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OOC: [UNDER CONSTRUCTION] Please disregard Non setting specific parts. Such will be culled when the full version is complete. For now I do not wish to loose my work so it's going here. Some sections have been removed for IC purposes as an incomplete copy will be made publicly available here. Please note this is not published yet so wait for when the construction sign has been removed. This s actually a very big project I've spent a ton of time in already.

A Comprehensive Index of Dragons

Tiamat is the lawful evil dragon goddess of greed, queen of evil dragons and,Tiamat was also the eternal rival of her brother Bahamut, ruler of the good metallic dragons.
Bahamut Is the dragon god of justice and a subservient deity to Torm, god of law.
His natural form was that of a platinum dragon, said by many to be the only one of his kind. He was also the eternal rival of his sister Tiamat, queen of the chromatic dragons.
Sardior is the dragon god of night, psionics, and secrets, and he was also the Master of gem dragons. Sardior was said to be a unique ruby dragon. In his natural form, he has a long and sinewy body covered with deep ruby red scales. At a distance, he was often mistaken for an ancient red dragon, but his playful demeanor soon betrayed his true self. He was also reputed to be a great conversationalist, and many who met him were unprepared for his sharp wit.
Gruaghlothor The Supreme Dragon, Gruaghlothor, is the ruler of all ferrous dragons and is an incarnation of all the sovereign iron dragons since the dawn of
time. Despite this, Gruaghlothor is not a divine power. Gruaghlothor is said to have been the very first ferrous dragon ever to exist. It was under
his guidance that the clan hierarchy was formed. He was destroyed in battle with a huge pack of red dragons. With his dying breath, Gruaghlothor swore to destroy the red dragons if he had to come back from the grave, and return he did.
The red dragons remain, but deep under a mighty mountain burns the smoldering hatred of a thousand kings waiting to flare into the destruction of their age-old enemies.
Whenever Gruaghlothor dies, the iron dragon chosen to replace the former goes into a state of hibernation for one year. During this time, the chosen one undergoes a metamorphosis. When it emerges, it has become Gruaghlothor. There is no solid explanation for how this works, and the iron dragons answer only, “It has always been so.”
Gruaghlothor resembles a great iron wyrm in every respect except for its tremendous size. He can speak the tongue of his species, the tongue common to all ferrous dragons, and has an ability to communicate with any intelligent creature (as can an iron dragon).

Asgorath or IO Is the dragon deity of creation. He (or she, as some traditions suggested)was regarded as the creator of the multiverse and of dragonkind, and he manipulated the destinies of all dragons by operating in a way that nobody suspected his involvement. Asgorath was supposed to encompass all alignments, but was often regarded as neutral. In the Outer Planes, it was more commonly known as Io. His holy symbol, an unadorned circle, represented totality.

True Dragons
Chromatic Dragons
Chromatic dragons are usually of evil nature. They are the Black Dragon, Blue Dragon, Green Dragon, Red Dragon and White Dragon. Tiamat1 is usually considered the deity of chromatic dragons, though not all chromatic dragons acknowledge her as such.
Metallic Dragons
Metallic dragons are typically of good nature. They are the Brass Dragon, the Bronze Dragon, the Copper Dragon, the Gold Dragon, and the Silver Dragon. Bahamut2 is the main deity of metallic dragons.
Gem Dragons
Gem dragons are typically of neutral nature. They are the Amethyst Dragon, the Crystal Dragon, the Emerald Dragon, the Sapphire Dragon, and the Topaz Dragon. Sardior3 is the deity of gem dragons. *Although Obsidian Dragons are also technically gem dragons, they are opposed to Sardior and most other gem dragons.
Amethyst dragons
Amethyst dragons are neutral, logical dragons. They have lavender skin and crystal-like scales. Their breath weapon is a blast of concussive force, and they are known to burrow into the ground. They are also the most powerful of the gem dragons.

Emerald dragons
Emerald dragons are reclusive dragons with a lawful bent. They are inquisitive about history, but also paranoid and distrustful of visitors, whom they deter by setting traps in and by their lairs, and with their breath weapon, a powerful blast of wind. They have scales in many shades of green, with a scintillating appearance that makes the dragon seem to be in constant motion.

Sapphire dragons
Sapphire dragons are territorial, militaristic dragons who normally lived in the Underdark. The majority of their diet was composed of giant spiders, and sapphire dragons considered all the evil races of the Underdark their enemies. Their breath weapon is a blast of noise that caused panic. Because of their sparkling, multi-blue-colored scales, they are sometimes mistaken for blue dragons.

Topaz dragons
Topaz dragons are erratic, antisocial gem dragons who were often selfish and disinterested in things that did not effect them. They prefer to live by beaches, and enjoyed the feeling the sea wind against their faceted, yellow-orange scales.
Crystal dragons
Crystal dragons are friendly, curious gem dragons. They enjoyed conversing with other creatures, but sometimes came into conflict with white dragons due to shared preferences in habitats. They are chaotic neutral and have a blinding cone of white light for a breath weapon. They are the smallest of the gem dragons, and have translucent, crystalline scales.

Obsidian dragons
Obsidian dragons were the most intelligent of the gem dragons, but also the most dangerous. They had smooth, black, glass-like scales that had razor edges and could breathe a cone of fire. They preferred to lair near volcanoes, and were notable for their psionic abilities.

