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PostPosted: Wed, Feb 23 2011, 23:42 PM 

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Joined: 16 Dec 2004
Location: England, UK

Dungeon Masters' and Developers' contact information

For information about the Developers, click here!

Note! Most DMs prefer to deal with Amia related issues when on duty, IE, DM side or via the forums. When a DM is playerside, most wish to just relax and play, so contact them playerside only in emergency, please.

Active DM DutyView bio: Amarice-ElaralielSend PM
View bio: Leathan KayneSend PM
View bio: ZafriahSend PM
View bio: ElyonSend PM
View bio: ZoltanTheRedSend PM
View bio: JesSend PM
View bio: RafaelmacgyverSend PM
View bio: TheRogueSend PM
View bio: A Majestic DwarfSend PM
View bio: AlbacksenSend PM

Dev/DMs on active Dev DutyView bio: PaladinOfSuneDo not send PM's, he only does emergency fixes assigned by the DM/Dev-Team
View bio: Maverick00053Send PM
View bio: TarnusSend PM

**These DMs currently do 'not' run plots!

Areas of Focus of the Staff:

While all the DMs are here to aid you and run events, we have our special areas of focus.
When you need to contact a DM, please see this list and see who you should contact in your issue.

Here is a brief explanation of the areas of focus. At present due to the teams smaller size as compared to the past, a lot of positions are shared between all DMs and are therefore not listed individually. This may be subject to change in the future.

    Anger Management + Problem solving: Amarice-Elaraliel, Jes
    When you have an argument with another player, and can't reach compromise, these DMs are the ones you should contact. They will mediate and help with solving the issue.

    Player Relations: Amarice-Elaraliel
    These DMs act as the official voice of the Staff on the forums, and in game, when needed. They make and post official statements according to the decisions the Staff has made as a team. Official statements will be tagged as such. These DMs also handle any issues with bannings, and in case of request for unbanning, contact a player relations DM. They also assist and mediate in player disputes.

    Lore And Storylines: Jes
    These DMs keep an eye on bigger and continuous storylines and history for Amia. They will aim for consistency and variety and make sure the plots are lore-wise as correct as possible and reasonable. These DMs will also aid you with lore issues.

    Quests and events: Jes, Amarice-Elaraliel
    These DMs put a sizable part of their time in running those beloved quests. Nuff said.

    The DC Requests Team: Amarice-Elaraliel
    The goal of the DC Request team is to have A) normal DC request items posted, priced, approved and delivered as soon as possible, B) scripted and more complicated items or requests posted, priced, approved and done as soon as possible.

    Bugs and errors: Maverick00053
    PM exploits and obvious bugs straight to these DMs. Post the rest to Improving Amia (IA Forums).

    New Content Approval: Maverick00053
    If you have item suggestions, send them to these DMs.

    Forum Maintenance Issues: Amarice-Elaraliel, Jes
    People to talk to for changing user names, moving posts, and Faction Forum creation.

"Let's unwrite these pages and replace them with our own words."

PostPosted: Wed, Feb 23 2011, 23:43 PM 

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Joined: 16 Dec 2004
Location: England, UK

Dev DiscoPosition(s): DM, Server Host, Server Admin, Forum Admin
Call Me: Disco
Avatar(s): Dev Devil, DM Disco
Character(s): Bustier Cassanova d'Attentourt
Login(s): Just a ghost
My Areas of Focus: Hosting da servah.
Other Contact Info: N/A
Timezone: GMT+2
Availability: N/A

Ummmm.... I am just making sure the servers are running at the moment.

"Let's unwrite these pages and replace them with our own words."

PostPosted: Thu, Feb 24 2011, 1:43 AM 

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Joined: 16 Dec 2004
Location: England, UK

PaladinOfSunePosition(s): DM, Forum Admin, Server Admin, Developer
Call me: Paladin, Sune, PoS if you're being rude
Avatar(s): Paladin
Character(s): Floriane Taurielle, Arashk Rhaevaern
Login(s): PaladinOfSune
Areas of focus: Server & forum administration, NWN mechanics.
Other contact info: Stick to a PM.
Timezone: GMT+1/BST
Availability: Weekends.

I've been around Amia since day one. I do things with numbers, servers and databases.

I also fix bugs.

"Let's unwrite these pages and replace them with our own words."

PostPosted: Sat, Jan 05 2013, 1:22 AM 

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Joined: 20 Jan 2006

Amarice-ElaralielPosition(s): DM; LETO; partially design & balancing; PaladinOfSune's secretary
Call Me: Amarice, Ama, Crazy Cat Lady, Forest Tyrant
Avatar(s): Devilcat, Auril, Titania
Character(s): Malandria Luelven, Ainé (those are my mains at least)
Login(s): Amarice-Elaraliel
My Areas of Focus: Maintenance; small to medium plots; Fiends; Druids and Shifters; Fey; Horror; Spiritual/Totemic things; personal plots; item balance
Amia Areas I tend to: Brogendenstein, Winya Ravana, Cordor Adventuring Guild
Other Contact Info: PMs, Skype
Timezone: European
Availability: Weekdays: european evening times; Weekends: flexible with sheduling

About me: I've been playing NWN since it was released and joined this server many years ago. I've also been roleplaying well before NWN itself, both in PnP and LARP.

