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PostPosted: Sun, Aug 06 2017, 13:30 PM 

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A note of the Mayor candidate Budly Bundly is seen around town, it is a bit....cluttery but it is there to read for anyone interested.

Dear Citizen of Bendir Dale.

I aim to join this election once more, as I done a long, long, long time ago. Our time with Rosary as mayor been a drastic time and a hard time but she endured the dangers and saved us from them. What she leaves after herself is a safer and stronger Bendir Dale that a delicate and just hand need to keep as safe and strong. All candidates are fine and talented people. May the one most fiting and loved by our people be picked.

But to speak for myself, Im an active Hin in the community and been there on the frontlines, to defend you together with our brave Hins and loyal friends and allies, our companions in the harsh times. This is why I think we as a people of Bendir Dale need to keep good relationships with our friends and neighbours. Still as free Hins of Bendir Dale but as friends to the island and the citizen of it. Together we are stronger. Trade and exchange of news and talents is a good thing.

I also aim to make us stronger on our own. Being able to support yourself and stand on your own leg is a basic thing for any society and settlement. We are able to do that but we always need to get better at such and be able to keep up with the evolving times and settlements around us. To expand our crops, to eventually build more housing and be able to protect them, our settlement is a growing one and we are an important center for trade and commcerce with the caravans passing us by. Be able to protect what we have, means we need to be able to be even more standing on our own feet. With respect to nature aswell, we can be able to expand into the surrounding hills. The Cave Expansion need to be continued aswell, no matter who take over as a mayor.

Praise be to the Mother and the Pantheon, If I get elected I think having a closely tied council of very talented Hins will be useful too.

I been ranting on a lot here my dear friends of Bendir Dale!

To put it short for you whom do not like these longer leaflets.

*Keep having strong ties to our neighbours and allies.
*Keep as neutral as possible.
*Continue to keep us safe and prosperous.
*Actively/keep contact with our neighbours, exchanging news, scouting reports and so on.

*Keep the expansion of the Expansion Cave going.
*Consider building a Combined Temple to our Mother and all her childrens and friends. This will strengthen our faith and show respect to our godess.
*Put down plans for future planning of expansions into the hills around Bendir Dale, housing and crops.
*A system for handling fires, building a shelter with buckets and other things needed as a fire in an orchard a while ago could gone out of hand.

*Establish a small council where we together for the future build a even better world for us in Bendir Dale. I find myself more than able to listen and lead us, but I am not an expert at everything. Those with expertise in other areas should be able to advice or guide in their part.
*More apple pies.

Thank you for your time!
Together for a better future for Bendir Dale!
Standing strong on our own feets!
Shaking the hand of our friends!
As we feast on pies as the Mother Watches.

Budly Do'rret Bundly

Sylveera : Sun Elven fury packed in an Arcane Archer, not a Drow, promise.
Tetrik : Greed incarnate in a Duergar.
Budly : Minister of Foreign Affairs, half a foot into retirement.
Barrililath : Shadowy Drow, probably less Drow than Sylv ever be.

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