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PostPosted: Thu, Nov 27 2014, 18:03 PM 


Joined: 07 May 2005

Name: Ahlysaaria Ussen d'Vhid
Race: Drow
Background: Priestess of Lolth
Eyes: Jade
Hair: White
Skin: Charcoal

House: Ussen d'Vhid of Nec'perya
Position: First Daughter
Affiliations: Temple of Lolth (Priestess), Academy of Nec'perya (Instructor)


The diminutive doll of a drowess still carries a youthful quality about her. Short for a drow of her gender, even most males stand taller than her. Besides her jade colored eyes, she can boast few memorable qualities. Her dainty almost endearing beauty and soft-spoken voice, that carries only a short distance, grants her a kind, honest and unassuming appearance - more readily described as unimpressive, seemingly frail and wide-eyed naive in the terms of Lolthite society.

It is her reputation of ambition and cruelty as a priestess, traits attractive to her kind, that make up for her lacking physical charisma. Despite this, she is patient, shrewd and calculating - preferring understated approaches when spinning her webs of intrigue.

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PostPosted: Fri, Nov 28 2014, 1:56 AM 

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Joined: 22 Sep 2006
Location: Melbourne, Australia [GMT +10]

Name: Naltyrr Zau'tar
Race: Drow
Background: Mage; Specialist Transmuter
Age: Somewhere in the vicinity of 200
Eyes: Red
Hair: White
Skin: Obsidian

House: Zau'tar
Affiliations: Sorcere (Ul'Faeruk)


Description: Thin and scrawny, Naltyrr stands at about <insert appropriate drow height here> with a fairly prominent hooked nose. He has the typical hallmarks of a drow; pointed ears, obsidian skin, red eyes and luscius long white hair which seems to be remarkably well cared for, often arranged in a variety of hairstyles that can arrange from the sophisticated to the ludicrous.

Background: - Originally a lowborn immigrant from Ched Nasad, since then he has been a long time presence in this region of Underdark.
- Joined the Edonil Sorcere, becomes the apprentice of Calle'Xe Ussen d'Vhid
- Ascended to nobility by first joining House Ussen d'Vhid under Matron Velthura, he was present during the Edonil Civil War between House Tinnerai and Ussen d'Vhid, though there was no distinguished action on his part.
- Leaves the House and Sorcere soon after; assists in forming the Obsidian Vanguard in L'Obsul, a venture that involved drow and various other Underdark races.
- Following the disintegration of the Obsidian Vanguard, returned to Edonil and joined House My'afin under Matron Vierrae.
- Was involved in the strife between Houses My'afin, Ussen d'Vhid and Tinnerai; fighting in front of the Temple and falling in battle against House Ussen d'Vhid led by Matron Miz'ri. Later revived and released by Ussen d'Vhid.
- Fought in the last battle for Edonil, and retreated with the other refugees to Nec'perya where he once again joined House Ussen d'Vhid under Matron Ada'vrae and became the Zanjur of Power in the new Nec'perya Vanguard commanded by the Scholar.
- During his tenure as Zanjur of Power, he designed and created the Wards that kept the Skum at bay as well as creating flesh golem servants to serve the settlement.
- He later ascended to the rank of Sut'rinos of the Vanguard for those accomplishments, a position he held for a lengthy period of time. During his tenure he backed and assisted when he could the projects of his subordinates to further the city, notably those of Ulviir and Victyr. He joined House Lolarox under Matron Tal'Vyrae who was later succeeded by Matron G'eld
- Later resigned as Sut'rinos and became the Zanjur of Power once more, serving under Sut'rinos Alakaun Ussen d'Vhid
- Finished and activated Nec'perya's Adamantine Golem guardian
- Participated in a failed raid on Endir's Point, was one of the surviving drow who managed to escape before the raiding force was overwhelmed
- Following through with Ahlysaaria Ussen d'Vhid's academic reforms, he re-established the Sorcere as its new Ul'faeruk
- Oversaw the construction of the Blackwater defence system
- Fought in defence of Nec'perya against the invading skum and their aboleth overlord; Boneglaive. Was personally part of the strike force that finished Boneglaive off and one of its only two survivors. Matron G'eld was one of the strikeforce members who were killed, she is succeeded by Matron Chesswae
- Joined House Torvirr after it absorbs House Lolarox and its holdings
- Struck down and captured in the defence of Nec'perya against the invading Order of the Scale and its allies. Defecting to said Order shortly afterwards when the city had fallen. House Torviir is extinguished.

NWN Account Name: KnightProtector

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A contre-courant
PostPosted: Fri, Nov 28 2014, 4:34 AM 

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Joined: 15 Jun 2009

Name: Shaiith (Also known as Jabbress d'l'Orbb)
Race: Drow
Background: Keeper of Spiders
Age: Adult
Eyes: White
Hair: White
Skin: Black

House: None
Position: None
Affiliations: Temple of Lolth (Leshti)


The cold, dark hue of drow skin is sliced by streaks all across her body, as starkly white as the hair that falls in ragged lengths about her shoulders. This woman wears no symbols of rank or House. The wisps of translucent silk that form a sheer layer in a few scant places about her core do nothing to actually obscure her form.

The shaiith is a female drow of average height. When seen in the city, she wears very little other than sheer webbing that appears to be dressing her mostly out of happenstance. When hunting, she protects herself in a medley of scavenged hides and carapaces. The most distinctive feature about this drow is the white markings that network the entirety of her body in symmetrical designs. Her manner is emotionally detached, her lack of investment in the affairs of the drow obvious, and her overwhelming dedication and focus to the care of arachnids unmistakeable. The shaiith prefers to not speak unless necessary, and as a result her language skills are often in a continuous process of relearning. While typically seen in the company of any variety of spiders, one particular arachnid - a massive funnel web - is almost always lurking nearby.

