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PostPosted: Thu, Feb 21 2019, 22:49 PM 

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A message is sent directly to Bendir Dale.

The Dragonfair

The Holy City of Kohlingen invites you to attend The Dragonfair in honor of Bahamut, to take place on the 3rd of Ches in the Feylake District.

There will be a small art gallery on display, where artists of any creative medium may submit pieces honoring dragons. This will be restricted to those who are able to enter the Holy City. There will also be five different unique meals for our guests to enjoy, each based on one of the five types of metallic dragons.

The First Knight Illunamaeryx, Priestess of the North Wind, will address the guests. Afterward, we will host a Story Hour, where attendees can tell stories or legends about honorable dragons.

All attendees will be expected to adhere to Kohlingen's laws as normal. We hope to see you there!

//Will begin at 8pm GMT/3pm EST on Sunday, March 3rd!

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