Lung Dragons
Lung dragons, also known as oriental dragons, were the dragons of the lands of Kara-Tur.
The Lung dragons, including the li lung (earth dragon), the lung wang (sea dragon), the pan lung (coiled dragon), the shen lung (spirit dragon), the t'ien lung (celestial dragon), the yu lung (carp dragon), the chiang lung (river dragon) and the tun mi lung (typhoon dragon).
Unlike most other dragons, most lungs did not have breath weapons. Instead, they had other powerful magical abilities, which varied among their kinds. All lung dragons could detect the thoughts of other creatures. They could turn invisible at will and polymorph into the shape of just about any small to large creature that they wanted. Lung dragons could also shift to other planes of existence.
Lung dragons were true dragons; they gained power and enhanced magical abilities as they grew and aged
Unlike chromatic and metallic dragons, lung dragons had a wide range of moral and ethical alignments.
Most lung dragons were members of the Celestial Bureaucracy, serving with specific tasks, depending on the species of lung.
At the very least, lung dragons spoke the Spirit Tongue in addition to the Draconic language.
There were eight known species of lung dragon:

Chiang lung
Li lung
Lung wang
Pan lung
Shen lung
T'ien lung
Tun mi lung
Yu lung

Ferrous dragons
Ferrous Dragons are typically of lawful nature. They are the Iron Dragon, the Nickel Dragon, the Tungsten Dragon, the Cobalt Dragon, and the Chromium Dragon. All Ferrous dragons can sense ordinary metals and the lawful ferrous dragons have a strict hierarchy, with the higher dragons dictating the laws to the lower ones. The hierarchy, from highest to lowest, is iron, chromium, cobalt, tungsten, and nickel. Gruaghlothor4 is the supreme ruler of the ferrous dragons.
Chromium Dragon
Breath weapon: Line of solid ice (cold damage) and cone of freezing crystals (Dexterity damage)
Terrain: Subterranean or mountainous Arctic climes
nature: Lawful Evil
⦁ The dragon's face is smooth and reflective. A frill lined with long spines runs from its snout to the tip of the tail. It has a mane of shiny horns and wings that are wide and sleek. Its scales gleam like liquid metal, catching the reflection of the nearby terrain. Scale that initially resemble tarnished silver and grow shinier as they age; IE- Mercury or a mirror.
⦁ Chromium Dragons are known for their greed, malice and cruelty
⦁ Chrome Dragons inhabit only cold regions that see plenty of ice and snow, where their various innate powers over frost can be used most effectively. This brings them into conflict with both White and Silver Dragons, and whilst they are strong enough to easily dominate Whites, Silver Dragons are their deadliest enemies, and the two races will fight to the death upon sighting each other.
⦁ These dragons wield two different breath weapons; a conical gout of super-chilled snow that numbs and paralyses victims.
⦁ Other potential abilities: Pass without trace, Ice Shape, a variant of Stone Shape, Wall of Ice, Gelid Blood, Flesh to Crystal.
⦁ Chromium Dragons enjoy attack from the air, seeking to cripple foes with their numbing breath before closing in to enjoy a close and bloody combat.
⦁ Shining, dull silver dragons that do not seem to match up in description to silver, steel, Song, or mithril dragons

Cobalt Dragon

Breath weapon: Line of pulsing magnetic energy (force damage plus Bull Rush check)
Terrain: Deep dark forest or thick jungle
nature: Lawful Evil
⦁ This dragon's face bears a large muzzle, its lips curling in a sneer, displaying pronounced canines. Two small horns jut from its head, just above glowing red eyes. Its tail is long and thin, almost rat-like in appearance. It is covered in midnight blue scales of varying brightness.
⦁ Known to be arrogant and domineering, even other dragons think of Cobalt Dragons as 'joyless control freaks'.
⦁ Cobalt dragons are foul of tempered, but subservient to iron dragons and their lord.
⦁ Cobalt Dragons are very solitary by nature, unless mating or called together by the clan sovereign.
⦁ They favour especially dark and dense forests and jungles, although sometimes they lair in caves based in such regions that ultimately lead down to the Underdark. This gives them a particular enmity for Green Dragons.
⦁ Cobalts are known for their fascination with traps. They spend most of their leisure time creating new traps, working carefully-cut trees, pitfalls, trigger-able rock-slides and pits into their territory.
⦁ Their innate abilities allow them to turn the terrain of the field of battle against foes with Entangle and Plant Growth.
⦁ It is rare that a Cobalt Dragon should lack a large tribe of kobolds to do its bidding and make its territory more dangerous.
⦁ Cobalt Half-Dragons inherit both the magnetic ray breath weapon and the immunity to electricity. The magnetic breath weapon is said to be barely noticeable to the unaided eye.
⦁ Cobalt Dragons can breathe water.

Iron Dragon

Breath weapon: Cone of superheated sparks (fire and electric damage) and cone of sleep gas
Terrain: Hills and mountains containing iron ore
nature: Lawful Neutral
⦁ The dragon's head is almost shovel-shaped, with a pointed snout. Its scales are metallic black with flashes of silver. Large plates, which look like shark fins, run down its neck and back. Iron Dragons are uniquely colored, with flat black scales that take on an increasingly glossy, metallic texture with silvery highlights as the dragon ages.
⦁ Known as the most powerful of all Ferrous Dragons
⦁ Iron Dragons have a dream: a dream that one day, dragons will take their rightful place as rulers of the world and render all humanoids into servants of dragonkind. They're not hostile towards non-dragons, they simply see this as the natural order of things, and seek to bring it about by whatever means are necessary.
⦁ The only Ferrous Dragons with the innate ability to assume humanoid shape, Iron Dragons exploit this ability to walk amongst other races to learn all they can about worldly events and how these can be used to their advantage.
⦁ They prefer to fight to the surrender of would-be assailants rather than the death, although their victims are usually eaten once the Iron Dragons feel they have extracted all useful information.
⦁ These dragons always lair near deposits of iron ore, typically in hilly and mountainous terrain, and hoard raw and worked iron with as much fanaticism as a Red Dragon hoards gold and jewels.
⦁ Their strongest enmity, however, is reserved for Red Dragons. The two breeds absolutely despise one another, and fight to the death on sight; Red Dragons view their ferrous relatives as weakling interlopers too pathetic to be considered true dragons, whilst Iron Dragons regard the infamous chromatics as a stain on draconic character that must be erased.
⦁ These dragons are formidable opponents; they have two breath weapons, both conical gouts, one of super-heated sparks that inflicts half electric and half fire damage, and one of sleeping gas.
⦁ Other notable abilitie sthey may possess: Heat Metal, Stone Shape, Detect Thoughts, Transmute Rock to Mud, Wall of Iron, and Flesh to Iron.
⦁ They are immune to fire.