The shaiith first appeared from the wilds in Edonil as a seasonal resident, helping to bolster the dwindling arachnid population. Her presence was uninvolved in any other affairs of the city, holding rank in the Arach-Tinilith for ceremonial and practical purposes, but conducting no business and wielding not additional authority as a result of it. This trend has carried into Nec'perya. Unusually, the shaiith is completely uninvolved in the politics and power plays of the drow, expressing no interest in anything other than the health of the 'the Children' - the many spiders that inhabit the region. While several Qu'ellaren have attempted to bring the shaiith into their fold, the drow has proven to be apathetic to any such overtures. Her presence in the civilized areas of the Underdark is cyclical, and often unobtrusive as she spends the entirety of her time being a caretaker for arachnids.

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Mahtan Tasadur
PostPosted: Fri, Nov 28 2014, 9:41 AM 

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Joined: 28 May 2006
Location: That place with the green grass and that blue sky.

Name: Alakaun d'Ussen d'Vhid
Race: Drow
Background: Champion of the Spider That Waits, Personal Servant to Female Drow
Age: 287
Eyes: Dark Violet
Hair: White
Skin: Charcoal

House: Ussen d'Vhid of Nec'perya
Position: Sut'rinos of the Vanguard, Illharn of Ussen d'Vhid
Affiliations: Temple of Selvetarm (Blackguard), Academy of Nec'perya (Instructor), Vanguard of Nec'perya (Sut'rinos/Commander)


-The male drow is not considered to be dangerous, with its inherently weaker anatomy compared to the superior female counterparts. The male shall never reach the full potential a female of the same training would. Within a Llothite society, the male either learns its place, or it is made example of before the Dread Queen and all others who dare to step out of line.

Looking upon Alakaun, some may imagine what he would have been had he only been born female. The mid-sized male favors a warcrafted scythe which he is often seen wielding with but only one arm, a unique spider weaved shield in the other. The faded purple and black of House Ussen d'vhid decorate his armor and clothing. In long service to the Spider That Waits, Alakaun has lived a long life of service to his superior females, be them Yatharin, Jabress', or Illharess'. The male displays the knowledge and commitment to the well being and service to the female drow of the Island of Nec'perya.

A noble born drow that had lost all standing with the fall of Ultrinnan. Following the evacuation to Underport and the continental Underdark city of L'Obsul, Alakaun refound himself in service to many Jahlien of various rank and title. Whether the tasks involved venturing out to slay creatures, entertainment in the form of dance or even catering, pampering and pleasure, Alakaun trained and learned these skills to properly and respectfully approach a female of power.

Found eventually by Illharess Miz'ri of Ussen d'Vhid while he tended to silk spider at the bottom of L'Obsul, he was taken in by her graces to act as her personal servant, bound to her and only her. Having never been to or seen the City of Edonil, many of the faces and history of where he was being taken was lost to him, having to pick up on what was said third hand or piece together what the locals of the Island that is known as Nec'perya spoke about. The path was not without mistakes and failure, as is expected of a new male to a Llothite city. Never forgetting where he began before being taken in by Miz'ri, Alakaun slowly rose in power within her Quellar to serve as her Illharn.

Finding comfort in his new title and avoiding the complacency or forgetting proper respects to all other Jahlien proved to be a new challenge for Alakaun. Early on, he had not even appeared as Illharn or announced such a title. He remained the same until such power was needed knowing he had the favor and trust of the First Matron. A fact used sparingly to never disappoint and risk having all removed from him or killed by very one that rose him up.

Continuing service to the city, Alakaun now bears the title of Sut'rinos of the Vanguard, leading the union of Warriors and Faern through a new chapter. The former Sut'rinos, Naltyyr of Lolarox now serves as the Zanjur of Power. Alakaun and Naltyyr hold no qualms against one an another, and the two of them, along with the Zanjur of War, Ada'vrae Ussen d'Vhid, work tirelessly to see the cities long list of projects and goals finished.


PostPosted: Fri, Nov 28 2014, 14:30 PM 

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Joined: 26 May 2006
Location: Down Under, calculating your demise with blunt expressions.

Name: Colloquially referred to as "The Scholar"
Background: Uncertain, though well educated and well traveled.
Age: 800
Eyes: Ever changing, but often a bright, icy blue
Hair: Ever changing, but often a dark grey
Skin: Ever changing, but often a ashen grey

House: None
Position: Nomadic wanderer
Affiliations: The Vanguard, L'Obsul


To say that the Scholar's appearance is riddled with contradiction is akin to one identifying that the sun is bright upon visual inspection: obvious at face value. Where at first glance one would not be mistaken for considering the Scholar as a low born by his weather-beaten garments and travel-suited clothing, his mannerisms and speech carry a degree of cunning authority betraying an intellect akin to the inner circles of the aristocratic elite. Those features not concealed by the mirror-polished adamantine mask that covers his upper facial features appear well kept which contrasts greatly to his barbaric garments. This combined with The Scholar appearing only half as old as he states, shrouds him in a degree of mystery: a puzzle of smaller pictures that seem to not entirely mesh into place.

The most striking feature however... are the radiant ice blue eyes that stare back at his target audience, their gaze cold and calculating.

Although the Scholar rarely speaks of his own involvement in its progression, he possesses an in depth knowledge of the world, its history and the developments of its inhabitants. His fluency with common languages and his willingness to indulge other races for the intrigue that they hold betrays that he is a male who is well traveled and his weather-beaten appearance only seems to reinforce such a trait.

