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PostPosted: Fri, Jul 26 2019, 14:20 PM 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are our characters going to be transferred over?

Yes, the server's character vault will be transferred over.

What is the ETA on the Amia EE move?

August 11th to 13th, 2020

Are we blowing up all the main isle areas, per the recent poll?

No, the entire main isle will not be destroyed.

What happens to well established RP placed like Bendir Dale if things blow up?

That is up to the characters, but as said, there are no plans to "blow up" all of Amia isle.

How will this effect the in game balance of power and politics?

Without giving away plot details, expect there to be a noticeable difference.

Can we expect the haks on the workshop?


Can the cataclysmic events be stopped or partially "stopped" to cater to roleplaying and maybe have something left of the old?

There is always a chance for player efforts to affect plots, but certain things will need to be changed. It doesn't mean these things will be destroyed.

Are these places removed just because of the "Arelith" tag alone?

The Arelith names are being changed, but (again) that doesn't mean the affected locations will be removed.

Are there things missing from 1.69 in the official transition to EE?

From the game's perspective, there wasn't any content removed. Nor did we remove anything from our haks.

Where can the .haks be found?

Current 1.69 haks will be in use alongside Amia EE haks found here.

Will any changes that potentially bust builds from 1.69 to EE be fixed on transition?

Any character builds "broken" by mechanics changes can be fixed at DM discretion, as was the case with 1.69 changes.

Will people with emulated PrCs get a free rebuild to cater to any PrCs that are officially added to EE as Prestige Classes now or in future updates?

All players can request one "Free" rebuild (per month, for a character that hasn't already had one for EE) after the EE transition to align with a class that fits their character better.

Are there any changes in rules or other forms of server administration and guiding principles that will be altered or changed on the transition to EE?

All Rules and OOC guidelines for Amia remain unchanged.

Are there any aesthetic or other changes with the .hak packs added that we should be made aware of for EE?

There are too many changes to list specifically here, but there will be some really nice additions! I'll add a link when we compile all EE changes. (Prestige Classes are the primary addition at this point.)

Are any of the changes from the above question separate from things available in 1.69?

The Job System isn't likely to work in EE, but we may try to come up with a new way to do something similar in time.

Are horses Around the Amia Isle?

Horses will be available in Amia EE.

Can you play on Amia EE through the original NWN game?

No. You need to get the Enhanced Edition game.

Do you have to get ALL of EE (Original, Shadows of Underntide and Hordes of the Underdark) or just EE the original?

NWN EE includes all packages and enhancements available with NWN 1.69 Diamond Edition, so you don't need to get any of the extras available on Steam.

Can you get EE anywhere besides Steam?

You can purchase it on Steam or (The GOG version includes a copy of NWN Diamond Edition.)

What about the CD Key situation?

CD Keys will still be secure. There is a method we can use to tie the new EE keys to the old 1.69 keys.

Can we copy the basic Amia haks from our current files and just put them into the EE folders?

Yes, but we'll have a full download available also. (Could save yourself some downloading time/data, I guess.)

Is there a new set of forums set up? If so, where are they?

This is the new Amia EE website.

Will the loot table change?

Nothing specific to EE will change the loot tables at this point.

Do you think EE will run on an older computer/platform?

Enhanced Edition Minimum Requirements:
    OS: Windows 7, 8, or 10
    Processor: 1 GHZ
    Memory: 1 GB RAM
    Graphics: OpenGL 3.0 compatible
    Storage: 10 GB available space

(Mind, this doesn't mean that you can't use it on older systems. But XP is a highly vulnerable system, anyway. I personally recommend not using XP to do anything on the internet.)

Is there any sort of leap forward in time post 1.69 cataclysm?

There will be no time jump.

Is there any discussion/planning for a new central hub?

Without spoiling plots, expect to see a single central hub for Amia EE (and one for the Underdark still).

What can players expect to deal with in regards to future storylines?

[Spoilers]. There are lots of story ideas and variations on themes in the works - including a whole new island to help emphasize the EE mechanical changes. Plenty to look forward to from a roleplay standpoint!

Are dungeons going to be overhauled if they're affected by the EE changes?

Many dungeons will be getting a facelift, at the very least.

Will there be consequences for involved characters?

There's always the potential for consequences for characters involved in plots, and this will continue to be the case.

Is there any correlation between risks/rewards?

In general, we strive to ensure there is a correlation for our players to feel rewarded for the diligent RP they give the server.

Could players announce somewhere their openness to DMs for their character in question accepting potential consequences for risky actions to avoid misunderstandings?

This is something you can do now, and will continue to be the case.

Can Paladins get their mounts?

As of now, Paladins will not automatically get their mounts.

Can we pick pocket NPCs?

There have been no changes to how Pickpocket works.

Will there be more PLCs?

As of right now, we do not have any addiitonal PLC content added to the haks.

Will player housing be more permanent?

As of now, there have been no changes to the player housing system.

Will we see more customization?

As of now, we have no further models added to the haks. Some changes to NWN EE allow for further customization, however. (Such as size scaling for PCs, NPCs, and PLCs.)

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