My main lore focus lies with fiends and druids, however I am also quite knowledgeable with elven and fey lore.

During the weekdays you will mostly catch me online in the European evening hours. I am more flexible when it comes to weekends, as I do not work then.

I consider myself an often calm and level-headed person, so feel free to contact me if you have any issues and I will try to help sort them out.

Otherwise I am your usual geek/nerd, despite being female, with a liking for video games, comics, books and movies.

And of course, I love cats.


PostPosted: Thu, Apr 07 2016, 21:26 PM 

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Joined: 14 Oct 2006

Maverick00053Position(s): DM, Developer
Call me: Maverick, Mav
Avatar(s): [DM] Maverick00053
Character(s): Levexal
Login(s): Maverick00053
Areas of focus: Balancing, and scripting
Other Contact Info: PMs or Skype.
Timezone: EST
Availability: 6-10 PM EST Weekdays, Weekends variable.

I have been playing NWN for over a decade now. That entire time, with a few breaks in between, I have been playing on Amia.

My main personal interest lies with dragons but my depth of lore knowledge expands everyday.

I am online/around during most days during late EST hours. Feel free to nudge me a pm, etc if you need anything.

PostPosted: Sat, Sep 10 2016, 11:43 AM 

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Joined: 28 Aug 2015

TarnusPosition(s): DM
Call me: Tarnus
Avatar(s): DM Prometheus
Character(s): Aleana Xiloscient
Login(s): Tarnus
Areas of focus: Small self contained events, classic adventuring, Kohlingen, Unseelie stuff, Bendirs Dale
Other Contact Info: PM
Timezone: CEST/UTC+1 (Summer/Winter)
Availability: Weekday evenings (my time, varies in detail), weekends

I've been primarily a pen and paper GM for varying systems(Among them Paranoia, Shadowrun, The Strange, Call of Cthulhu and a bunch of others) for a couple years. I prefer to do things short and concise usually.

Lorewise I'm pretty good when it comes to elf and fey stuff.

Finally: ;)

Playing as:
Aleana Xiloscient: Wherever the winds take her.
Jealesyl Truesong: A voice in the dark
DM Prometheus: Bringing you fire

PostPosted: Fri, Sep 01 2017, 16:00 PM 

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Joined: 03 Apr 2005
Location: Ontario, Canada

Leathan KaynePosition(s): DM
Call Me: Leathan, Liam
Avatars: DM Stabby
Characters: Vera Talen, Delen Tredinnick, others
Logins: Leathan Kayne
Areas of Focus: Mini, small, or medium plots. Spicing up dungeons and stalking you with knives
Contact Info: Forums PM or Skype (Ask me in game)
Timezone: EST, with stupid DST >.>
Availability: Usually 10am to 10pm EST, but I can be convinced to be around other times

NWN introduced me to D&D which I've loved since. Amia was the first server I joined 12 years ago and it's the only one for me.

Lore has never been my best area, so I intend to spice up Amia in other ways. Expect the unexpected.


PostPosted: Sat, Aug 18 2018, 3:16 AM 

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Joined: 23 May 2006
Location: Australia

ZafriahPosition(s): DM
Call Me: Zafriah, Zaf, Zan ...whatever
Avatars: DM Dropbear
Characters: Cassie Rykins and a few others
Logins: Zafriah
Areas of Focus: Trying not to kill folk while making things a little more interesting when the server is quiet and helping out where I can
Contact Info: Forums PM or Discord (Zafriah #8285)
Timezone: GMT+8 (Perth, Australia)
Availability: Most evenings (so after GMT 11:30am)

I'm a long time player, new to DMing. Give me an idea and I'll see what I can do!

Cassie - Cheerful, glitter obsessed fey
Nada - Tomboy monk
Samina - Druid, still finding her way

PostPosted: Sat, Aug 18 2018, 4:29 AM 


Joined: 01 Mar 2012
Location: UK

ElyonPosition(s): DM
Call me: Elyon/DM Yondalla. I also accept compliments to a moderate degree!
Avatars: DM Yondalla
Characters: Rosary Doodlekins
Logins: Elyon
Area of Focus: Small, medium, big plots and spontaneous events.
Contact Info: Forums PM or Discord (Doodoo#6313)
Timezone: UK time (GMT/BST)
Availability: Evening GMT times.

Happy to spark some life here and there!

Rosary Doodlekins - Hin Candy WitchImage

PostPosted: Sat, Mar 16 2019, 17:38 PM 

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Joined: 23 Aug 2006
Location: Camriiole

JesPosition(s): DM, Developer
Call me: Jes
Avatar(s): DM Hlal, [DM] The Voice, [DM] Dragonlady, [DM] Trollolol
Character(s): Cromlech, Aelynthi Nor'alei
Login(s): The Copper Queen
Areas of focus: Guldorand, Tarkuul, Riptide, Dragons, Lore, Little Events
Other Contact Info: PMs or Discord (Jes#8232)
Timezone: EST
Availability: I work a lot, but I'm a little flexible. Generally available from 4pm GMT to 10pm GMT on weekdays for now.

