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(For the time being, the location of this book remains unavailable to the public eye and is the personal property of Aiseth. It is not inert IG knowledge.)

I. Origins of Witchcraft

Of the first staunch branches
that overtook a rocky land of sea-knit beads and chaos,
there blossomed the first saps of brown magic
drank by the aboriginal Eldathian witches
and other subsidiary brown mages found among this archipelago
such as the Tree Masons, and even those myths of fey enclaves in the peaks of icy mountains
censored among their clever screens. Yet signs persist to reveal
trails of some like-origin and magic birth channeled back to a common denominator
relative to these various islands.
The plant itself was a succulent, able to persist with very little water,
and resides still in the first grove of Eldath upon a hill
hanging wildly and fed by a single forged spring welled deeply between its coils.
However its life was unfed or stunted by way of man's own blossoming,
as he rose his then villages and sealed the grasses with walls and mortar.

And so its flowers did not bloom in fields as it has probably meant to bloom,
but enchanted they did remain, and the few brown mages did grow them in pampered groves
scattered and cut apart from each other due to roadways and trampling steps, flame, and fauna.
In time, they were hunted for blame of a curse un-lifted, and their groves ruined,
as with what became the folly of Caraigh
which shows in fragments within its hollow and horrified state.
But ridding of the witches did not solve their woes.
Elsewhere in the landscape, such trees were loved and adopted
but to the folly of its keepers, whom did not possess the wisdom of the enchanted leaves
so much as, they had became gluttons for its seasonal flare.
Sensual though they are, if left in the misguided palms of noble, wretched, or common men and women,
the origin magic feasts upon its gardener,
as with what became the folly of nearby Ostland.

When the aboriginals became extinct
the second coming of practioners announced themselves in Caraigh.
Time had changed its recipe for the inert wisdom of the Eldathians
as the mere practice of brown magic became infused
with the younger prowess of modern day arcane 'white' magic.
And this marriage of resources begot a bastard artform that grew from its own dialect
until its pillar was steady enough to stand as its own force and energy
observed by the growing populations. Often it was despised
and regarded as Witchcraft, and though secret and occult in its way,
the pillar of Hazel Magic was written for generations after, like a well
dug into the pages of the islands' histories and practices.
From which now we again are filling our cups in knowing.

This period of time was the flourishing period in the northern islands of Ruathym
whereas Ostland, whom did not adapt into this period of hazel magic,
retained to heir its brown magic into legacy as a raw and naked power,
not to be tampered with, but to instead, to be tampered by,
and passed down the vines of its bloodlines.
For this reason, we do not see that land emerging a magical entity,
but recessing into deeper madness alone.
And what little wisdom that has retained of its power
is merely indulgence of the greed of the howling savages and nobles,
whom only wish to feed from its wild flavor.

But looking at the case study between Caraigh and Ostland,
the presumption of fates, though varied in their telling,
remain offspring fates of what appears to be same common early wisdom.
So it is perhaps not a mistake that the land of Ruathym had defined its boarders
long before or during when man had raised his first sigil of Raven, Stag, Hound, or Rook.
Caraigh's witches were wise and conservative,
while Ostland's witches were feverish and destructive.
In all, neither culture survived into the current day really,
but for the art itself, the leaves are still scattered among the bones.
The practice is preserved in these many leaves.
I have collected them.

-Aiseth Nosdivan

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II. Scripture Deck of Harrows

Hex Manifestations are presumed on a tower of six drawn cards
upon which the instructions toward the Caraigh Signs are illuminated
where the Royals are present, face up. But it is no mere divination for the unguided
but for those in search of the Hexes themselves
and are not tongueless in the arena of hazel magic.
The harrower will also be distinctive in their artform
and possess both the wisdom of the brown
and the prowess of the white.
Though firm and deliberate specialty is not fated among both schools.
As with any tree, a branch can extend from a stronger branch below.
But one must exist and then outreach into new space.
Such can be formed from the understandings of wizards and sorcerors
whom are not presumed wise among the way of animals or weather,
so as long as, one of the aboriginal trades are employed and is rich with experience.
Be it merely a talented hobbyist of alchemy, herbalisms, waxmaking, exorcism, or astronomy,
or perhaps, though unaccounted for, the druidic interest of ars arcana as an inverse example.
There is but one more way.
Though it necessitates a pact most wretchedly described by the tellings
from the surface village nearest this library:
Burningoutbright wrote:

As per dictation but not record: "Witches are born from the unlawful, unnatural and twisted carnal relations between evil creatures and good men, and good women forced into submission to such a fate of holding a cursed child. Healthy children in and out of the womb can become tainted in their blood just by exposure to a practicing witch, and then it is with them for all their lives, and all the lives within their bloodline even as it thins out over the generations. Unlawful and evil knowledge teaches the corruption, and seeps into the bloodline and bones, damning the family and bloodline for eternity for one man or woman's mistake or misfortune. The fey creatures, the hags, the succubi and incubi, all devils and all demons, and the worst of all men and mer that make pacts with these are to blame. The children that result are the plague carriers and the corruptors of the healthy legacy, and propagate the heinous bloodlines and lead all to ruin. Teaching our children to murder, and commit travesties and heresies against the gods and their fellow man; to disturb the sleeping and conjure terrors of the dark and night, and seek them upon the innocent and undeserving. The good men which are running short, and whose blood becomes dirtier by the day.

Although expedient toward the knowledge in aim
this arrangement is of no little notoriety where folly and despair welcomes its own company.
Having the potent focus to invest in this art is only the first measure
by which the Harrower will receive the True Signs.
As without the need, the weave will remain itself
unkempt and among its favored veils of mystery.
You must prove yourself in this way, but not in foolishness.

If you intend to scribe it yourself, the Deck does call for six suits:
the Crowns, the Tomes, the Stars, the Keys, the Shields, and the Hammers.
Which must be reproduced in orderly strokes, and distinguishable
but not necessarily perfected or admit to a precise cuneiform.
The Ruathym zodiac makes for faces of the cards themselves in Pieces of Fifteen:
By order of least valuable to greatest by local folk, which differs by zodiac with regard to regional island:
(1)The Staff(Or Spell), (2)The Rook(Or Fort), (3)The Mill(or Field), (4)The Ship, (5)The Oak(Or Willow),
(6)The Axe(Or Sword), (7)The Courtesan(Or Maiden), (8) The Hound(or Wolf), (9) The Child, (10) The Stag,
(11) The Raven, (12) The Ghost(Or Graveyard), (13) The Demon, (14) The Cauldron,(15) The Sea.

Prepare these cards with limited dye (green or red) and black ink,
one each per the suit, and settle them into shuffled deck.
The Caraigh Signs will be observed upon the tower positions of cards
10-through-15 and their significant hex revealed
as first designated by the idolization of hazel magic.
These five are considered the Royal Flush, if held together.
By this instruction, the magician must trace the ruin
corresponding to the alignment of these ides totems.
There are six harrowed runes of significance.

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III. The Power of Recro

I. Hadean Moths
The Tower: Rook of Tomes, Ship of Keys, Oak of Hammers, Mill of Stars, Hound of Shields, Ghost of Crowns. (Aligned as an "H")

Spell: The aligned or host area to that of the coven will gather the damned whom were touched by the witchcraft of Hazel. They are not the rested souls of dead, but the spirits captured from the astral, or between worlds. These creatures can be recalled to the prime in the form of the Hadean Moth by the Hazel Caster to a maximum number of spirits condemned by the witch herself. That is to say, the more lives trapped in the astral by a coven member, the more moths will follow them as a shadow, or recalled at will. In the instance of many moths gathered upon the witch, she may even disguise herself as a wind of moths. In the instance of a small number, they moths can appear as few as one to a swarm of moths. They are as feeble as any creature, but even when burned or destroyed, the moths will return upon recall. They may be able to detect Hazel sympathies in the host region.

(There appears to be many blank pages for further notes, as to suggest this work is not complete.)

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IV. The Power of Kore

I. Claws of Kore
The Tower: Staff of Crowns, Demon of Hammers, Axe of Keys, Child of Stars, Cauldron of Shields, Hound of Tomes.

Spell: This incantation has bewitched the hazel caster to grow more beast-like with their powers, at first, in the form of elongated nails, but these will thicken into almost bone-like claws, which may be sharpened. These claws can be used to cut or scratch and are not regularly fatal. However, their scratch can also spread a fiendish vex that fevers and poisons the blood of her enemies. If the wound is not treated, it can worsen.