It is known that the Scholar has been present in the Sword Coast for some time, his familiar appearance having walked the streets of Nec'perya and also its predecessors, Edonil and Ultrinnan in the past. But, such accuracy of his appearances is often put to question for he is known for possessing the ability to change his appearance at will: it seems that only the Scholar himself will truly know the extent of how long he has been present on Amia and its surrounding Isles... and he tends to like it that way.

In recent times, the Scholar's best known feats was the creation of the Vanguard and his involvement in the battle of Edonil. However, it appears that he was taken a step back from Nec'perya's development... almost as if his attention is drawn elsewhere to other more pressing matters.

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PostPosted: Fri, Nov 28 2014, 18:18 PM 

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Joined: 15 Aug 2009

Name: Victyr
Race: Drow
Background: Blacksmith and engineer
Age: Young adult
Eyes: Crimson

House: Lolarox
Position: None
Affiliations: The Vanguard


Description: This is a mountain of a drow. Not a mountain whose peak would ever be swathed in clouds, but certainly one that would take a long time to walk around.* The pack on his back seems like an extension of his hulking figure - it holds an impossible horde that distorts the leather, just as Victyr’s hard-gained muscle distorts his skin. A scimitar and fire-blackened hammer hang from the belt at his waist.

Rather than sharing in the androgynous beauty of many of his contemporaries, Victyr wields a strong, well-defined facial structure. Crimson eyes warm his features against the icy white hair that frames them. He bears the scars of his often impetuous behaviour both physically and mentally.

* A more appropriate metaphor would be squat hill, perhaps.

Background: When a youthful Victyr arrived in Edonil, he joined the Spider Guard and was quickly adopted into House My'afin. He rose to become patron of his house, commander of the temple, and master smith of the city. An absolute cuckold, however, Victyr was unable to retain his position of patron and, outcast for his violent reprisals, joined house Do'Virr under the ownership of Edonil's Trade Mistress.

As civil war broke out in the city, house Do'Virr was banished to L'obsul. As his house slowly disintegrated, Victyr turned his attention to his craft. He began producing work for organisations and city-states both above and below ground. Once Nec'perya was founded, however, its need for a blacksmith and engineer became apparent, and Victyr returned to design and construct many vital elements of the city.

He eventually found himself in a stand-off situation with a priestess he had insulted and died as a result.

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PostPosted: Sun, Nov 30 2014, 18:48 PM 

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Administrative Developer

Joined: 08 Jun 2010

Name: Miz'ri Ussen d'Vhid
Race: Drow
Background: Noble house guard (archer)
Age: Deceased at 308
Eyes: Crimson
Hair: White
Skin: Dark Charcoal
Height: 4'11

House: Ussen d'Vhid of Nec'perya
Position: Ust'Il'haress (First Matron)
Affiliations: Temple of Lolth (High Priestess)


Miz'ri is quite well built in strength and very much a typical physical representation of the female superiority in drow culture. To augment to her character, she would describe herself to hold uncanny beauty, which has similarly not diminished despite her age or ritual. Hair down just below her elbows, it is sometimes a task too great for this brutish female to look perfectly presentable due to the time she spends with a helmet on.

Dressed like a noble, she often disguises herself in the most exotic of spidersilk outfits, all in a similar shade of purple, which can only most obviously represent her house. However, often times she is shrouded in full plate that barely manages to encompass her most beautiful aspects as it's very clear that she's proud of her figure. Her shield rests nearly the size of her entire height on her back. It is apparent to anyone that she's seen a fair taste of combat and at the very least enjoys getting fully involved in the front.

While secretly self-absorbed like any drow, she is often curious and more interested in controlling the interests in other drow, and her peers. Miz'ri has a reputation of being temperamental if she doesn't get her way, but compromise is something she's proven is possible if the cards are played right. Given her current locale and where she spends almost all of her time, her primary interests are obviously Nec'perya, and the improvement of it as well as continuation of its story.


Miz'ri is originally from a noble house in Ched Nesad. Being born from nobility in Ched Nesad meant that she was able to enjoy whatever life she wanted to make for herself. Young and unaware of the term ambition, she choose a brutish route, to satisfy her blood lust. She became a house guard, as she was proficient with a very unlikely weapon-- the longbow. She found herself a powerful barbarian servant which needed an immeasurable sum of training, and with that she seemed content to enter unphased into parental life and it went uneventfully well for just over a century.

When the shadow dragon drow and the stonefire bombs destroyed her home, her life split before her eyes. Her daughter, who was training to be a priestess to eclipse her own worth was last seen inbetween two splitting sections of the city that collapsed, assumed to be dead. Miz'ri and her servant fled and learned what they could about the masked invasion by Chaulssin. Spending years looking for her daughter, she finally let it go and decided that she could not wallow in the past, but fulfill the life that was lost.

Becoming a priestess under the directive of many sets of training, she had new ambitions and drive that she didn't before. In her ascendancy, she wanted all of the power, and didn't have time to think about the consequences of her actions. Performing a ritual, she unleashed the shadow dragon blood in her veins, and became uncharacteristically strong. For a long time, this was not an obstacle to her political prowess, but nothing lasts forever.

Joining with house Ussen d'Vhid under Vel'thura, she became the high priestess of Edonil and consecrated the temple. Though, typical of Edonil, instead of progressing, the other females instead just plotted ways to prove that Miz'ri was impure to the end of replacing her. She folded and let the city prevail, as she took the difficult route of putting the city of Lloth's needs before her own. She'd already seen one city crumble, and being the catalyst of another was something not even she could grab a hold of.

