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PostPosted: Fri, Jun 07 2019, 19:15 PM 

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Joined: 12 Apr 2010
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Wilfire spent the last days checking the walls and their integrity and also drawing plans on to how better fortify Bendir Dale. Spots to place barricades, mantlets, dig trenches and anything else that can be done with the resources at hand.

Wilfire Strongfeet (Tight pants)
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PostPosted: Tue, Jun 11 2019, 20:33 PM 

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Joined: 05 Jan 2006
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Uncle Brielk, the Dwarf of clan Bundly and 7 out of 9 sisters came wandering into Bendir Dale with three new Hins who eventually presented themself as Rolly Bundly, Jappy Bundly and Billiander Bundly-Sweatfoot, the cousins of the Budly Bundly girls. Extremely happy and chatty Hins, unlike their crazy uncle and his children. Eventually, after talking with anyone looking their way, giving bread and candy to anyone wanting they would pack up a wagon they had hired which eventually arrived from Cordor an fill it to the brim before heading down the route towards Cordor. They where warned about the hordes but it seemed the three cousins of the Bundlys and Brielk all was armed and had talents fiting for murdering Ogres and Orc alike.

The Bundly household was now a very empty home. The dark tidings upon the island had the Bundlys wanting to evacuate the children properly. Turning Bendir Dale even more into a ghost town.

Sylveera : Sun Elven fury packed in an Arcane Archer, not a Drow, promise.
Tetrik : Greed incarnate in a Duergar.
Budly : Minister of Foreign Affairs, half a foot into retirement.
Barrililath : Shadowy Drow, probably less Drow than Sylv ever be.

PostPosted: Wed, Jun 12 2019, 0:13 AM 

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Joined: 05 Feb 2018

A fairly larger than average kobold, finds it's way disembarking from the cart, large sapphire wings flutter behind the bluekin, after a brief casual moment giving a wriggle of claws in greeting and farewell, before being sent on it's way. Soon after with nothing else seemingly to do, the sound of lightning and electricity fills the Orc hills, aswell as the smell of well-electrified Orcs, further antagonizing them, Stormclaw can be seen with nothing else to do, passing the spare time, leaving trails of Orc bodies, with Kobold-sized Claw slashes and many with broken ribs by pure blunt-force and electric-scars. This seems to contuine on and off, the Kobold never wandering to close to the dale, but occationally is seen peering in it's general direction in thought, before disappearing into the wilds.

Alton Gardner - The Hinbarian Imp ( XD )

Izz'zar Rilyn'tlar - Champion of Selvtarm ( XD )

Ruven "Raven" Reyes - Shadowmancer ( :^) )

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