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PostPosted: Sun, Aug 25 2019, 0:06 AM 

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Tragedy struck the Dale today. In the midst of an attack by the trolls, a body that had been kept preserved in the back of the Town Hall stirred. To the horror of the clerks working in the building, the corpse-turned-undead attacked everything that moved. Tak, Cindle, and the other clerks screamed for help, but Jayek and Nof didn't get inside in time. Jayek was struck down also, and Nof was badly injured.

Others soon followed to find that the body of the elven sorceress Mai'era had risen as a zombie, but had been felled by Rosary. Two clerks did not return to life when called, but Tak, Cindle, and Jayek are recovering - although Jayek insisted on helping tend to the fallen first.

The mood around the Dale is sullen afterward, as the people mourn the loss of two more kin - both of whom were members of the Greenspan clan.

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PostPosted: Sun, Aug 25 2019, 1:57 AM 

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All over the Dale, parchment papers are tacked at every post even outside on the bulletin board for all to see

"Residents of the Dale, en-light of the tragic attack upon our Hill, preparations to increase our defenses have been doubled; the militia patrol walks have been doubled along the walks and outside, to ensure that this does not happen again, today we mourn for the lost of our kinsmen, but this will not stop our actions to keep our hills save from such ensuring troubles! We will also increase the efforts of recruitment, be Hin or non to help use against the undead, of any divinity magics. To any travelers who see anything suspicions, please send word to us, so that we may acknowledge and handle the situation."

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PostPosted: Fri, Sep 06 2019, 15:13 PM 

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Wilfire takes a complete break from guard duty to focus his attention on the several defensive construction projects going around inside the walls.

He makes sure to double check every project and to talk with every single one of the workers that are helping to build the defenses needed.

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