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PostPosted: Sat, Dec 01 2018, 13:53 PM 

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I have reached out to many adventuring individuals over the last few months - humans, elves, hin, and dwarves alike. We have worked together in our efforts to oppose a great threat of draconic origins, a great wyrm green dragon who seeks Ascension to immortality. If she succeeds in this, she will turn her sights on this isle. We depart tomorrow to end her threat once and for all, but I have urged the various peoples to have their kin prepare to defend their homes, in the event that we cannot stop this from happening.

I write to you now to ensure that you are aware, as new information has raised the stakes and the scope of the dragon's threat. The danger of her Ascension has increased, as she has called upon more allies to join her cause. Tarkuul has answered, and joined her wicked plot. I have reached out to Speaker Edmund myself to try to reason with him, but he remained unmoved. Tarkuul, as they made clear, cares not if the entire isle burns beneath these dragons' ambitions. They care not if the Green Wyrm's desire to destroy the gods succeeds and casts all into chaos.

Evacuation plans are currently in order in the event of an emergency, courtesy of Barak Runedar. They have agreed to host any refugees, away from the isle, should it come under attack. I have sent representatives from our Order of Mages to each primary settlement. Our mages, with your permission, will be able to create a teleportation circle which leads to Barak Runedar, for the purposes of emergency evacuation should they receive the signal we have arranged.

We realize that such an evacuation order may not be able to save all civilians in time before the dragons arrive, but we hope to save as many as possible. I strongly suggest that you assign other mages of your own to these tasks, that such an evacuation is as effective as possible, but the decision is yours.

The enemy will need time to reach the isle, if we fail. Use that time to secure your people. We have made arrangements to alert our mages and key personnel, so that we have as much time as possible to respond.

If you can spare extra hands for this great battle, to oppose both the Green Wyrm and Tarkuul's forces, send them to Kohlingen first thing in the morning. We depart as the sun rises to its highest point. Otherwise, put your guards on alert. Be prepared to fight for your homes.

May the gods guard and protect all of you, and may we be successful in stopping this wicked alliance.

By Bahamut's Grace,

First Knight of Kohlingen

Citizen and friends of Bendir Dale!

Read this letter with great concern and in detail. Read it and worry, fear it but steel yourselves in your soul and heart for we are a brave kin. All of those who feel an urge to help somehow, do so. All of you who feel you need to prepare yourself to leave or barricade, do so! But do not ignore this letter for evil might be pushed back again and again, but they come again and again. So be valiant and be prepare. I shall be about Bendir Dale for the time being of these events to help any of you with questions and whatever you need if I can help.

Any foreign affair business can be taken to my residence.

The Mother looks after us.

Budly Bundly, minister of foreign affairs.

Added to the letter is a small emblem with a short sword overlaying a circle, probably to mark it as a message of Budlys own.

Sylveera : Sun Elven fury packed in an Arcane Archer, not a Drow, promise.
Tetrik : Greed incarnate in a Duergar.
Budly : Has gone to a better place.
Barrililath : Shadowy Drow, probably less Drow than Sylv ever be.

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