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PostPosted: Fri, Aug 18 2017, 10:33 AM 

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A large version of this statement is placed within the town hall, while Pebbles goes about to various locations in the Dale to set out pamphlets for people to pick up which state the same information. She is usually smiling cheerfully, holding baby Meloddy in one arm.

Bendir Dale!

This has been my home my entire life. I love the people. I love the food. I love the booze. I love the community. Our community is unique and rich with life. Where others fight and nitpick and remain apathetic toward one another, we embrace and sometimes playfully pick on one another, too. I am guilty of the latter in spades, in fact!

When I consider what I would bring to the Dale as Mayor, I sometimes daydream about a grand and adventurous political campaign. But that's silly, of course. Our Mayor is unique, more than just in their history of being eccentric, fun-loving individuals. Our Mayor is a point of contact for our neighbors, the head of a broad team made up by everyone in our home. Our Mayor is a humble figurehead, with no great power to abuse or mishandle. A mediator and an organizer, both of which we desperately need, our Mayor is friend to all in a parental sort of way.

Personally, my first choice for Mayor would be Rosary. She has done such a fantastic job over her impressive time in office. I never really felt that she was in a station above me. It was more of a subconscious acknowledgement that when things become more serious, the things she says carry weight. That was born of her experience, rather than her official title. We respect her and value her input.

That will continue to be the case, if you do the honor of electing me. Past leaders are a valuable font of wisdom and advice, when available, and I will happily take notes from Rosary’s term and listen to her advice. The Elder Council will naturally continue to be the great asset that it is. Nof and my Uncle Fendel, Annalee, Harry, and Kasselwort… Just think about how much knowledge and expertise they have stored away all together! They have survived so much. From Budly’s reign as Mayor long ago through the vastly unpleasant ordeals faced more recenty.

Weekly meetings will continue with more regularity. On meeting days when we have a small turn-out or no real topics to discuss, I will ensure that we have something to do. Even if it is just a picnic or a Game Night in the inn. Events will take place frequently. Food and drink and merriment and games are a cornerstone of our community and we should have something to do together on a bi-weekly basis, at minimum. The Festival recently was such a breath of fresh air! I will propose a calendar of events that will cover an entire year, and allow all of our kin to gather and pick and choose events they will enjoy most when their schedules permit.

I have some knowledge about foreign matters, and friends in many places abroad due to my time as Captain of the Militia before my Meloddy came along and made me turn in my badge. Foreign affairs will continue to be a point of interest. Maintaining our tradition of remaining apart from the often unpleasant politics of the isle is important to me. It is all I have known, and even when I was surrounded by chromatic kin as Captain of the Militia, I maintained that stance firmly. My copper dragon blood yells at me in such scenarios, but our community comes first, always. And I will work closely with Nof and the Militia at all times, especially whenever a new threat sticks its nose in our door. Or even just to help recruit! Our Militia is amazing, and their uniforms are rather amazing, too.

I will also instate a few offices, so that those who are willing and able can become involved in the leadership of our beautiful Dale. I will appoint a Deputy Mayor first, as being able to delegate will keep things proactive and efficient. A few other offices I had in mind include Trade, Foreign Affairs, and Events. I encourage anyone who wishes to partake in such offices to come to me and let me know. I want to work with you, if you have a strong desire to participate. Best that such offices are filled by those who volunteer for them, as that will lend to passion – something for which we are quite well-known!

I know this is a long pamphlet. I could go on and on about the things I would like to see in the Dale, and efforts I will make to keep our home alive with laughter and love and community. If you have any questions or concerns at all, please approach me whenever you like, or even drop a note at the inn for me if you don’t have time for a lengthy conversation over a good mug of cider. I want all of you to feel like you can talk to me about anything, so good or bad, criticism or praise, or just curious questions, send your thoughts my way. I will serve you, as Mayor.

Good luck to Budly and Nick and Marigold, too! Debate Night will be fun!


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