[Locations inside] Mage looking to hire guard
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Author:  yimmi [ Sun, Aug 19 2018, 4:55 AM ]
Post subject:  [Locations inside] Mage looking to hire guard

*The notes are left at Kampo's, Cordor, Tarkuul, DemonReach*

I'm currently looking for a guard that joins me in my daily routines and takes care of my home security. Previous experience in guard duty is looked for but not a "must have".

The duties expected are:
-Accompany me during the task of obtaining materials for my experiments, mostly killing the annoying stuff I come across and providing extra security during my research.
-Keep my home free of unexpected and unwanted visitors
-Be by my side to avoid undesired encounters.

*Payment can be discussed, which includes gold, potions that I can make and magic wards.
**My home is located at Endir's point, accommodations can be arranged at the same place.
***More details can be discussed in person.

If you're interested leave a note here, I will contact you.

Jacob Hel'Tharan.

// More of a mechanical thing I'd like this to be a RP opportunity :P!

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