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PostPosted: Wed, Feb 14 2018, 21:46 PM 

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*Notices are written in dwarven and scattered around the isle, being distributed around the isle in various locations. Bendir Dale, Kohlingen, Cordor, Wharftown and Kampo's Storehouse included. Upon them, they all have the symbol of both Barak Runedar, and the Dwarven God Clangeddin.*

"My Kinsmen,

A Holy day draws near, and we have not given due praise to our gods for far too long. It is time that we change that, and honour the gods as best we can. The Spring Equinox approaches, and as I am sure many of you know it is a holy day for the Father of Battles, Clangeddin Silverbeard. There shall be an expedition up the mountain on the island of Brogdenstein, and we shall make an offering to Clangeddin before we make war upon his most hated of Enemies, the Giants, in his honour.

I call upon all able bodied dwarven warriors to join us in this expedition, so that we may give the god Clangeddin the honour that he deserves. This is also going to be the first of many such expeditions and ceremonies to take place in the coming year, and each and every kinsman will be invited to them all. All the better to worship the Morndinsammon.

I hope to see you all on the day

King Whurak of Barak Runedar"

// This Event takes place on the 18th of March. If you want to make a dwarf, got a bit of time to level them :D

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PostPosted: Thu, Feb 15 2018, 4:15 AM 

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A hastily written note, half coherent in disheveled handwriting appears in response in Cordor.

I may join.
you. for war against the giant. For HOLY WAR.
for silver.

for honor and war
j h ga


geruld edmend

Gerald Edmund

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