Declaration - Eternal Flame of Kossuth
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Author:  lilmarcat [ Sat, Oct 27 2018, 23:18 PM ]
Post subject:  Declaration - Eternal Flame of Kossuth

A formal notice finds itself up across the various boards through the Amian region
Children of the Fire and faithful of Kossuth,
On this glorious day of the 28th of Marpenoth 1386 DR, I hereby assume control over the Kossuthian faith for the greater Amian region claiming the title of Eternal Flame of Kossuth.
As tradition dictates I challenge any of the willing true faithful of Kossuth to contest me for this title, or fall in line. As these isles are currently lacking, a location for a Temple or Shrine will soon be decided upon. Any faithful of Kossuth across the isles are instructed to make contact via Kampos for the discussion of its placement or service within the Faith.
May the fire find you willing and leave you purified.
Eternal Flame of Kossuth, Azier Ankara

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