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PostPosted: Sun, May 26 2019, 14:28 PM 

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[ A decorated leaflet with gracious calligraphy stating the time and consideration upon its aesthetic appearance states the name of the work in the cover, with the authors name underneath. It seems like a dissertation, written in fine elven letters.]

The Liberty of Choice & The People
~Lady Las'Claianna Le'Quella

Strong sense of individualism pervades the social canvas of the People’s society, followed with natural rise to a strong need for self-expression. Contrasting the dwarfen ways of holding one’s emotions, the People see it as a foolish abrogation of the self, if failing to express opinions. The expression of emotion, both those of positive and negative are a personal right, but as well a societal necessity. A society that seeks harmony of existence, not only with the natural world we have grown to be part of, but with the individuals that surround us. It is through emotional expression that we can find a depth of understanding with one another, which has created a necessity of self-expression which is not shunned among the People. While greatly living in a society of sharing, personal privacy is of great importance to any of the People, which is why our young are taught to establish their own space and respect that of others. It is considered extreme rudeness to approach one of the People too closely, or yet worse if touching uninvited. At height of personal privacy is the personal dwelling of any of the People, for which is just an extension of self and personal space.

Our People rarely hurry to a decision, for our time has shown time after time that a choice made swiftly often bears unforeseen consequences. Therefore, it is of importance to give time and consideration to various variables a choice represents, not to mention attempting to rationalize and feel the causal relations of each choice made in one linear probability chain. This action of careful consideration translates to personal relationships too, for constructing a foundation for trust between the members of the People, is carefully fashioned from the initial start and great efforts are placed to preserve it once built. Which often results our people to be perceived generally pleasant, for we understand the consequences of a possible grudge between members of our people and between the people and the younger races. Vendetta’s which have lasted centuries cause strife and mourning to both involved parties and generations. There is a great wisdom in the saying: “Unpleasantness avoided is often an enemy not made”.

Through the right to individualism and self-expression, both values respected highly within our society, there is of course perceived limits set by the society. Which in principle guarantees right to self-expression and Free Will of the People, a choice made that threatens the safety of collective, or interferes with the liberty of other of our People, allows to call for self-protection. The Right of Choice is respected part of each individual, for they are considered as equal and able to decide for themselves, unless they are ill or otherwise wounded. Through this concept, our people have right of choice to march to war, right of choice to move elsewhere, right of choice to expression, yet if their choice threatens the right of others of our People, actions must be taken to prevent the interference. Therefore, a state or a government holds no right to compel the collective, for they have been chosen to serve, in situation that endangers the rights of the individuals. Yet more often than not, when a cause of voluntary nature is placed, the People come to unite, forsaking part of their individualism for collectivism. This is due to our values, believes and expectation that each being is of equal standing and aptitude to care for themselves in the best manner they perceive. While the chosen representation of our People, hold no direct right to compel our people to actions that endanger the individuals of the society they serve, they have direct right to call for action against a threat that directly compromises our existence, yet in this call for arms, or whatever is the desired word used for it, each individuals still remains with their Free Will and Right of Choice to do as they see best for themselves.

The People’s Manifestation of Values

A pure heart seeks goodness in all and each, however, it is the corruption that seeps to tarnish what is good. Therefore, it is of necessity for a pure heart to learn the ways of corruption and seeks to shelter themselves and the community from it, in order to forward the views and goodness a pure heart represents. The People stand in this world as righteous souls that have seen the past, current and see to the future. We are of good heart and seek to find balance of nature, living, community and realization of goodness from within ourselves. Being able to dispose the desire of greed and power for service that aims for betterment of the community. It is within us that the example of younger society’s is placed. It is within us that younger races would find example to achieve to, it is our duty as righteous souls and as already ancient race to lead those of younger minds, to show them what terms culture, society and goodness truly are.

Respect and merit are to be given to each and all individuals. It is not a purely act of goodness, but a combination of recognition and desire to avoidance of creating enemies where there is no need to do so. The People carry not inbuilt need to promote their abilities and competences, to purport superiority over one another. Within our society merit is given to those deserving though their self-expression, those whom claim such through intellectual pursuits, through expression of the heart and through simple dedication for a purpose and community.

The purpose of flattery and cordiality must be discussed and seen. Used to sway others to see through your view and persuade, sometimes made into art form of eloquence. When this aspect is lost within a conversation, it is known that the speaker does not hold respect towards you, when flattery is used, it is known they desire to uphold cordial relations if not befriend you. Often in the Peoples Language, you need not to lose respect nor cordiality to convey a message, for even in disagreements there should be none to sway us against one another, for the right of self-expression, is right of each and in such ought to be respected. It should be beyond us to seek to enforce our views through threatening tones when our aptitude to persuade others with reason and argumentation fails. Such is the way of the younger races, to use eloquence, or lack of it, to convey such petty implications.

It is from fear and hatred that such vile actions arise. The fear of unknown for the younger races seem to be far too common, unlike the People who revel in placing our trust to one another as kin. Our kin travel far and wide, which results our need to fear or hate lessens. The younger races comprehension remains often limited, perhaps it is for the lack the life-force to achieve wider aspects of mind, to develop true Mind’s Eye. Within the society of the People, simply our diversity, lack of rigid models and regulations place us greater ability to adapt and learn new. Such is the way of the Protector and the Seldarine, to respect one another each way as part of the canvas that is the foundation of our society.


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