Nickel Dragon

Breath weapon: Cone of corrosive gas (acid damage)
Terrain: Swamp and marshland
nature: Lawful Evil
⦁ This dragon is squat and muscular. Its crocodilian face has raised eyes and a long, toothy snout. Two smooth horns sweep back and down from its head. Its scales are metallic grey, with patches of white. The smell of stagnant water is strong in its presence.
⦁ Swamp and Marshland Dwellers
⦁ Nickel Dragons are the smallest and weakest of their family, although they're still highly dangerous opponents who make up for physical deficits with deceitfulness, tenacity and sheer viciousness.
⦁ Nickel Dragons enjoy harassing and bullying others.
⦁ Nickel Dragons frequently engadge in bloody, fang-and-claw battles with Black Dragons over territory.
⦁ Their breath weapon is a cloud of corrosive fumes, they possess acid immunity and the ability to breathe water.
⦁ Uniquely, Nickel Dragons change colors as they age, going from charcoal grey to a more metallic hue as they reach adulthood, and then fading to a brilliant metallic white color by the time they reach the status of Great Wyrm.
⦁ Other abilities: Can induce itching or a painful rash in anyone nearby, Resist Energy, Entangle, Gaseous, Confusion

Tungsten Dragon

Breath weapon: Cone of hot sand (fire and bludgeoning damage)
Terrain: Arid deserts and steppes, dry plains in temperate or warmer regions
nature: Lawful Good
⦁ The dragon's head is almost insectile, with numerous small horns dotting its face. Its wings look nearly identical to the large sail that rises from its back. Its scales are a dull, flat green.
⦁ A species that appeared to be generally benevolent; Tungsten Dragons are unique amongst the Ferrous Dragons for having a racial nature of Good. However, it's not exactly a nice form of good. In a nutshell, Tungsten Dragons believe the adage 'the ends justify the means'; after all, if evil will stop at nothing to win, then good must stop at nothing to defeat evi
⦁ superheated sand and bludgeoning sand, that seemed especially set upon fighting chromatic dragons and other forms of powerful evil. This form of dragon has metallic scales that are a dull green with grey.
⦁ Tungsten Dragons aren't common, as they prefer arid regions with warm climates. This also brings them into frequent conflict with both Blue and Brass Dragons; the evil nature of the Blues means that Tungstens will readily gang up on them. They deal harshly with intruders.
⦁ Tungsten Dragons produce blasts of high-velocity, scorching hot sand as their breath weapon, and are fire immune.
⦁ Other abilities: Can conjure up a Sand Cloud (a variant of the Fog Cloud effect), and spontaneous combustion.
⦁ Tungsten Dragons stand out in their usually brownish environments, as their scales are green; deep forest with brown flecks at hatching, they become gleaming and metallic green with no flecks by adulthood, then dull as the dragon ages.
Planar dragons
Planar dragons inhabit the outer planes.
See also: Fiendish dragon

Shadow dragon
Main article: Shadow dragon

Breath weapon: Energy-draining shadows
Terrain: Underground, Shadow Material Plane
Nature: Chaotic Evil
⦁ Shadow dragons had dark and translucent scales which helped them camouflage into the darkness around them. A long fringe of spines emerged from the back of a dragon's neck and its powerful tail featured a swimming fin, with horns pointing backwards.
⦁ A shadow dragon would stalk its prey from the shadows; predisposition towards mundane hiding, sneaking and jumping.
⦁ Like any other true dragon, shadow dragons have sharp hearing and sight, which is capable of low-light vision and darkvision.
⦁ They also have blindsense.
⦁ A shadow dragon's breath weapon is a cone of shadows. Creatures caught in it lost parts of their vitality, skills and spells, possibly permanently, all while temporarily empowering themselves. They could train their breath weapon to turn those they killed with it into spectral creatures who were then permanently enslaved by the shadow dragon.
⦁ Many shadow dragons inhabit the dark places of Faerûn. These dragons are from the Plane of Shadow. They are also found in the Underdark, particularly in the Middledark and Lowerdark.
⦁ Other Abilities: Mirror image, dimension door; nondetection and shadow walk.