She spent years finding mysteries and answers to many questions. Her seclusion led her back to Ched Nesad, and finally when she gave up the search for her daughter, she returned to Edonil. Perhaps it was too soon.. within a few cycles of her re-arrival, she was informed that because of her bloodline she would not be allowed inside the temple of Lloth if only for the simple task of feeding Lloth's children. Civil war erupted, and despite Miz'ri claiming the corpses of all who were sent after her, she yet again yielded for the city. She left, and not too much later, it crumbled.

Nec'perya was a new start, and she knew it. There was still a bounty on her head, and she was wanted for execution. Spending a month in the temple in chains, she finally managed an escape that was worthy of proof to any faithful of the Spider Queen, that Miz'ri was infact blessed and not an abomination to simply be ignored.

Gaining power was easy for someone as direct and authoritative as herself, even when starting beneath the bottom. Quickly she rose to find herself in charge of most of the operations. Eventually, due to the help of a ritual, she was able to purge her bloodline and became a pure visionary of the spider queen.

More here: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=75769

a.k.a. Audrey Zinata

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PostPosted: Wed, Dec 03 2014, 22:54 PM 

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Joined: 09 Sep 2011
Location: Texas Y'all

Name: G’eld’ardul Lolarox
Race: Drow
Background: Priestess of Lolth
Age: around 300
Eyes: Crimson
Hair: White
Skin: Dark Charcoal

House: Lolarox of Nec'perya
Position: Yathtaller of the Dread Queen’s Temple (High Priestess), Il’haress of house Lolarox (Matron Mother)
Affiliations: Temple of Lolth


G’eld’ardul carries herself with the stature and elegance one would expect from a queen. She is rarely seen in armor unless heading to battle. She much prefers the accoutrements of nobility. She is of average beauty for a drowess, which is enhanced by her charm and grace. She is quick with a smile, and even a sultry laugh; overall an easy-going female that prefers pleasure over pain – until you give her a reason to show her very venomous fangs.

G’eld’ardul was born third daughter to qu’ellar Alean’und in Ched Nasad. Never one interested in house politics, she was content to let her sisters fight among themselves while she devoted herself to serving the Dread Queen’s temple. Both sisters perished in the fall of their city, and G’eld’ardul made her way to other cities in the Underdark, looking to strengthen Lolth’s influence among Her people.

Qu’ellar Alean’und helped to oversee the merchant houses and trade within the City of Shimmering Webs. As such, G’eld handles most every situation with a savvy business acumen, and an eye to the long-term ramifications of each action. True power comes from Lolth, but it flows through commerce.

She took over qu’ellar Lolarox in Nec’perya at the suggestion of Ust’ilharess Miz’ri Ussen d’Vhid; understanding that the strength of a second house was necessary to fulfill the mandate given to her in a vision from Lolth, to see the city prosper.

Iim'mur'ss - Grandmaster Shadowdancer / Aaralyn - Diplomat / Oleander - Toxic Desert Flower

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Joined: 31 Mar 2014

Name: Tomanita'sorne d'Ussen d'Vhid
Race: Drow
Background: Weapon Master (Rapier), Crafting, Slaving, Mercenary
Age: Young Adult
Eyes: Dark Crimson
Hair: White
Skin: Dark Charcoal

House: Ussen d'Vhid of Nec'perya
Position: Sargtlin of the Vanguard
Affiliations: Vanguard of Nec'perya (Jak'li/Elite), Academy of Nec'perya (Student)


The young drowess before you stands tall and confident, a crimson gaze scrutinizing your every move. She does not appear to be wearing any significant insignia or otherwise affiliation. A lengthy mane of stark white hair cascades over her shoulders, reaching towards her end of her spine. She is nearly always spotted in simple garb of the least restriction; sturdy cloth and minimal leather. A finely crafted rapier rests over her back in a fairly modest sheath of black leather, which is perpetually seen strapped to her back.

Tomanita'sorne was born of noble blood under a house which has since been obliterated from existence. With any semblance of respect stripped from her affiliation, she ventured from her home in Menzoberranzan and began a trek across the vast expanse of the Underdark. The young drowess drew upon her innate skills of crafting as well as her prowess with the blade to make her own legacy, picking up the slave trade on the way. It was at this time that she had met Dro, a jaluk who was being sold off to the highest bidder. She payed the price for her companion and soon came to realize that not only had she found a valuable ally in battle, but a trustworthy partner in addition. Together they have ventured through the Underdark long enough to stumble across L'Obsul and its neighboring settlement of Nec'perya, at last making a home for themselves.


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Joined: 06 Dec 2012

Name: Dro d'Ussen d'Vhid
Race: Drow
Background: Barbarian, Scout, Crafting, Slaving, Mercenary
Age: Young Adult
Eyes: Blood Red
Hair: White
Skin: Dark Charcoal

House: Ussen d'Vhid of Nec'perya
Position: Jak'li of the Vanguard
Affiliations: Vanguard of Nec'perya (Jak'li/Elite), Academy of Nec'perya (Student)


Description: Snow white hair, the only groomed feature about this tattered pile of flesh and bone of a man. Several scars litter the area around his lips, teeth marks, and seemingly that of his own cause. A single evident scar rests from the side of his temple down to his jaw line. He is a muscular, bulky specimen for his kind, and it's obvious that he's something to strike fear into his opponents. A soldier, is what you look at, or, is it some sort of monster, moulded into the body of a drow?

Background: Born into a militarized house located in Sshamath. Being a loose cannon in his training as a soldier, he was scrutinized and treated more feral than others of his garrison. This reflected in his lust for battle, like an animal. Viscous and merciless. As intended by his tutors. Eventually he was mounted on a stage. A sign hanging from his neck with a price on. Sold off as a mundane geared soldier, or blade for hire. Where he was purchased by a long lasting companion and warrior-maiden, Miz'ri. From there they set out as mercenary slavers, gaining coin here and there until they arrived upon L'Obsul.


