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PostPosted: Thu, Oct 04 2018, 19:48 PM 

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The following is tacked onto the notice boards in Cordor, Bendir Dale, and Kampo's Trading Post. The red writing is written in a bit of a sprawl, stylized but evidently hastily written.
Denizens of the Isle of Amia, I come to you in a request for particular services, and in turn to offer mine as well.

You see, I am in need of a great degree of wood; one that could create a merchantman vessel for the sale of goods across the various seas. But not only am I in need of this great amount of wood, but I am in need of someone with the prerequisite skills to create such a vessel; anyone skilled in carpentry to get the creation of such a vessel underway would be greatly appreciated. The prices are quite negotiable.

In that I am requesting services from yourselves, so too do I offer my own. I am Arcanist, and can scribe a number of non-Conjuration scrolls of an Arcane nature that one may desire. But I am also able to create potions. The potions of True Strike, a greatly desired potion I have noticed, will thus be offered at the price of one-thousand coins per bottle, aligning me with the general market-price of these potions within Amia Island! I am also able to place Mythal enchantments on most items, whether they be trinkets, weapons, or armor. Whilst the price is negotiable, presume the rate to be the full price of the enchantment with a 20% fee.

Lastly, I offer the sale of two specific items I have come across in my travels; a Kama and Mace of the Sureforged Variety. Whilst they are quite niché, I can understand if a monk or the like would appreciate the Kama, and thus I would like to part for these items. The prices are also negotiable.


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