Adamantite dragon

Breath weapon: White-hot fire, Hold monster gas
Terrain: Twin Paradises of Bytopia
nature: Neutral Good
⦁ Oversized natural weapons, Can destroy Adamantium fortresses. Also, they look like they are made of jet-black metal.
⦁ Adamantite dragons are strange among dragonkind, since they are born with their shining coats of adamantite fully developed. This mighty coat is a shining silver color that reflects light in brilliant, scintillating beams and rainbows-refreshing to those who can bask in its goodness, painful to those who hide in the shadows of evil.
⦁ Adamantite dragons are perhaps the mightiest of dragonkind. They are the epitome of good, sacrificing whatever is necessary for the common good of intelligent creatures everywhere.
⦁ Adamantite dragons speak their own tongue and the language of all good dragons.
⦁ Adamantite dragons have a strong taste for physical battle, they may use the extra attack forms of dragons (wing buffet, foot stomp, etc.)
⦁ Breath weapon/special abilities: An adamantite dragon has two breath weapons, one of which can only be used at certain times. The common form of breath weapon is a cone of flame. This is a magical flame and will ignite even nonflammable materials. The adamantite dragon's second breath weapon projects an area of time stop. It has the same dimensions as the cone of flame. Anyone caught in the area must save vs., spells or be affected as if by a time stop spell cast at 20th level of magic use - This breath weapon may only be used on the dragon's home plane (Twin Paradises), when the dragons are defending the plane.
⦁ Other abilities: Polymorph self, permanent, may revert to dragon form without restriction, magic missile, blink
⦁ Due to their extra-planar nature, all adamantite dragons are immune to non-magical weapons.
⦁ The adamantite dragons are the self-appointed guardians of the Twin Paradises. These great creatures are extremely powerful and will come to the aid of any intelligent creature. It should be noted, however, that they are unconcerned with law or chaos, but only the protection of sentient lifeforms.
Arboreal dragon

Breath weapon: Razor-sharp thorns
Terrain: Olympian Glades of Arborea
nature: Chaotic Good

Astral dragon

Breath weapon: Dismissal effect, scouring dust
Terrain: Astral Plane
nature: True Neutral

Axial dragon

Breath weapon: Force
Terrain: Clockwork Nirvana of Mechanus
nature: Lawful Neutral
Notes: Immune to a vast number of things, including acid, fire, cold, poison, and nonlethal damage.

Battle dragon

Breath weapon: Sonic energy, Fear gas
Terrain: Heroic Domains of Ysgard
nature: Neutral Good

Beast dragon

Breath weapon: Lightning
Terrain: Wilderness of the Beastlands
nature: Chaotic Good or Neutral Good

Chaos dragon

Breath weapon: Random elemental blast (acid, cold, electricity, fire, sound, etc.), Confusion gas
Terrain: Ever-Changing Chaos of Limbo
nature: Any Chaotic

Chole dragon

Breath weapon: Poisonous insanity vapors
Terrain: Infinite Layers of the Abyss
nature: Chaotic Evil

Concordant dragon

Breath weapon: Antithetical energy
Terrain: Concordant Domain of the Outlands
nature: True Neutral

Ectoplasmic dragon

Breath weapon: Whitefire, sticky ectoplasm.
Terrain: Astral Plane
nature: Chaotic Neutral

Elysian dragon

Breath weapon: Sonic energy, inebriation gas
Terrain: Blessed Fields of Elysium
nature: Neutral Good

Ethereal dragon

Breath weapon: Force
Terrain: Ethereal Plane
nature: True Neutral

Gloom dragon

Breath weapon: Apathy gas
Terrain: Gray Waste of Hades
nature: Neutral Evil

Howling dragon

Breath weapon: Howling sound, Maddening wails
Terrain: Windswept Depths of Pandemonium
nature: Chaotic Evil or Chaotic Neutral


Breath weapon: Shrinking, reverse shrinking
Terrain: Astral Plane

Oceanus dragon

Breath weapon: Lightning, Tranquility gas
Terrain: Upper Planes
nature: Neutral Good

Pyroclastic dragon

Breath weapon: cone of superheated ash accompanied by waves of crushing sonic force, Disintegrating line
Terrain: Bleak Eternity of Gehenna
nature: Lawful Evil or Neutral Evil

Radiant dragon

Breath weapon: Force, Light
Terrain: Seven Mounting Heavens of Celestia
nature: Lawful Good

Rust dragon

Breath weapon: Acid, Rusting liquid
Terrain: Infernal Battlefield of Acheron
nature: Lawful Neutral or Lawful Evil

Styx dragon

Breath weapon: Acid, Stupefying gas
Terrain: Lower Planes
nature: Neutral Evil

Tarterian dragon

Breath weapon: Line of disruptive force, cone of will-sapping gas
Terrain: Tarterian Depths of Carceri
nature: Neutral Evil or Chaotic Evil
Current Source: (3.5) Draconomicon 189

Hellfire Wyrm

Breath weapon: Cone of Infernal Flame
Terrain: The Nine Hells of Baator
nature: Always Lawful Evil
Current Source: (3.5) Monster Manual II 125

Faerûnian dragons
Brown dragon

Breath weapon: Sludge
Terrain: Bogs
nature: Neutral
Appears in: Monsters of Faerûn

Deep dragon

Breath weapon: Flesh-corrosive gas
Terrain: Underground - Underdark
nature: Chaotic evil
Appears in: Monsters of Faerûn and reprinted in Fane of the Drow as well as the Legacy of the Drow series. A mutant, two-headed deep dragon named Zz,pora appears in the "Starlight and Shadows" series. The most recent v3.5 statistics for deep dragons can be found in Drow of the Underdark. Appears in 4E Draconomicon as Purple Dragon.

Fang dragon

Breath weapon: None (has a constitution-draining bite)
Terrain: Mountains
nature: Always Chaotic neutral
Appears in: Monsters of Faerûn, 3E Draconomicon. Appears in 4E Draconomicon as Gray Dragon.