PostPosted: Fri, Dec 26 2014, 5:45 AM 

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Joined: 15 Oct 2014
Location: (GMT -3)

Name: Chesswae d'Ussen d'Vhid
Race: Drow
Background: Priestess of Lolth
Age: 136
Eyes: Fire Crimson
Hair: Silky White
Skin: Obsidian

House: Ussen d'Vhid of Nec'perya
Position: Yathrin of the Dread Queen's Temple
Affiliations: Temple of Lolth, Academy of Nec'perya (Student)


Description: With the average female drow height of 5'5", Chesswae has silken hair kept to shoulder length and well groomed.
Owner of features of no extremely significant beauty, she carries a neutral, cold expression. Her eyes however, betray that with fiery red colour and intensity.
Often dressed in impeccable clothes, calm and contemplative in her interactions, she does not deny her noble background. When wearing less covering attires, her skin can be seen as soft and unscarred, save for spidery fingers and hands marked by offerings of her blood in rituals.

Background: Chesswae was the Second Daughter of House Drul'enna, a small trading qu'ellar in the city of Eryndlyn. Ever since early age she was sent to academy training in order to become a priestess. There she was taught in the ways of the Dread Valsharess, trained in swordplay and ranged weapon fighting. She learned the history of her kin, the languages of the Abyss, the surface and her sun touched cousins.

The drowess was tailored to excel the others who had come before in her qu'ellar. This brought the ire of the First Daughter Drul'enna, Drisshalee, who ever since her sister's birth feared the sibling's rise to power inside their House. Drisshalee arranged for her to be sent away once she was ready to become a yath'abban.
Their city of birth was not devoted to a particular deity, sharing the faith of Lolth, Ghaunadaur and Vhaeraun. This was the excuse given, that Chesswae would have more opportunities for the clergy life elsewhere, in a Lolth centered city.

Sent to Underport with word about the city of L'obsul, she soon found her way into Nec'perya. The city, unlike any other she had seen before, appealed to her as rightful place to remain.
She joined the academy of the Vanguard, and the Temple of Lolth to further her training and contribute to the city's growth.

During her time in Nec'perya, she became Yathrin, First Daughter of Lolarox, eventually Matron after the attack of the White Skum, and then First Matron of the city. She gave birth to her firstborn, that happened to be a male, and die after the birth, barely finishing the firstborn's sacrifice, to be claimed by Lolth into the Demonweb Pits.

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Joined: 15 Aug 2009

Name: Moryss
Race: Drow
Background: Linthar, alchemist and inventor
Age: Unknown
Eyes: Iridescent

House: None
Position: None
Affiliations: None


Description: Moryss sweeps into view, tall but not imposing. Skin an inky water cresting as white silk. Wiry sinews flow into a firm symmetrical mural, exerting power that belies his lithe figure. Eyes iridescent in nature, colours shift with each movement - blue to green, purple to red. A fruity voice, its accent broad and oddly unplaceable. Confusing enough when he speaks quickly.

Background: Nothing is known about Moryss’s history and his motivations are obscure at best. He stepped off the boat one cycle and seemed intent on staying.

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Joined: 04 Jan 2015

Name: Alystin Noquett
Background: Aristocrat.
Race: Drow.
Age: Nearly 300.
Eyes: Red.
Hair: White.
Skin: Dark violet bordering black.

Diety: Lolth and Kiaransalee
House: No current affiliation.
Position: Wizard - Necromancer.
Affiliations: None.



Alystin is short even by drow standards with layered feathered hair just past her shoulders. Her figure is the furthest thing from a combatants and in fact bears just enough softness to denote a particularly spoiled life of luxury and sin. With quite typical sanguine eyes Alystin rarely holds an expression other than disdain and regular boredom.

This highly charismatic drow seems to generally shift between two overt representations. While a threatening figure to be sure her investment into the art of intimidation is not without some subterfuge, for what high class individual could not be equipped with a venemous silver tongue. Regardless of duty or setting she maintains her trapping immaculately quite heavily following the belief that appearance is everything.


The Noquett family was only a very minor house of the city of Novastiir but quite established as traders of magic and information, employing many other minor families. While House Noquett owned the wizards tower of Novastiir and profited immensely from its magical creations the actual practice of magic amongst its women was slim. Through her centuries Alystin has enjoyed luxury and safety, doted on by slaves with a seemingly infinite time ahead of her to lavish in every pleasure that the world could offer. Novastiir held trade routes to a prosperous surface city which supplied them with seemingly infinite slavestock to use and re-sell to the other powers of the Underdark, particularly profiting from trade with a reclusive and ever hungry Illithid city. The life of hedonism for this aristocrat would be shattered in due time though.

Wounded in battle against a surprise insurgent of Ghaunadaur cultists -all slaughtered, of course- the Valsharess of Novastiir was no longer strong enough to defend herself against assassination. In the power vacuum that followed the major houses embroiled the city in a brief but violent civil war to determine the new rulership. House Djesh, known for its warriors which almost exclusively made up the defence and military ranks of Novastiir, proved victorious and their matron summoned the entire city into its grand temple for her coronation as the new Valsharess. Failure to attend was a crime of death, naturally.

What none could know is that the newest Valsharess was a thrall to the Illithid below, and when the temple doors shut and all went dark there was not even time to scream when the Illithid sprung their trap and claimed the minds of the city as their own. Not all fell, however, as some managed to escape and others yet may have not been in the city at the time. Alystin Noquett was one who was overseeing a trade caravan to a coastal outpost where some crates of wine and silk were to be arriving, though the pleasure was spoiled to return to Noastiir and see the gates manned by dull eyed guards with bulging implants at their necks.