II. Sealocker's Wrist
The Tower: Courtesan of Keys, Ghost of Stars, Axe of Keys, Sea of Shields, Ship of Shields, Child of Tomes.

Spell: An incantation to walk the dead of the sea back toward their home. Often times all that returns is a single hand-and-wrist. But these digits are under the command of the hazel caster and can attack or attempt to grab those by shore and drag them into Umberlee's locker. Sometimes they may just arrive at the gates of their home and lay again dead as a hex upon those whom sent them astray.

III. Body of Ashes
The Tower: Mill of Keys, Ghost of Keys, Child of Shields, Cauldron of Hammers, Ghost of Stars, Rook of Tomes.

Spell: A ritual of self-immolation to travel in sanctuary out of harm's way or to avoid perishing by flames. I first learned of this ritual on Oman's Island. The witch herself may force her body to burn and become ash light enough to be carried by the wind for some duration, upon command, she may then rebirth herself like a phoenix might, and from ashes, become whole again as if not one thread of garment had burned.

(There are several blank black pages after this chapter to suggest that the work is not complete and is currently absent of more notes.)

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V. Trials

This section is simply titled, Trials.

I. Bleed the throat of the best spring lamb over limestone with the knife and recite the incantations as directed by the Sponsor. Cup the hands of the Candidate and fill this well with the blood. Drink the well of blood. Wash the face, neck, and breasts of the Candidate in the blood of the lamb in three coats and have then repeat the incantation. For the next several days, the candidate must replenish the blood upon their forehead of any kind. Upon completion of this trial they will henceforth be known as Novus.

(There is an intentional blank set of pages that follows this chapter as to suggest incomplete notes.)

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VI. Essences of Recro

Alum Powder- Alum is used for the purpose of banishment and is to be sprinkled or left burning to ward an area of evil spirits. It can also stop gossip in an area.

Anise- Anise, or Anise Star should be burned or chewed. It's properties are masculine, and tend to add virility and strength to any ritual, giving one sometimes beast-like warmth to the blood of the witch.

Angelica- Burn angelica if one must invoke the attention to higher plane beings in ritual. This aid will be used as an attractant toward those types of creatures, for its scent is charming to their senses.

Agrimony- Setting agrimony below the pillow at night can induce a great dark slumber, in great concentration, for longer than most cycles that can be broken. Its fumes can invoke settings toward dream-rites, and can be used to draw the lust of those of the ethereal. Beware.

Bayberry- This bark should be shaved and burned with your embers to attract wealth and prosperity. It often times is called Begger's Bark, for its essence will make those near it more charitable. Carrying it in a satchel produced at the waist will also linger its affect.

Bearberry- Also called Urva-ulsa, smoke this with your animals, particularly woodland creatures and induce a high of beast and song to enter their minds and learn of their local wisdom and hear their tales. A pacifying component meant to honor the companionship of beast and witch.

Black Salt: Black salt can be compressed and made into a chalk or left as a sifting powder, but its purpose remains the same. Black salt is used to chalk geometries and circles of casting into a surface or place for ritual and Sabbath. It should not be ingested.

Catnip- Catnip can be used to improve the psychic bond between the witch and her medium. Burn to fumes and smoke or dampen and offer to the medium to empower them to a euphoric state.

Chamomile- For the strengthening of sacredness of contracts, invoke chamomile as a tea or as incense with that whom you are making the agreement with, and this will secure their commitment to contracts and agreements made with witches, but this is not foolproof.

Coltsfoot- An herb associated with water and love that is meant to be steeped and bound in a satchel. It can give the witch insight as to whom they are speaking to, whether or not they are in love, and with whom. Eating the herb can give the witch visions and in ritual can be used to divine at what time a certain fixated figure had fallen in love.

Devil's Claw- An herb used to intensify sexuality. Typically works best if tinctured into an oil and rubbed over the breasts and sternum [the heart]. This is used to also attract mates and to build lust in creatures who trace the scent of the witch.

Echinacea- Best if steeped or smoked, echinacea has strong healing properties that can be used to replenish one from sickness and from cuts. It is an ingredient often times found in common healing kits.

Elderberries- Elderberry can be smeared on objects to make them appear undesirable to thieving creatures, demons, and ghosts. It makes 'scentless' objects that one would otherwise wish to filcher, and cloaks them for a certain amount of days. [six].

