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PostPosted: Sat, Jun 16 2018, 2:52 AM 

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On the notice boards in these towns would be a slab of parchment posted up that read as Thus:

Dear people of Amia. A tournament will be held upon the Cliff-side of DemonReach within a few days in order to allow the people of Amia to prove their Skill. Be it as an arcanist, a practitioner of the faith or a martial proffesion. There will be a reward to the winner of the Tournament in the way of several Greater Mythals.


// This will be a player ran event held by me on Wednesday at 7 PM GMT(0) All are welcome. Though I would request that if possible more evil aligned toons be present for the event, though optional of course :)

Arieme - Condemned Blighter and anti-druid
Barra - Lolth Inquisitor and paid assassin/spy
Khristina - Bounty Hunter, Blessed of Hoar

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