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Don Is'def
PostPosted: Mon, Oct 13 2014, 18:44 PM 

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A Dwarf can be seen moving around the various refugee camps in and around Kohlingen, Cordor (Not west), Bendir Dale, The Shrine (if there was one here), and other places where one of upstanding moral character can generally be seen. He pauses in each camp, and hammers a notice into a tree or notice board nearby for all to see. A Message it seems, it is as follows.

Whurak Valtensson wrote:

To the People of Amia,

The Recent Great War against the madness of Collin Reyes and his allies has been fought and won, and while the time for celebration is nigh, so to, is the time of recovery, of renewal and rebuilding. To those who have lost loved ones in this war, I extend my deepest and most sincere condolences. My People, who have fought long and hard towards this end, alongside honoured allies, and others, are returning home to see to our own losses and our own future.

However, we are not blind to the suffering of the people of Amia, those who survive this war, and have lost loved ones, livelihood and property. We are not blind to the plight of those who now have no homes left to return to, and those who have nothing left to continue onwards. It is to these people, that this message is addressed, and to those people, this message may bring hope.

We are opening the gates of Brogdenstein Port, to any among you who wish a new start, any among you with a sense of adventure and who wish to be part of building the future. Those who wish to settle in within the walls of the port, and within our protection, are now welcome to do so, with a mind of giving homes to those in need of them. Our one limitation in this regard, is that those who make the journey to us, commit to live by our laws, and respect our ways and gods. Those who are found wanting in this regard... will have no place among us, and will be asked to leave, to follow whatever path their life leads them along.

Initially, this life will not be easy, for my homeland is a harsh one and homes would need to be built for those who wish them, but it will not be hard forever. There is a great living to be made in these wilds for those with the strength, the courage and the will to make it happen. Our waters are filled with fish, and our wilds are filled with game and we have space for craftsmen and labourer alike to ply their trade. Builder, Architect, hunter, trapper, farmer, baker, fisherman, clerk, priest; All will have a place here if they desire it.

I shall leave the decision in your hands, but for those who wish to accept this opportunity... come to the City of Kohlingen, and from there, the way shall be opened to our homeland. Once more, I say it has been an honour and a priveldge to fight besides the brave sons of Amia, and I hope that this offer, can honour you in turn.

Whurak Valtensson
- Chair of Military of Barak Runedar, Thegn of the Anvil of Barak Runedar.

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- Whurak Thunderhammer
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- Alvian Tegleiwalla
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