Epsom- Salted and best used if steeped, submerging oneself with this, as with bath, can remove pain and blemishes on the skin. It can also be used by witches to sometimes float across fast moving and still waters if placed in their satchel or in their shoes. With the right invocation, a witch may even prove most buoyant, and be able to walk across small bodies of water.

Eyebright- Mash into a fine powder and consume. Eyebright enhances the witch's chance of success when attempting to scry or divine certain matters through various mediums. It is a crucial component to many diviners.

Feverfew- True that feverfew is powerful in breaking a hot fever, it is also used to protect witches when on travel. Placing it in one's shoes or backpack will ensure a safe journey between sites for the witch. It is best steeped or consumed.

Horehound- A bolster to one's endurance, especially when performing time-consuming hexes and rituals. By drinking as a tea or burning as incense, horehound will keep a witch more mentally aware and focused during her craft. A must-component for any long term use of hazel magic.

Hawthorne- An herb best carried in satchel or in boot that attracts and allows one to see fey and fey-tracks if mixed with oak and ash leaves. They also guard witches by protecting them against the advances of men. In the remains of one ritual, it is said hawthorne can be used by a witch to turn herself into a tree for protection.

Hurtsickle- Also known as cornflowers or bluebottle, hurtsickle improves one's perception of hidden things and makes one's senses more bestial and fierce when searching in the invisible. It should be burned as an incense.

Jericho- Jericho Flowers are powerful components most commonly used in spiritual rituals to rekindle what has died, where it is said to have particular use in love spells, either where one is seeking to bring to life a love that died or create love where there previously was not any. Jericho Flowers, are so named as they seem to come to life after they die. They survive, curled up dormant and brown and appear to the untrained eye to be dead for years. Once it comes into contact with water that it can find nutrients in, however, it expands and turns green, springing to life and blooming before curling back up when the water is depleted. This cycle can last for years and years, and has given rise to the tradition of keeping one dormant in one`s home and bringing it out around witch holidays. [Solstices and Equinoxes]

Mandrake- A very poisonous component best kept in a bowl of water and used in ritual as an amplifier to a hex. Take the mandrake to bed as though a lover and sleep with it for three nights during a full moon, giving it much tenderness and affection. This will amplify a witch's magic during this moon cycle to be much more successful. The mandrake can also be used in exorcism to scare ghosts and hags outside of the home, in the case of Night Hags, they may fall in love with the mandrake and poison themselves by accident by trying to mate with it.

Marigold- Steep and set below your pillow to have dreams about where lost goods may have been taken to or are misplaced. It can also be used to honor the dead by setting marigold within the jaw of the buried to allow them to communicate with the witch in her rest so that a question may be asked. Drinking it in tea may help to satisfy this communion.

Meadowsweet- Meadowsweet should be used in homes and in areas to create a place of neutrality between neighbors and enemies that would otherwise slay one another, the scent of its incense inspires compromise and peace between parties. A great component for war time negotiations and running errands in public.

Mistletoe- A passive aphrodisiac that should unsuspecting travelers pass through its area, they will indeed be compelled to kiss. It is a trifling plant that can be used to arrange fates and increase fertility if smoked or steeped in tea.

Mugwort- Mugwort can be burned or placed beneath the pillow and in a certain sabbath that will induce an episode of astral projection to move through the ethereal plane. It can also be used in dream to force perfect memory of a dream to an almost lucid state.

Pennyroyal- An herb that can be used to clean the areas of witchcraft and its effects long after they have been dismantled. This is smudged typically to conceal the use of magic in an area from the arcane and otherwise inquisitive.

Rosehips- Ingested and steeped to create a zone of positive energy and health. They can inversely be poisonous to those of the lower planes but also attract and welcome most element spirits who love the scent of rose. They can also be used as a laxative.

Red Sandalwood- Sandalwood should be crushed into a powder and used in invocation to wake spirits of the lower planes at your service and call. In summoning practices, it should be spread and placed in the zone in which you wish to bring forth your listener, or alternatively, set it in water such as a bath, to produce the same beckoning.