I know a lot about dragons, but I'm kind of a lore junkie in general. I prefer to schedule plot advancement events at least a few days beforehand, since I may need time to make sure I can be there. Otherwise, I'll be spontaneous in my off time. I do a lot of back-end and Dev work still, so just give me some advance warning if you need me for something!

I've been around Amia since 2006, so feel free to reach out to me if you need help with server lore or the like. If I don't know the answer, my Search-Fu is on point and I can let you know what I find out.

Login: The Copper Queen
Cromlech - The Best Copper This Side of Ruathym
Aelynthi Nor'alei - The Bubbly Winged Elf

See me DM-side as:
[DM] Hlal | [DM] The Voice

PostPosted: Fri, Apr 05 2019, 0:14 AM 

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Joined: 12 Apr 2010
Location: Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

rafaelmacgyverPosition(s): DM
Call me: Raf, Rafe, Rafael
Avatar(s): DM Raf
Character(s): Wilfire Strongfeet, Adela Griffonheart, Hallvardr Erikson and others.
Login(s): rafaelmacgyver
Areas of focus: Small and Medium Plots, Small NPC Interactions, Spicing up hunts.
Other Contact Info: PMs or Discord
Timezone: GMT -3
Availability: Flexible. Usually everyday at evenings until late at night.

Hello folks! I've been on Amia for 10 years now. Looking forward into this new chapter on Amia!
Thanks to all of the community!
I will do my best to bring out the fun for everyone!

Wilfire Strongfeet (Tight pants)
Adela Griffonheart (Poke)
Hallvardr Erikson (Sexy Boy)
Emilly MacMillan (Happy)

Image Image

Sprites by Raua!

PostPosted: Tue, Aug 06 2019, 19:45 PM 

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Joined: 05 Dec 2016

TheRoguePosition(s): DM
Call me: Rogue, Chris
Avatar(s): DM TheRogue
Character(s): Roland M. Shadowflame, Markus, among others
Login(s): The_Forsaken_Celric
Areas of focus: Small and Medium Plots, PC interaction, The Grove, Bendir Dale, Role-playing encouragement, Spice-up hunts
Other Contact Info: Fourms, PM or Discord
Timezone: UTC/GMT -7
Availability: Late afternoons on the weekday/weekends(4am-1pm shift)

Looking forward to working with team and the players and to strengthen the RP aspect with new and old players alike.



PostPosted: Sat, Sep 07 2019, 20:27 PM 

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Joined: 03 Jul 2008
Location: USA

ZoltanTheRedPosition(s): DM, Developer
Avatar: DM Garagos
Character(s): Corrick Vostryl, Darius Eskandari, Mai'ethil Rilynn'tlithar
Login: ZoltanTheRed
Areas of Focus: Ostland, Ruathym
Other Contact Info: Zoltan#2916 on Discord.
Timezone: US Eastern Time
Availability: Try PMing me or messaging me on Discord. I work all day during the week.

I try to make things interesting where I can. Haven't had a lot of time lately, but I'm doing what I can to improve that.

A Majestic Dwarf
PostPosted: Sun, Sep 08 2019, 20:10 PM 

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Joined: 09 Oct 2006
Location: Wales

A Majestic DwarfPosition: DM
Avatar: DM In the Dark of the Night,
Characters: Alvian Tegleiwalla, Whurak Thunderhammer, Virichak the Inconceivable.
Login: A Majestic Dwarf
Areas of Focus: Underdark
Other contact info: Don Is'def#3661 on Discord
Timezone: London Time
Availablity: Often around EU evenings, although PM me to arrange something specific

I am currently working on making the Underdark have a little more life to it, although I have plenty of ideas for small events which I will do as inspiration happens.

Avatar Picture from

Player of:
- Whurak Thunderhammer
King of Barak Runedar and all round Vengeful Dwarf
- Alvian Tegleiwalla
Nerdy Painter Elf with a Silly hat

PostPosted: Mon, Sep 09 2019, 22:54 PM 

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Joined: 30 Sep 2014

AlbacksenPosition: DM and Developer
Avatar: DM NamelessOne
Characters: Cian Flynn, Lerodan Dourana, Joshua Lamora, Amalthea Brightwood, Karla Valentino and so on...
Login: Albacksen
Areas of Focus: Player interaction, social events and intrigue.
Other contact info: Albacksen#8072 on Discord
Timezone: CET and CEST in the Summer
Availablity: Evenings and weekends, mostly.

I've been around Amia for a long time, on and off.

My interests stretch far and wide and for plots, I am game for pretty much anything.
I am quite fascinated with multiverses and the different planes that make up DND cosmology.
Which in turn comes from an interest in the Planescape setting.

Above all, however, I like to amuse. For who are we DMs if not entertainers?

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