Rattelyr dragon

Breath weapon: cone of fire
Terrain: desert, the forest, grassy plains
nature: lawful evil
Appears in: Shining South

Song dragon

Breath weapon: Electrically charged gas
Terrain: Any land
nature: Always either chaotic good or chaotic neutral
Appears in: Monsters of Faerûn; "Year of Rogue Dragons" trilogy, "Elminster's Daughter".

Independent dragons
Incarnum dragon

Breath weapon: Incarnum energy
Terrain: Outer Planes
nature: Lawful good, lawful evil, chaotic good or chaotic evil.
Appears in: Magic of Incarnum

Sand dragon

Breath weapon: Flaywind sand
Terrain: Warm Deserts
nature: Chaotic Neutral
Appears in: Sandstorm; 4th Edition Draconomicon as Brown Dragon.

Epic dragons
Force dragon

Breath weapon: Force
Terrain: Any
nature: Usually Neutral
Appears in: Epic Level Handbook

Prismatic dragon

Breath weapon: Prismatic Spray
Terrain: Any
nature: Usually Neutral
Appears in: Epic Level Handbook

Time dragon

Breath weapon: Line of Ravaging Time and Cone of Time Expulsion
Terrain: Anywhere they find air to breathe
nature: Usually Neutral
Appears in: Dragon #359 [20]

Arcane dragons
Hex dragon

Breath weapon: Poison
Terrain: Forest, marshes, underground
nature: Neutral Evil
Appears in: Dragon #343

Tome dragon

Breath weapon: Elemental energy
Terrain: Mountains
nature: Lawful Neutral
Appears in: Dragon #343

Other dragons

Other species of true dragon that exist outside of the main dragon families include: Steel, Mercury, Pearl, Amber, Cloud, Mist, and many more.

Two comedic dragons that appeared in Dragon Magazine #156: The Pink Dragon, which had a cone breath weapon of bubbles (stung the eyes); and the Paper Dragon, which looked like a dog-sized folded paper dragon, which when slain left several spell scrolls from its remains.
Cerilian dragon

Breath weapon: Cone of burning venom
Terrain: Cerilia, Any
nature: Any, each has a specific personality
Current Source: (2) Birthright Campaign Setting (3.5) BRCS[21]

Lesser dragons
Elemental Drakes

Elemental drakes are lesser dragons most closely related to wyverns. They hail from the Elemental Planes, and are sometimes used as mounts by jann. Unlike wyverns they are sentient.


Air - Chaotic neutral drake with air mastery and blinding sandstorm.
Water - Neutral drake with water mastery and drench.
Fire - Neutral evil drake with heat attack.
Earth - Lawful neutral drake with earth mastery and tremor.
Ooze - Lawful evil drake with acid attack.
Magma - Lawful evil drake with burn attack.
Smoke - Chaotic evil drake with smoke breath weapon.
Ice - Chaotic evil drake with freezing touch.

Various other types of lesser dragons exist, including:

Ambush drakes
Dragon turtles
Faerie dragons
Linnorms – Ancient, primeval cousins of dragons. Linnorms lack wings and hind legs, making them more serpentine than true dragons. All known linnorms are evil and cruel. Linnorms are sometimes referred to as "Norse dragons". There are many subtypes of linnorms.
Pseudodragons - Small dragon-like creatures that are stereotypically wizard's familiars. They can communicate telepathically and their main weapon is a stinging, poisonous tail.
Spiretop dragons
Amian Specific:
The Wyrmshadow Prophecy came to life some time ago, when, some time ago, the Dark Flight of Tiamat and Bahamut's Wing began to stir again, and make moves against each other. The island became embroiled in the business of Dragons, and several titanic clashes occured around the island, resulting in the deaths of several Dragons. The climax of the prophecy came during an incredible attack on Kohlingen tself, led by the Dark Flight of Tiamat and its armies, and was repelled by forces from every major city on Amia, except Winya Ravana, but including Bendir Dale, Cordor, and Brogendenstein/Barak Runedar. After the attack was repelled, the forces of light, led by Imperator, Rockhopper, and Morningdew charged forth and ripped Wyrmhold asunder, slaying the remaining members of the Dark Flight of Tiamat, and causing the castle to be destroyed. All that remains today is a set of ruins, in the center of which lies the bones of Imperator the Platinum Guardian.

Local Amian Index
Other notes:
Game of Dragons Players:
Xorvintaal- game of dragons
Ghruxhalxru: Bronze, heavily scarred, after being defeated in physical combat by the fang dragon. Escaped alive, though.
Calanzsri: Old Copper, tricky and witty.
Bluscharaoz: Black Dragon, Missing a horn.
Kushrantuxal: Green Dragon, one winged. Currently resides in Chult.
Xavarsourn: The unknown dragon. Details other than name unknown
Notes for later editing :
Myart Dragon kind black- Killed the black with it ... 38&t=85653
The Green wyrmlings that came to the forrest of Amia
Deep desire still perhaps lurking about
Black dragon and rider
Potential dracolich
(Scientific Dragon) Snowy Howness Mountain -Prismatic
Elariymmsarl / Starglimmer Brightmoon --------------------Silverymoon Pass (Faerun?)-----------------------Silver
Windreaper --------------------Abyss----------------------Blue
Zamishar, a Copper dragon Windreaper's Rival deceased
Cor'maisel was his Elf name--------------------Winya-----------------------Fang
Levexel--------------------Winya-----------------------Fell Drake
Kalinthsyrriolth - Gold- Decesed (Mary's Mother)
Beliixech - Gold ---Cormyr(Mary's Brother)
Charnalaxz - Gold---Cormanthor(Mary's brother)
Xil'lauriel- Green - AKA 'Blight' - Dragon Slayer Group known as Dragonsbane or The Triad of Desolation' Solferno'. - MOTHER of Forestgloom
Endlesswildfire red or Pyroclastic?
Deep Desier- Shadow Dragon- Spawn of Deepening Doom
Crystal Dragon Spine of the world
Scale of a Crystal Dragon Dill the Goblins possesion
Pyroclastic dragon- Ask the dwarfs about this one
Haurach [Gold] WinyaRavana
Faith [Silver]
*Matthew's Notes:
Bahamut's Wing
Bahamut's Wing is the opposing force of the Dark Flight of Tiamat. They are a group of Metallic dragons though only two remain alive today.

