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PostPosted: Sun, Apr 16 2017, 22:43 PM 

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The Beginner Monster Slaying Guide
By Jacob H.

Little words from the author:
Well, first an introduction would be in order. My name is Jacob H. I'm a monster slayer that has made his way to this, you could say, lovely island.
In this guide I'll tell some little advice about the local "monsters" found within the island, do bear in mind that this will not cover the whole concepts or battle strategies, as the tittle says it's only a beginner's guide.
Before you start to read this you must have clear that I don´t find myself alienated with any of the local goverments or political institutions, people, etc.
Having said that I'd also like to state that in this treaty I'll express my mind freely about the local managment of the authorities regarding said monsters, but that's not the point of this book.
Hope this is somewhat usefull to you, beginner monster slayer!

In this chapter I'll talk about those vermins that inhabit the cave systems near the location that it's called "The Amia Frontier", or something like that.
To contextualize, although I doubt anyone doesn't know what a goblin is, goblins are of small goblinoids, that tend to be quite numerous. They normaly live in caves, in great numbers and are usually lead by a bigger member of the goblinoid race. It has been known that goblins can, and sometime will, use worgs as their mounts, luckily for us the ones that are found in the Amia Frontier do not use them.
The Amian frontier goblins (AFG), like it was said before, live in a cave system which happens to be near the borderlands of the city of Cordor (why the local authority doesn't take more aggresive actions than posting some guards nearby goes beyond me, but let's not detrail from the topic), as they have contact with some local kobolds I was able to observe that they tend to collide, regular skirmish between the two species are quite common.
The entrance to their lair lies uphill, you can usually find some of the AFG patrolling the entrance, using crude-made bows, or more likely stolen ones, and wielding some sort of baddly made daggers, they try to fend off any possible intruder.
Once passed the outer guards, thanks to my assistant Ehlen, I was able to identify a different social status of AFG present, in the lair itself, apart from the usual "grunt type AFG" you can find some that are more armoured... if you can call that armour, they where some pieces of armour on their tiny bodies and the ones with a more important status, use a shield on their back for aditional protection. You can easly recognize that these AFG are some sort of leaders, or chiefs, as the other little ones tend to obey their orders.
The other type of AFG that made it's home on the depths of their cave system are ones that do not wear any kind of armour, they use something that ressembles some sort of mace, but the threat they suppose is because they can channel some sort of divine magic. Weak templed adventures should be very cautious about this ones, as they can bring to your mind some of your deepers fears... scumbag tactic in my personal opinion, but usefull nontheless because as soon as you start running for your life, calling your gods or whatever brings you comfort, the other little ones will surround you and stab you from every possible direction... A strong mind or a mind blank potion should cover this.
The cave system itself is quite simple and straight foward, you shouldn't have many problems to advance through here, be carefull with the above mentioned "priest" and with those that throws some sort of explosive... Gods they do make quite a mess.
On the lowers levels come the best part of this... the cave itself is shaped as some sort of maze and you'll have to pass through little lines of stone on top of a subterranian lake... lovely, isn't it? While these little vermins ambush you in every possible corner.
If you continue to pass through all of this you will finally reach the lowest level, where their damned leader is.
He has quite a lot of guards around him, so you should be carefull when trying to face him, and remember, the strenght of this ones lays on their numbers and they -DO- know this.
I think that covers the basics about the AFG. You could also talk with the local farmhands, as they tend to have more trouble with them and can tell you their lasts moves or if they have been raiding again.

Well beginner adventurer, I hope this serves you well while you take on these little bastards, any doubt you may find me in... well I don´t have a particular place to stay...
Keep your head up and be prepared for anything.

-Jacob H.

-Jacob Hel'Tharan: Knowledge through sacrifice.
-Bjalfi Bolverkson: Blood, beer and thunder!
-Aedan Turghaer: Life of a mercenary... it ain't easy.

We are southamerican rockers, nou sommes rockers sudamericaines...

And DM side: DM Clangeddin

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