So begins the newest book in the life of Alystin Noquett. Fleeing capture she traveled the middledark with what survivors she could until coming to the city of L'Obsul, and later Nec'perya. The art of wizardry was the only familiar way to defend herself from the troubles outside of city walls and over the course of time in this new home the struggle for life would demand ever greater cunning, spellpower, and violence. It is thus that the self-taught wizardess must abandon her hedonistic lifestyle, for the time being, and rebuild her life in her new home of Nec'perya.

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Name: Achuak'iejir Stormwind
Race: Green Half-dragon, Illuskan Human
Background: Favored Soul, Bladeswoman, Diplomat, Professional Asshat
Age: Early 30's -- Looks younger due to bloodline.
Eyes: Emerald, faintly incandescent in low-light
Hair: Blonde
Skin: Pale, with faded olive to tarnished emerald scales prominent at spine, shoulders, upper forearms, thighs, brow, and front of feet

House: None
Position: High Godclaw of the Reformed Tiamatan Church of Moonshaes, Valsharess of the Occupied City-state
Affiliations: Church of Tiamat, Order of the Scale/Chromatic Covenant


As much a paragon of strategy as a tower of muscle, as much a striking woman behind the scales as a monster with them, and as eloquent as she is detached from her human half; the green-kin voice of the Queen is beyond most other devotions. Long at the absolute of her patience with her treatment on the surface, her zeal is easily and understandably stewed to fanatical extents and often clouding to anything the contrary. The curl of a grin that often gripped her lip and adder-tongue carried every word in a confident if semi-accented tone, and rare when it spoke was it anything short of self-absorbed boasts or spoken in the name of her priorities -- her Queen first, the whole of her followers second, dragonkind at large third, and herself close behind if not secretly above.

Often at her side is a Luskan-esque arming cutlass. As well is she rarely not cladden from head to toe in armor that easily bulks her already toned form and accommodates her curvature in as accentuative a way as possible that fails to sacrifice protection -- largely practical and intimidating before provocative where she can afford to be. The finish of it is often intentionally dulled and tarnished to seem worn through many battles regardless of wether it has been. Dimensionally clocking in six foot seven with a few feet of tail swaying behind, and cloaked in a wingspan twice that height's measure long; oft are her caratinous sickle-claws scraping the ground between predatory postures and habitually do her fingers scrape her staff.

In terms of upkeep, she holds her hygeine as a high factor of her countenance. Neither her scales nor jewelry nor armor are often anything less than polished to a smooth and glossed sheen -- albeit the occasional crimson stain phases her. To one made to share her air, that vaguest eye-watering greenblooded air and pheremone musk of chlorine is masked with lavendarly underdark spores and surface Bitterleaf oil in some vain attempt to keep from so pungently assailing the nostrils of her company.

The horn-crowned brow of her face is always the frame for two bright emerald irises -- peering out with dilating slit centers and always watching, always intent.

- Hails from the Frozen North of the Surface, near the Ten Towns of Icewind dale; not unalike to her kin Xarzith.
- Exiled from home at youth out of fear for her nature and talents. Left many years alone as she made her way to south for sanctuary.
- Aided by a local sympathizer to find her way to civilization, she converted them and established enough to aide dragons in the area to bide her time until she could more firmly seek holdings elsewhere.
- Arrival on Amia and news of its history reaching her ear, Stormwind sought to resolve the discord between her kin which often led to their downfall, unavailability, and inefficiency.
- Re-established the Amian Church of Tiamat and issued the Chromatic Covenant in her name as a pact of mutual respect between all who carried her blood regardless of affiliation or faith.
- In accordance to her protective decree, she began isolating and slaying threats to chromatics; delivering repentance for such things as the murder crimes of the Eldreth Veluuthra elf Selgoron unto their culprits and/or allies.
- Forging an alliance with the High Priest of the Oinoloth, the Baroness of Fogwood (of the fort Summer she formerly aided the construction of under Banite emissary Draven); she formed somewhat of a Lower Planar coalition in the name of conquest of Toril entire.
- Stifling resistance which sought to halt her efforts, successes diplomatically in various settlements across the isle ensured her undeterred progress.
- Beginning to see the importance of acquiring a foothold and home with rapid pace, she first established an outpost near the Yuvarux warren in L'Obsul, negotiating construction plans with Siyahasiir for a hold above which were set aside due to constraints of risk and time.
- Briefly dabbling in surface politics, her jaunt into Cordor's were stifled by the distrust of then task officer Matthew of Valendale and the denial of citizenry by the ministry -- disallowing her efforts to take and hold even a low office.
- She began a period of mass training and disciplining of her kindred as a boom of them came to the isle, under the assistance of Kelia Angston; beginning her aims toward somewhere which was vulnerable to conquest where peaceful rises to power seemed doomed to fruitlessness.
- Through expert strategy and strength of training and discipline beyond the cry of numbers, the first of two invasions in a lightning war against the long mustering Lolthite state of Nec'perya; a phyrric victory which sounded a retreat after many injuries and expended resources at the cost of nearly all garrisoned forces, despite initial incorrect intelligence which led to preparation for lower numbers. The total odds were easily in excess of sixty to every one Stormwind kept in tow.
- The city under high alert, Stormwind allied the heretical First House of L'Obsul in a final effort against the city. She was led behind enemy lines where she slaughtered the clergy and matrons of the city while her allies slayed the remaining defense. The city was now effectively fallen, and none of the vanguard remain. All Nec'perya native houses up to this point are here-proclaimed deceased.

