly [ Wed, Jan 29 2020, 20:04 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: Local Shieldmeet Traditions

Damn, I should look in here more often. This sounds interesting! Makes me want to jump on, on Budly for a "Apple-est", "Apple-feast" with tons of apple dishes.

Author:  Dark Immolation [ Thu, Jul 23 2020, 16:20 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: Local Shieldmeet Traditions

If anyone's still interested, Shieldmeet would be about a week out at this point. It's the day between months 7 and 8.

Some possible local events:

The Cathedral of St. Elizabeth in Khem might host an event telling of the loss of the old temple(Deeds of the Dead).

Wharftown clerics call upon Selûne to summon one of her Shards(Conjuring of the Second Moon).

The Howness Temple... honors Helm somehow(seriously, I couldn't really find anything about what the Ceremony of Honor to Helm entails...)

Author:  walnutboy [ Thu, Jul 23 2020, 18:48 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: Local Shieldmeet Traditions

Second moon? Sounds fun from a lycan point of view.

Author:  rashid [ Fri, Jul 24 2020, 1:26 AM ]
Post subject:  Re: Local Shieldmeet Traditions

The date we have for Shieldmeet in Jess’s calendar post will be this July 31st. That leave almost no time to prepare; I like your idea, and will try to jump in. There is almost not time, so I start moving.

Abdullah will make a mass in the Church of Saint Elizabeth, to honor the deeds of the dead and preserve their memory. Keep in mind Abdullah is not a kelemvorite priest, hence, if the staff thinks I am stepping on the wrong place, let me know and I retire. Also will held a small and more private ceremony that day.

Will wait for confirmation, and if there is no issue with him doing that, then tomorrow will post the IC details and also set the OOC time for the event.

Waiting for feedback, and thank you in advance…

Author:  Jes [ Fri, Jul 24 2020, 9:11 AM ]
Post subject:  Re: Local Shieldmeet Traditions

Well, the Kelemvorites might think it's strange for him to do it there, but I don't think they'd tell him not to since it's an appropriate message. Go ahead, if you wanna.

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