Morningdew [Brass]
Morningdew is a Brass dragon. Talkative, energetic, lover of people all around. She is an incredible information gatherer, and serves as spy and scout for the Wings of Bahamut. Retrieved from her place in Cordor, she now resides in Kohlingen, nursing her wounds after a powerful display by Deepeningdoom nearly rent her limb from limb. In her dragon form, her brassy body almost glows in the sunlight, the plates on her head reflecting the light back ino the sky. Her body now contans several deep scars, and her tail slinks along to the side, the tip cut off thanks to a lasting injury in the last Wyrm-War. She is a singer, a bard among bards,a truly gifted vocalist of the dragons. However, she's also chattery, stubborn to a fault, and a little arrogant when she feels she's been slighted in a situation. You likely don't want to be on her bad side, because dragons live a looong time, and she is most definately a grudge holder. Good friends with Rockhopper, she often spends her time with him chatting the day away. She has since returned to Cordor since the final battles at Kohlingen and Wyrmhold.
*Matthew's Notes:
Rockhopper [Copper]
Rockhopper is a Copper dragon. A tremendous lover of stories and practical jokes, he is the least powerful of the Metallic flight. His copper scaled body glints in the sunlight, and he always seems to be perpetually laughing at something or other. Jovial, good natured, and all around a "decent guy", he is also fascinated with Elves and their culture, and spends much of his time polymorphed into one. Sadly, his less than stellar battle prowess nearly spelled his death in the last great wyrmclash. The Green and Red dragons of the Flight paired up, and very nearly killed him. He was forced to dive into the She-Kat Valley and go into hiding in the Oakmist Vale. His current location is the keep in Kohlingen, where he spends his days chatting away and telling stories with anyone who will listen, either in Elf form or Dragon form. He has since returned to the Grove since the final battles at Kohlingen and Wyrmhold.
*Matthew's Notes:
Justice [Silver] Deceased Slain by Myrk
If ever a virtuous dragon existed, Justice, the Silver Dragon, was it. Named for the virtue itself, Justice is one of Bahamut's Draconic Paladins. Previously lairing in a hidden on the north side of Brogendenstein, he is helpful, eternally calm, and always friendly, to those who would share his views. To evil creatures, he is the stuff of nightmares, his immense silver body, and silver-crowned frill, along with large beating wings, signalling death to those who would dare harm the innocent in his presence. His body and scales are relatively unmarred, and only the scars from his battle with Sleet are visible on his visage. He gives off an entrancing aura, one that says "I will help you. No matter the cost." A lengthy tail and graceful neck finish off his portrait of glory. His last great action was slaying Sleet, the white dragon. His final resting place is just north of Uhm. Slain by the sorcerous dragon Myrk, he will grace the skies no longer.
Imperator [Silver]Deceased Slain by Infernus
Long hidden, even from his friends, Imperator has almost always assumed the disguise of a soldier in the Justicar's Everguard. Recently exposed, the Platinum Dragon has gone to the fore in leading the attack against the flight itself, leaving the defense of Kohlingen to the Justicar and the Defenders. He is incredibly old, but his body is... nearly flawless. Marred only by time, and not battle, his scales shimmer in the sun, and it's easy to see how he earned the title of Platinum. Easily distinguished, even from a silver dragon, Imperator stands well over even the tallest metallic dragon on the island, with a long graceful neck, and a smooth snaking tail. Lithe, sinewy, powerful muscles ripple along his body, and his claws are silver-tipped in color. If a smile was possible along those powerful jaws, you'd swear he was wearing one constantly. At the final battle of Wyrmhold, Imperator was slain by Infernus, but granted a second chance at life by Bahamut himself, who allowed the mighty Platinum to return as a Draconic Spirit Guardian, so that he might forever watch over Kohlingen.
Arcanos [Gold]Deceased Slain by Deepeningdoom
The mysterious Gold dragon of the Flight. Wise and ancient beyond any member of the Wings but Bahamut himself, he has long been in hiding beyond the eyes of any dragon on the island. Little is known about him, and it is said only Morningdew may have clues as to his whereabouts. Though those whereabouts will now only lead to a resting place. Slain by Deepeningdoom, Arcanos the Gold will never rejoin his brethren.
Shadowflame [Unknown; Silver perhaps ?] *Decesed ?
Important Dragons
Aurichon [Black] Deceased
Slain by the Defenders in the Temple of the Triad
"A battle-scarred, pitted black dragon gazes malevolently down in your direction. Deep, healed wounds cover his scaly flesh. An aura of palpable anger resonates from his flared nostrils and his muscular body. His arrogant demeanor is justified by his unusual size for a black dragon - his chest is robust and his visage is old. The left horn that juts from his head is broken off and missing, yet he seems to view it an accomplishment from some battle won previously." - Remarks from Drak'law Emberblaze, on Aurichon. Aurichon, powerful Black Dragon, is Lord Wyrmhold for the time being. His entire body appears as one large rippling powerful muscle. He has lived for ages, and seen nearly everything there is to see. He commands the Dark Flight, at the behest of Draklaw and Layla. Whith his Flight nearly assembled, his plans for attack nearly complete, the city of Kohlingen firmly in his sights... Each day is a new war council, and each day is another day closer to when he hopes to see all his work blossom to its full glory, and spread the Wyrmshadow across the land. But for all his work, he would die to a carefully laid trap by the Defenders in the Temple of the Triad. - Deceased
Infernus [Red]Deceased
"Towering far over her brothers and sisters, Infernus is the quintessential Mother of the Dark Flight. Her body is covered in large scars, most of them grown over by now with brilliant ruby red scales. Sparkling white teeth glimmer in her jaws, openly displayed in a haughty arrogant expression of superiority. She exudes confidence and power in spades. Large midnight black spikes protrude from her head and curl backwards, and more such spikes follow the line of her neck and back, down to her tail. When she invokes Tiamat's name to cast Her spells, the Dark Lady's ghostly image can be seen surrounding her mighty Chosen as she rains destruction down upon her enemies." - From Aurichon's private thoughts on his kin, as told to Drak'law Emberblaze. Infernus is a mighty Red, and a powerful Cleric. If it were not for the direct orders of Drak'law, she would likely lead the Flight herself, as her prowess exceeds that of even Aurichon's. She now lairs in Wyrmhold, presiding over the Flight in her matronly manner, Chosen powers ready to be exerted in the skies over Kohl, and the city itself. Woe to be her foes, for the Chosen of the Queen flies to burn, and Kohlingen is in her sights. At the final battle at Wyrmhold, in a bloody rage, she was brought low and slain by the forces of Good. With her passing the final link to Wyrmhold was severed, and the Castle was destroyed, crushing her body and sending it to the Beyond. - Deceased
Stormwhisper [Blue]Deceased