*So, i've got a question for ya.
*do you think even the worst person can change…?
*that everyone can be a good person, if they just try?
*all right.
*well, here's a better question
*do you wanna have a bad time

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Race: Earth Genasi/ Red Dragon Disciple
Background: Soldier
Age: mid 20's
Eyes: green
Hair: red
Skin: ruddy complexion with an earthiness to it. There are scales visible above her breast and around where the wings are attached to her back
House: None
Position: General of the conquered city-state
Affiliations: Member of the Chromatic Covenant and faithful follower of Tiamat


Description: A quintessential soldier if nothing else. She has her father's gift for combat and her mother's features and looks. She has a quiet demeanor but is quick to anger. She has little patience for weakness and has thus an off putting attitude to most. She is well muscled as a body builder type physique. She speaks in simple words and is not one to beat around the bush. She is pragmatic in every aspect.

Her goals as any red scale would be are to amass as much wealth and status as can be. She, although not one of priestly vocation, seeks to see the goals of the chromatic queen brought to the world and works everyday to bring that about.

Her armor and weapons are kept in pristine condition as is her body. Her blade, armor, and helmet worn are in the traditional style of her homelands.

Background : Kelia hails from the southern part of Threskel. She's the daughter of a banite Earth Genasi father who's a landowner and power mad warrior living on the northern banks of the River Of Metals. Her mother was a beautiful red haired sorceress who was captured by her father for breeding purposes. He didn't get the result he was looking for so for that he killed Kelia's mother when she was just an infant. Seeing her budding strength he used Kelia as a soldier but treated his daughter cruelly. One day she fled, heading to the city of Messemprar and into the clutches of the clergy of Tiamat where she was converted. Her father however followed her and not feeling safe from his wrath she fled west, far to the west, reaching the city of Cordor and her new life.

Plays Yoweth'Ssissth Kelia

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Name: Aaxil M'hallir Zhul, also known as "the Banished" or "Exile" in Underdark, "the Black" on surface.
Race: Drow
Background: Mercenary, Slaver
Attitude: Ruthless, Confident, Collected and Disciplined. Drives a hard bargain and loves a good haggle.
Eyes: Red
Hair: Dyed red, natural white
Skin: Black

As one of his titles suggest, Aaxil was banished from the Underdark - or rather fled the Underdark - after refusing swearing his loyalty to Lolth. Spending most of his life on surface, he often serves as mercenary in various conflicts, earning what every mercenary values the most - fame, fortune and glory.
Due to his service on the sea, he's capable of sailing even large ships and commanding the crew. Earned title "the Black" due to his skin colour. Earned his ship "Blackwave", a small but fast Privateer by slaying the old captain during a mutiny and anyone else who attempted to claim the new "captain" title. Blackweave's crew is small, carefully picked and loyal to death.
"Blackwave" is a known slaver ship - when Aaxil is not in service as a mercenary, he's commanding her and plundering and capturing slaves from costal villages and small forts. He never attacks during the day, his crew is trained for quick night ambushes and sneak attacks.
When Aaxil is in service, Blackwave is hidden out of sight, guarded by his crew. The location of the hideout is unknown to anyone but Aaxil and his crew.

There are times he eventually returns to the Underdark, often in disguise or incognito, only to sell slaves and the riches plundered on surface for powerful drugs, alcohol and various, miscelaneous items for pleasure only drows can offer.

Sworn to no one but himself.

Aaxil M'hallir Zhul - Mercenary, Slaver, Exile
Scribe - The Broken One

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Name: Ril'ithra.
Race: Drow/Human Halfbreed, Deep Dragon Disciple.
Background: Former slave.
Age: 57, by Human standards, she'd look in her early thirties.
Eyes: Blood red.
Hair: White.
Skin: Dark grey.

House: Formerly, House Torviir. Currently, none.
Position: Currently testing the waters, as it were.
Affiliations: Her own self.
Religion: Indoctrinated Lolthite, with a growing interest in Tiamat, as her Draconic blood emerges.
Description: Standing at a rather imposing five feet nine, there is simply no mistaking this black skinned, snow-haired female for a pure-blooded Drowess. She's just too tall, her shoulders too broad, her overall frame too muscular- lacking in the grace and some of the beauty of her half-kin.

Usually covered head to toe in heavy, dark purple scale armor, she's rarely seen anywhere outside l'Obsul without her full gear- the most "at ease" being when her blades and shield are hung to her back, rather than held at the ready. The only hint to her identity one may catch at first sight, beyond what she always wears being that long tail peeking out from under the armor. Covered in hard, nearly black scales that only in the best of light conditions one may discover to be a very dark shade of purple, the Halfbreed's heritage is quite in plain sight indeed.

Should she be seen with her helmet off, one'd be regarding at a hard featured face, scales just like her tail's running up both sides of it to nearly the corners of her eyes. With rounded ears and horns jutting out of her skull, there would then be no denying this one's ancestry... Just like the metallic band surrounding her neck- a thick, hard collar usually hidden under her helmet, would give a consistent enough clue as to her social status.

When speaking, those versed in such would easily distinguish both her Xalnaress and Undercommon draw a thick Menzoberranzanean to her words. In the Underdark, she speaks with precise and measured words, her overall body language showing a meticulous degree of respect to females of higher standing that hints to a very thorough education...

However, should she be forced to communicate with Surfacers, it would come to light that her accent's just too thick, and her grasp of the Surfacer tongue too rough and broken: something a nobleborn would've long fixed and versed themselves before attempting to use in public. Instead, when having to deal with Surfacers, the Halfbreed has come to rely on a bridge tongue: Draconic. A language not all speak nor understand, certainly, but nonetheless, one she has a firm grasp of, and that's far less likely to incite trouble than obert use of Xalnaress in the Sunlands.

