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PostPosted: Wed, May 30 2018, 2:02 AM 

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Chaos enveloped Bendir Dale today as a clergy member of the Storm Lord approached the town demanding tribute. Actions were made, and the priest was struck down by a local resident. A fierce storm began to conjure around Bendir Dale, as lightning fell from the sky everywhere in the settlement. Multiple trees were set on fire, crops were torched, the orchard was set ablaze. Citizens were evacuated inside their homes and the local inn at a rush.

A communion of brave adventurers took to prayer in the heart of the town, lightning falling about them as they did. Divine intervention took place by The Mother herself as a battle waged between the two fierce dieties. The skies themself were at war, numerous clouds forming and dissapearing. Divine protection enveloped those in prayer as Talos attempted to ruthlessly strike them down. A glimpse of daybreak was seen as the communion of prayers strengthened, and eventually the storm was forcefully dispersed.

The aftermath left citizens startled, a mournful expression amongst the general populace as they went to rebuilding what was lost. Trees were planted, dead crops were ripped from the soil and new seeds replaced them. However amongst town a reasurring feeling was set by Jayek that Their Mother was truly watching and protecting over them.

//Posted with permission by Elyon. Feel free to post IC comments and have your PC's react as necessary.

PostPosted: Wed, May 30 2018, 2:52 AM 

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Seeing the devastation first hand, after giving what little prayers he could, Hugh went about the township. First, bringing the body of a doomsayer to be destroyed by fire by Jalek, and then to the orchard to offer comfort, all in tow by the pixie Cassie.

After comfort given as he could, he went to the crops, offering his strength in tilling soil and replanting. He came back out to others of the township, wiping soil and sweat away, offering any other help he was able to give.

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PostPosted: Wed, May 30 2018, 13:07 PM 

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After the chaos had settled down, Ania (having been a resident of the Hinn Inn for a while now) who had slept right through the entire thing and awoke from her drunken rest immediately set to work assisting those who had sought shelter within the Hinn Inn, unpacking numerous medical kits if needed to see to any injured (if any) amongst the civilians. Once those checks had been made, the wood elf would be seen assisting the removal of dead trees and any physicial labour required, working as long as she needed to to see the clean up process completed.

Thanks, Boots!

PostPosted: Wed, May 30 2018, 16:31 PM 

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Before sunrise, Wilfire was already up and about checking all the buildings and the walls for any structural damages and doing the necessary repairs.
He also used a very strange rusted shovel to remove dead tree stumps and make holes for new ones to be planted.

After the work is done for the morning, he moves to the inn to have lunch with his son and then they both move to the residential area to play and relax.

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PostPosted: Wed, May 30 2018, 17:18 PM 

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The old, and now even bit grey haired Hin Budly was seen walking into town the morning after after spending an extended time at the Shrine of Eilistraee. He was suprised of hearing the news of Talos and it reminded him of how Cordor was crushed under one of the storms years ago. The Old Hin pondered to himself and went out to extend some swift justice upon any present Talosian followers should they be found, by scouting the area. The old Hin mumbled about no use repairing what might break the week after if there be other crazy Storm Arse followers.

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PostPosted: Wed, May 30 2018, 17:27 PM 

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Valkas could be seen not drunk for once, trying to help where he can with the limited strength he has...


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