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(A newly published series of books is printed and placed in the advanced studies library, as well as a few copies being placed in the Master's lounge.)

Liber Umbra Entibus - 1st edition.
-By Master Rico Alphonse Ondenfare.


Introduction and overview.

    Shades. They are incorporeal beings that inhabit the depths of the Shadow Plane. To adventurers, these beings are nothing more than inconvenient obstacles between them and their gold-lusted goals. To residents and academics of the Shadow Plane, they present something more than the naked eye can see.

    This academic research assumes the reader has knowledge of the Shadow Plane and basic understand on what Shadow beings are.

    What Liber Umbra Entibus aims to provide is an outline in the beginnings of Shade classification. To examine the properties of the variety of shadow beings that inhabit the Shadow Plane, to prompt further research and understanding in to such. While it is incredibly likely that not all types of shadows are documented within this research, it is to provide a base on which the scholar can base their own judgements upon. Using this book as a reference can equip oneself with a strategic forefront in which an unknown shadow being loses its elemental of surprise.

Shadow classification.

    When it comes to shadow beings, their individual traits are as wild and unique as your every day person's. While they tend to share similar traits, such as incorporeal attributes and an abundance of negative energy, their manifestations and general power remain distinct between many types of shadow beings.

    It is from this that the classification of shadows is birthed. The class system is simple, each class is numbered 0 through 5, with the increment following suit in terms of overall power and, naturally, danger.

    It is worth noting that there are no beings classified as 0, this is to leave a theological gap for studies in to the transition between living being and shade.

    Without further ado, here are the categories:

      Class 0 - Null.
      Class 1 - "Shades"
      Class 2 - "Greater Shades", "Tattered Shadows", "Shadow Minds"
      Class 3 - "Shade Lords", "Nightwings", "Nighthaunts", "Lesser Shadow Beasts"
      Class 4 - "Shade Lords - advanced and epic varieties", "Common Nightwalkers", "Greater Shadow Beasts"
      Class 5 - "Elder Nightwalkers"

    To further emphasise this classification, it is best to note the physical features of each category, which is what the latter part of this research shall pursue.


Class 0

    Class 0 exists as a theological backbone of the transitional period between a corporeal body becoming a Shade. There is currently no hard evidence to document this with.

Class 1

    Class 1 Shades are the weakest variety. While they may be weaker than their greater kin, their ability to drain one's living essence still poses a threat. These beings are as follows:

      Shade - Small variety, about a typical Elf's height. Thin, does not present much of a threat when used by a Shadowdancer, may prove a threat if encountered in the wild. Their negative energy output is low and easy to resist.

Class 2

    Class 2 Shades begin to show strong extraplanar traits to their lesser kin. Features such as elongated claws to drain more energy and deeper darkness as but few that begin to manifest themselves. These beings are as follows:

      Greater Shade - Slightly larger variety, about a typical Human's height. Main aspect is their claws, they are more potent than a Shade, though one skilled in combating these will find that they are able to resist negative energy without the need of protection, though this is ill-advised if you are not experienced.

      Tattered Shadow - Broken humanoid figure, tend to be missing the lower ligaments present on most humanoid Shades. These beings emit a deeper darkness. It is able to levitate. These beings will attempt to flank you, which is a danger as they are mostly in the wild. When encountering one, be on the look out for others, they're seldom alone.

      Shadow Mind - Slightly larger variety, about a typical Human's height. They prefer to use weapons manifested in a way that make them appear corporeal. These beings prefer to use these faux weapons as a method of catching living beings off-guard. These beings emit a deeper darkness. These beings are normally accompanying the Tattered Shadows in their endless roaming of the Shadow Plane. Their tactics typically include being the front-guard in battle, so pick your opponents wisely when tackling these.

Class 3

    Class 3 Shades are beings whom have become incredibly attuned to their native plane. Beings of less humanoid-like variety are typically Class 3 Shades. These beings tend to have a noticeable intelligence jump from their previous kin. These beings are as follows:

      Shadow Lord - Large variety, taller than a typical Human's height. Somewhat wider, noticeable danger is their elongated claws. Those who are not confident fighting Shades would distance themselves and use Negative Energy protection, those who are should still use the protection, it is hard to resist their negative energy attacks. These are dangerous when used by a Shadowdancer, advised to take down the Dancer first.

      Nightwing - A giant bat-like shadow. These are dangerous if you are unable to attack from afar, less so if you are.

      Nighthaunt - Gargoyle-like shadows. They are keen aggressors, it is best that if you decide an encounter with them may turn sour, abscond sooner rather than later, they have a strong will to finish a fight.

      Lesser Shadow Beast - A variety currently in research. They may look akin to animals from the prime or vastly, vastly different.

Class 4

    Class 4 beings are incredibly dangerous but also rare. Most encounters with these beings is through a Shadow Dancer calling one forth. They pose immense amounts of negative energies in their beings, some capable of overwhelming negative energy protections.

      Shadow Lord, Advanced and Epic variety - These beings are roughly built and near identical in appearance to their lesser cousins, however their main differences are in their stamina and raw negative output. These are likely to drain both your physical strength and your health if caught off-guard. A Shadowdancer using one of these against you should be considered an incredibly dangerous threat, these are used by Shadowdancers at Master grade or above.

      Nightwalker (Common) - Twenty feet tall, humanoid form, glowing blue eyes. These beings are rare to encounter but if you do happen upon one, exercise the most extreme caution. They have the ability to cast Haste, allowing them to sprint towards an unsuspecting foe. Coupling this with their ability to move silently, they are a real threat that is hard to detect. They are intelligent beings and may disguise themselves in objects such as black robes, encountering one that is able to communicate with you is advise to continue to communicate for a good outcome on your part.

      Greater Shadow Beast - A relatively obscure genre. These beings have no consistent form, they may be bipedal or quadruped, what I can discern is that these beings operate on a hunter instinct more than the rest. If encountered, try to not be detected, observe the beast, understand how it moves before you are caught off-guard.

Class 5

    Class 5 represents the apex predators of the Shadow Plane. These beings are near demi-god tier in their intelligence and raw power. No actual documentation exists, and they are like myth.

      Elder Nightwalker - No description available.


Closing words and further reading

    I hope this acts as a useful research in your studies. Edition 1 was created as a base that will definitely be expanded upon in the near future. It would be worth noting that any new beings discovered and has sufficient documentation be sent to myself, Rico Ondenfare, for evaluation before adding in the next edition.

    I recommend those who have read this to begin to read Libris Tenebrous.

    Intelligence guide you in your studies, scholar.

    -Rico Ondenfare

"Operating in the border between light and darkness, shadowdancers
are nimble artists of deception. They are mysterious and
unknown, never completely trusted but always inducing wonder
when met"

-Dungeon Master's Guide 3.5e.

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