"One of the most notable thing about this dragon, oddly enough, are his solid white eyes, that crackle with electricity. Bright white fangs poke out from under his lips, his maw twisted in a vain and arrogant smirk. Radiant sapphire blue scales twinkle like stars in a far off sky, and the smell of wet ozone penetrates the air wherever he goes. Tiny blue spines spiral out all over his body. His bihorn is tremendous, and appears much like a large chiseled piece of sandstone resting atop his forehead. Squat and more robust, in comparison with his siblings, his neck and tail are shorter, but immensely powerful." - Layla Emberblaze's personal journal excerpts, extoling the virtues of Stormwhisper. Storm is an eons old Blue Dragon that has long since laired in the Ankh'remun Desert. Stormwhisper is a powerful enforcer of Tiamat, and his strikes carry divine power behind them. It is said that when he brings his full power to bear, that one can see the illusion of Tiamat herself directing his claws and teeth to his prey. Since his triumphant victory over the Blue Dragon, Baulg, he has since left the Ankh'remun Desert and made his way to Wyrmhold, leaving the Ankh' Desert calmer than it's been in years. But for all his military genius, he was killed at the final assault on Wyrmhold alongside his sister Forestgloom. One might say that it was a mercy killing. Stormwhisper was quickly approaching his Twilight, and in his death, was given a far more honorable way to go than by simply fading away. - Deceased
Forestgloom [Green]Deceased
"Forestgloom is an older, female Green dragon. Her emerald shaded body is pockmarked head to toe with scars, large, small, crooked and straight, showing her many battle victories. Her neck is nearly swanlike in appearance, graceful, and lined with powerful muscles. Her body ends with a trailing, powerful tail, almost twice the length of average, and her head is adorned with a sparkling crest that crowns her head, running down over her back like the frill of a fine tunic. Her pointed incisors show past her skin, lips twisted in a cruel smirk, and her claws tap patiently, as if every moment is waiting for the perfect chance to strike." - Excerpt from Drak'law's journal, in which the Flight was described in detail. Forestgloom is, as Drak's journal notes, exceptionally old, and exceptionally powerful. She is often referred to as "The Huntress", and she sees her territory as anywhere in the Amia Forest. She has an especial hatred for Elves, and her battle tactics for fighting a fellow Dragon tooth to claw are second to none. There are even rumors abounding that say she may be cannibalistic in nature... She loathes Rockhopper, and would love nothing more than to tear him limb from limb. But that chance would be denied to her, as she was lured out (slaying an adult Silver nearly instantly in the process) and tied up in the She'Kat valley while Rockhopper was quietly escorted into Kohlingen. Once her victory over Shadowflame was complete, after a slight sidetrip to look into Rockhopper's whereabouts, Forestgloom has deserted the Forest of Despair and gone back to Wyrmhold. She was slain by the Grove at the final assault on Wyrmhold, and shoved off a cliff, whereupon she broke her neck. No longer will she terrorize the Grove and he Shrine with her malice. - Deceased
Myrk [Black]Deceased
"Myrk exudes magical prowess from every pore of his muscular black body. In marked constrast to his comrade and superior, Aurichon, Myrk's body seems impeccably well kept. For a dragon, anyway. Hardly a scar mars his body, and his wings and scales are shiny, clean, and glossy in the sunlight. The pair of horns on each side of his head curl forward like lances, large, sharp, and glistening dimly in the light. Myrk's head is gaunt, sinister, almost skull-like in appearance. Trailing down the crown of his head, and down his back is a bronze colored frill, held up by solid jet-black protrusions, that end in a thick, muscular tail ending in a cruel barbed spike." - Reflections on Myrk, as noted by Layla Emberblaze. Myrk, the Black Dragon, is the sorceror, the arcanist of the Dark Flight. His prowess with the Weave exceeds that of any other dragon on the island, chromatic or metallic, and he knows how to use it. An exceedingly powerful Necromancer and Abjurer, he has subjugated the various lizardman trived under his control. Only Babylon the true Yuan-Ti dares stand up to him, and thus far, Myrk has been content to let them do their thing, as long as they stay out of his territory. Slayer of Justice, he has come into Imperator's sights, as he is the closest Flight member to Kohlingen. ... Myrk was slain at the hands of several adventurers set out at Imperator's behest. With Myrk's passing, the arcane power of the Flight dwindles, and Kohlingen's borders become secure. His "passing", anyways. It was later revealed that he was a Dracolich, though despite this amazing power, he was destroyed when Infernus was. Ironically enough, his phylactery was the Throne of Wyrmhold itself, an object destroyed when Infernus crashed into it, shattering it to pieces. - Deceased
Deepeningdoom [Shadow]Deceased
"Deepeningdoom, or, as he's known among his Flight kin, Meplipenixisti, is a lean, sinewy Shadow Dragon. His body is built for weaving around through tunnels and corridors, and he displays an impressive amount of agility for a beast of his size, snaking through tunnels, traversing land, and soaring through the skies with impressive speed. The dark, almost oily surface of his scales remains unmarred, a sign that he doesn't often get into brawls... Or perhaps a sign that he finishes his opponents off before they have a chance to react. Green luminescient eyes, and a dual layer of slick, oily spines travelling down his neck and back add to his overall look of immense power. Obsidian-black teeth and claws look well kept, and ready to shred anyone in his way." - A much-paraphrased passage, related by Morningdew, one of the few to escape his grasp. Aurichon's Shadowdancerspy. Subtle. Sly. A decisively cold hearted killer. Little else is known. Few ever escape to relay the knowledge they obtain. What little is known is that he is a master of disguise, an expert at mimicry. Adept with shadow-power, both below the surface and above, he often uses it both to attack, and to escape in a flash. A massive, sinewy Shadow Dragon, he nearly succeeding in killing Morningdew in the Nexus Hills with his hired mercenaries, he is easily one of the most intelligent members of the Flight. Deepeningdoom has made his presence known to several key players among the island, but few know what he's actually up to. In the battle of Kohlingen, pressed in upon by Morningdew, Cordor, and the Black Flag, he was unable to enact his escape plans. Held down in a titanic struggle, he was slain by Cordor. - Deceased
Sleet [White]Deceased
Sleet is a white dragon. She is the youngest member of the Dark Flight, and easily the most rash, and least thoughtful. She is the Daughter of Icingdeath, but beyond that, all titles, such as "Icequeen of the North" are simply products of overzealous pride and arrogance. Raised much like her father, she has no use for fawning slaves, but instead prefers cold coin and magical items and trinkets for her hoard. She at one time was rather beautiful, as far as white dragons go. Scales shining in the sunlight, all hiding an absolutely brutal female Dragon. Sadly (or not.) she would meet her death at the hands of Justice, the Silver Dragon. - Deceased
Icingdeath [White]Deceased
Scourge of the Frozen Islands. Well earned was this title. Though Icingdeath, White Dragon, is oftentimes beating back adventurers from his den, he was not always seemingly on the short end of the stick for battle prowess. He is a very large specimen of a white, and possesses far more intelligence than one would typically attribute to his kind. He is still little more than a beast in his battlelust though, and his scar covered body proves it. Claws chipped and broken from battle, the end of his tail missing. Nonetheless, he has held his lair against all comers, but has never needed to deal with an invasion such as this. He has answered Aurichon's call, and joined the Dark Flight of Tiamat. What skills he brings to the fore are much the same as his daughter: Brute strength and raw ferocity. But brute strength and ferocity will only take you so far. He was laid low and tossed into the ocean by the stout dwarves of Brogendenstein. - Deceased
Wyrmhold, once called Stonehold, came to be when the ancestors of the Mylocks, the Mynocks, built a large and grand civilization on the island. However, with the rise of the Elves into the nearby Moonshae Islands, the Mynocks fell into ruin and disrepair from the constant assault. Stonehold was their last remaining fortress, but over time the Mynocks de-evolved into the nearly-mindless Mylocks.

