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PostPosted: Thu, Feb 16 2017, 22:07 PM 


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[Written specifically in Druidic, except for the initial words in Drow (translated: The Way to the Dark), albeit with a strangeness to it that makes it somewhat difficult for Surfacers to translate until one becomes adjusted, comes the following passage. Written and attached to the myriad passages that lead into the Middle and Lowerdark. To those who do not speak the language, there is a bold enough message to understand 'STAY OUT'.]

The Way to the Dark


To those who do not have a Home. To those that are Shunned. To those that are considered Vile, or Destructive. To those that live in the Dark. You are welcome. The Path is made. The Way is clear. To those that live Above, yet wish to walk the Path, you must become accustomed to the Dark. Our Laws will be familiar, but the punishments shall be far harsher than those of Above, violation is not tolerated.

The Balance is paramount.

To be welcomed into our Grove is an act of Faith, and to break Faith will result in being considered prey.

To those that live Above, and wish to remain as such. The Middle and Lower of the Dark is not your home. Unguided, you will be considered prey. For the Dark is not your home. It is ours.

We protect what is ours.

When the time comes, you may be permitted to Walk - but that time is not now. Respect our Home as we respect Yours, and remain Above.

For you do not know what you disrupt. The Dark is Sacred, and we are its Keepers.

[OOC: Initially for evil (primarily UD) Druidic/Nature types. Currently more secretive than public (thus the Druidic only message) - RP is welcomed, with the caution that we are more evil-nature and thus a bit more aggressive-protective of the Underdark and its secrets! Aka: We ain't gonna PvP on sight, as that's fun for absolutely nobody.]

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