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PostPosted: Thu, Aug 17 2017, 2:05 AM 

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This is posted in the square.

Fellow Dalers,

I will start this by admitting: I have never had a job in governance or politics. However, I've offered advice to outgoing mayor Rosary and done my best to guide our townspeople along the path that Yondalla has set forth for us. As a priestess, Yondalla calls on me to preach the values of community, the harvest and family. I don't have a massive dream for the future. I've been an ardent support of most of Rosary's stances and, if I won mayorship, I would continue some of her same trends, particularly when it comes to diplomatic agreements with foreign states and community togetherness initiatives.

Cautious Neutrality

I consider this as being friends with everyone, but allies with no one. Obviously, world ending disasters are an exception, but in general we don't need a standing, mutual defense agreement with any one. I would work to maintain our current trade deals and ensure we have a healthy collection of people who are willing to help us because they like us. This way, we can balance our own protection against having to be drawn into foreign conflicts that would leave us vulnerable.

Community Involvement

I would continue our trends of having a meeting every tenday - but I would set a hard limit to keep it from going on half a day, as has been the case. These meetings are open, of course, to all citizens. I would also appoint a deputy mayor and an official event planner. I would involve Nof as well to see if we need to expand militia recruitment or not. And I'll always strive to remain out in the open and available.

Tougher Punishments

I will strive to mete out tougher punishments for assaults on the Dale. Don't worry, I'm not going to make our laws draconian - I simply wish to dissuade enemies from attacking. And as always, I will hear out all opinions.


If elected mayor, I would continue the construction progress we've already started, as well as renovate the Shrine of Yondalla and potentially the other Shrines of Yondalla's children and friends.

More religious observances

I would strive to ensure there are ample opportunities to praise and worship in the Dale, by increasing public events and organizing our resident clerics and priests.

Thank you, and I look forward to seeing you at the debate.

Andrew Fryar: Cordor's Folk Hero
Bobrin: Eccentric Avenging Executioner
Lyle Torrowfire: Retired badass
Marigold Cobcruncher: Perceptive Priestess

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