A devil named Bul’zeelab took residency in Stonehold and held it there for many, many years. Eventually, a new leader emerged and worked this devil in partnership. This man’s name was Revan, a male human who was as ruthless as he was evil. He gathered a large army of individuals from all over the island and waged war with Benwick constantly.

Revan was eventually defeated by a group of heroes whose names are lost to history. Stonehold fell silent for years, until Drak’Law and Layla Emberblaze took residency. As a result of Tarokh’s appearance, they summoned a host of dragons to the Keep, along with their own Half-Dragon and Dragon Disciple army. Tension built up between Bul'zeelab and the Emberblazes, until Bul’zeelab was finally killed by Aurichon, a servant of the Emberblaze's army, which cost Aurichon one of his horns. They changed the name to Wyrmhold and crushed Benwick in one fell blow, thus sealing their claim to power.

There is a prophecy concerning Wyrmhold:

The shadow of the dark dragons shall grow larger and darker, spreading slowly and subtlely over lands around it. The Wyrmshadow will spread across the horde of Mylocks and they will either die or be reborn as slaves. The Wyrmshadow, should it fail, will be replaced by the endless horde: two great evils, but only one shall remain when the Wyrmshadow spreads.

❤ Amia is Fun Again! ❤

"It's easy to feel like a hero. It's a little harder to be one."

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