Soloman's Root- Place four lengths of Soloman's Root, also called Peony, in four corners of any room and burn them like wicks to a candle flame, this will create a temporary hidden zone that will banish any attempt to scry for a witch's location without the flamboyancy or detection of magic. So as the roots are aligned this area will be safe for the time it takes the roots to burn, typically they burn quite slowly.

White Willow- Shave the bark of willow and steep it with water, preferably tears if bottled. By adding water to the shavings of willow at night, a witch may disperse any clouds that cloak the moon granting clarity to its current cycle and allowing more moon light down upon the place of ritual. This can be used in detriment to the likes of shape shifters or hags of The Mother of Tears, known by the cult of Kore and many practitioners as the mother. If the moon is particularly intense, it can determine the success of one's craft with much more satisfaction.

Wormwood- A bark best shaved and consumed to heighten one's sensitivity and perseverance. It can offer the witch premonition to arcane energies, and can allow for sight of hidden fey creatures. One should be warned that wormwood is also the ambrosia of hags and they are attracted to its taste, especially if fermented as Absinthe, even though it is mostly scentless.

Yarrow- Burn yarrow for those who grieve, or who are stricken with a great depression and they shall be for a time alleviated of their pain and misery enough to speak and think clearly about their dread and gloom. It can help console those who are lost, as well as guides and attracts ghosts to reveal themselves.

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VII. Stygian Anchoring

In order to consecrate an area for the unhallowing of path between us of the Material and the Hades, the relative sabbaths, and the powers that lie in the configures of the order's prowess, anchoring must be employed to the designated place of the coven's choosing. I have displayed this agenda in three centers. They can be described thusly by their parts: the land, the household, and the grimoire. It should be fairly acceptable to observe that the grimoire, is the ongoing research I have previously exploited in earlier chapters, as these leaflets are still becoming recognized by myself in my journey, but I can finally rest assured that the other centers of this chapter have been determined, and resigned to hard-copy, so as to instruct my future apprentices. I will still detail some instructions of the grimoire in this area for concretion of these practices.

The Land So we have learned something of actual value from the methods comprised by the later Colin Reyes, of whom, I still hold his sacrificial blade, in regards to The Winding Way (See: The Winding Way) on the dynamic operations of power centers, spatial and temporal power manifested in power geometry. Again, a feature characteristic of hazel magic. So a center must be chosen in the land, housed, and this area will then be considered the 'household' as aforementioned. Calculate its following coordinates as described in The Winding Way, the inward spiral, so to speak, extending beyond its root. Then the Stygian Branches must be summoned by their spores, and planted along the pathway leading out from the den that has been selected. Stygian Branches are like a bramble, as I have seen them, that grow and spire and thorn but never can they be burned by true or magic flame, they are somewhat permanent and petrified wood, not quite 'undead' but fiendish, and obedient to their gardener, though they behave as though undeath might, for metaphorical purposes. They are however spores from Hades that grow off the banks of the Styx. It only takes about six spores, meticulously placed in pentacle, to shroud the center den or tower of the witch. By which the practice of Symbol spell shall be placed at the breast of one of these trees and a magic word will be uttered to bend down the branches and let the witch walk into her den, by no other means will one be able to pass through these growths.

In essence of the center, I urge you to consider two real possibilities, if you are like me, you prefer the rise of a tower, for this grants greater sight of the land and more protection from divination, as the land can be easily warded by radius, measured as far as several kilometers, if you are well attuned. That will not be enough to ward you from the planes however. Blood magic to a lesser extent must be used to protect your earth. The youngest lamb should be bled again and painted on the road and door of your home when it is first set; that means before any wheel or hoof sets foot on this road, or by and finger should touch your door; then, powder this blood with black salt. This is your foundation. You may wish to burrow instead, and set your household below the ground; albeit this is a safer cause, it requires no black salt in this method. In either method, this is important, I urge you to use Solomon's Root at each corner of your home, I will reiterate that in the next section.

Lastly, consider having someone help you in constructing a small rotunda of standing stones as markers to aid in the remembrance of the important star alignments: these are the days of high magic, you should know them well by now, the autumn, the winter, the spring, and the summer. Quite few days left I even leave my dwelling to make my flight over my dominion and seek my sacrifice or advance my powers for that period.

The Household Should your home be well warded and protected by the Stygian land you have placed in aforementioned zones, you can begin setting up your space. Whichever your decision, protect every room corner by placing Solomon's Root there. This will stop the interference of hags and other practitioners from observing your home. As I am an enchantress, before all else, I believe strongly in the power of Symbol spells for this same reason, they have kept me well protected in Kohlingen, Cordor, Wiltun, and Tarkuul in my times of service there. If you possess knowledge of such things, it does not harm to double-down on your wards.
Hang a broom on the inside of your front door. This serves two purposes, to clean away any residue from craft, such as the soot, ash, powders, and salt that is bound to get everywhere, but also a broom sprinkled with alum powder can push spirits out of the door and out of the way who should otherwise not be invited. I have had a great deal of trouble in The Black Library dealing with similar spirits who have made my studies somewhat distracted.
Mind not the distribution of the Deck of Harrows, I will not detail that information here, as it varies depending on the spell and sign that comes into play.
The pentacles however, must be correct, and can be crafted in such a way. I begin with six red or black candles pointing at each side of the room. You can measure this by referring to a star map, (Alignment toward the moon at the third point from the top, or the fifth point respectively toward the sun, the bottom right point) you will know you are in alignment when the lit candle does not flicker even when passed over by your palm, the flame will be still. Stain the base of each candle in blood. You should have a totally separate station for crafting, a cauldron for incantations, I usually have anise as the reux of such cauldrons, so to keep it warm and ready for process. Also, you must keep a stationary with a mirror for inscription. I often advise to place the skull of some creature or a gargoyle upon the mantle of this stationary for protective purposes. I scribe my belongings on a smaller pentacle, whereas I keep my components near my mirror, each guarded with skulls. My bloodletting knife is kept at the stationary as well. Ingredients have already been described in previous chapters, but know, there are some incantations that call for the blood of specific creatures and specific utterances that I have not justified to this collection as of yet, I keep that knowledge solely to myself for the time being.
Lastly, you must construct an altar guarded by a garden of wax. You can cut the totem of Recro or Kore to represent the Witch Queen (The Mother of Tears) should you select her, or the Moon Goddess, or for more contemporary purposes: the Moth, the Hound, the Crown, The Sea, the Mill... etc. This totem will be specific and must be as hidden as your true name, but keep it in fair observance of your pentacle. I recommend setting chains that can reach the center of your room as well for any serious Binding purposes that must occur.

The Grimoire The vellum must come from only virgin animals, its hide then tanned and washed with acid to give the fair smooth texture such craftsmanship notably found in say, Halruaa, my homeland. I steak out the youngest cows for this reason, the back hide seems to have some of the easiest to safely remove with a sharpened knife. Bind this together with any firm stalk, or leather string, it matters not, but complete the final binding with an oak jacket, ash may be used. It is not complete, a metal emblem of your sign must be placed and warded on the front; for me, it is the pentacle, and enchant light chains around its spine so the spellbook may be locked, and not opened by any creature not of this plane. That is most important, razzlemutton should any human or elf see your work, they are not nearly as compromising as should a hag be able to spy on your spellbook. The chain will forbid them. You should be safe to keep this on a shelf with a section of mandrake behind it, but if you are very superstitious, keep it on your person, and lock it to your sash. I do this, merely out of the fond distrust of others to not keep their hands to themselves.

If all is said and done correctly, you have all the matters in which we have discussed before this, you have properly equipped and warded your coven with all the tools you need for only the most basic processes, I guard you caution when taking from the Hadean plane however, as I have experienced, there is quite a lot of negotiation that must come with such endeavors. Yet I have found the Yugoloths are very agreeable creatures, most of them anyway, who are willing to conduct business-- Yet being a practiced trader in my time at the Trade Federation, I am also equipped with satisfying the demands of others for what I want in return. You would do well to know someone like myself in order to accomplish such commerce. With all this collected, I have begun establishing my coven then in the Isles, and will begin transforming my domain back to its origin proceedings as bestowed in me by the order of Recro whom has given me such confidence to repair the land of Caraigh for the people whom it is owed to, not the Jarls, who have timelessly rejected our magic for greed and short-sighted power, and have turned their back on me personally, after delivering them freedom from Amn... but rather to the original queens of Ruathym and its neighboring islands; the bloodline of the Eldathian Witches, whom will save the land again from the corruption of Jarls such as Blackmoor, and any fool that follows in line with his vision of power.

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