Background: Ril'ithra doesn't owe her Draconic blood to a pairing of a Drow and Dragon, as one might think: it is her Human great-grandmother who, as a Menzoberranzanean slave, was bred in trade to the Deep Dragon Zz'aghparr, in exchange for an enchanted amulet that would help him travel quicky between its lair and the frontiers of its many subterranean expeditions.

While certainly expensive, this deal allowed House Horlbar a rare commodity to trade in, for quite a few decades as they bred and distributed the resulting progeny: Humans are one thing. But a Dragon's progeny? Well, dilluted in Human blood as it may be, each new child, as long as it presented sufficient hints of its heritage, was worth a fair deal more than the average Human.

Eventually, however, not even seven hundred years after the deal was made, this rare resource had been watered down too much, too quickly: while the first hybrids had been sold well enough, securing the House a good standing with some of their betters... Further down the line, there simply were no sufficient hints of Zz'aghparr's blood running through the slaves' veins, and their value dropped dramatically.

Iltz'aste, an un-Housed slaver, saw an opportunity in this, and purchased one of the lesser prized hybrids, for the laughable sum of five hundred gold... To breed it himself. The rothe died in childbirth, but the resulting hybrid- a hardy, wide-shouldered female with the pleasing skin and hair color of the Drow, earned him a good three housand at the tender age of fifteen- so he counted himself lucky.

As for Ril'ithra's life... It was no harsher and no kinder than one might expect from her peculiar situation: she was a slave, property... Rothe. An abomination in the eyes of some, but had the good fortune of landing between owner and owner who were awares of her draconic heritage... And thus, were more interested in either waiting for her to grow up and awaken her ancestry to increase her worth- or sell her off for money or favors, to someone with greater patience for such.

Ril'ithra has all life been, thus, well aware of her ancestry, as her various owners have, through the years, instructed and attempted to coerce her latent draconic blood into becoming more apparent. She has, too, grasped at every opportunity to learn more, get closer to the Dragon within- for it was always the one thing keeping her alive. The one thing that could kickstart her from a worthless rothe to a valuable asset to the right people. And maybe, just maybe... The kind of asset you want to have as a House member, rather than just a slave.

And so it seemed to be such: no sooner did she arrive to L'Obsul, following her Mistress' instructions to scout out the city and secure a safe location for her to stay in, the Halfbreed drew the attention of seemingly important Drow- members of House Torviir, in Nec'perya. When brought to their Ilharess, Ril'ithra knew well enough an Unhoused Priestess would have no sway over the Matron of a city and thus, was all too glad to swear loyalty to the House, wear a bandana with their colors tied to her arm, and continue her explorations and awakening of her Draconic heritage- as per the Ilharess' command.

What might have become a hard fall came as a boon, however, when her expeditions took Ril'ithra far and long, months and years at a time... Only to return to find House Torviir gone. Nec'perya occupied and renamed.... By Dragon Disciples. The status quo, had changed: time to spit her bandana to let it melt away, and figure where she stood.

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Name Djess'l Aly'murr'ss
Common Alias[es] Samcroi [Moth in Drow]
Gender Female
Race Glouran Fey, Drow
Background Former Resident of Gloura Hournan
Age Approximately 213
Eyes Black Sclera with Faint Red Tinge, Faceted & Beetle-like
Hair A Short Black Bob, Straight & Silky
Skin Pale Cloudy Grey
Build Lithe & Slight
Height Five Foot & Four Inches
Other Notable Bits Large Powdery Moth-like Wings, Veined in Scarlet
*Known Languages Drow, Undercommon, Draconic, Gnim
*Known Jobs Subterranean Gatherer, Food Ingredients Merchant

:arrow: Settlement L'Obsul, Stalactite District [Rek'larst d'Tirthi]
:arrow: House None
:arrow: Position Adventurer, Linthar D'aron-Sut'rinos, Bard of the Svirfneblin
:arrow: *Known Affiliations Has been seen among several members of the Blackskull Clan & in the Svirfneblin Stalactite District [Rek'larst d'Tirthi]
:arrow: Affiliations The Orlyath Family of L'Obsul [minor], Svirfneblin of the Stalactite District [Rek'larst d'Tirthi]

l'Mith-Samcroi d'L'Obsul

Features – Things Visible on Examination
“...A Gloura resembles a beautiful silver-skinned human with black eyes that seem too large for its face. From its back sprouts a pair of gray wings, like those of a moth...” [–Forgotten Realms Underdark, Pg. 88]

Djess'l is a lovely creature. While she resembles her Drow father in her height and her affinity for casting darkness, she has many traits from her fey mother. Her hair is silky and black in color, straight, and falls in a natural bob about her face. Her eyes are overly large for her face and are pure black with a tint of red and shiny as obsidian chips; the faceted orbs are framed by grey lashes. While they do not detract from her beauty her eyes often unnerve non-fey and they seem eerie and as alien as a beetle’s. She looks decidedly Elven in appearance, having high cheekbones and delicately hollowed cheeks, with an aquiline jaw and a sharply pointed chin and delicately pointed ears. Her lips are a tad thinner and her mouth a tad wider than normal surfacer standards of beauty, but her mouth is extremely expressive. Her skin is as cloudy a grey as her moth-like wings, and has a similar powdery-soft texture.

A cave harp is almost always on her person, either strapped to her belt or in her deft-fingered hands. Other instruments are often worn about, the kind dependant on her mood. They often include pan pipes, lutes, flutes, and sometimes tambourines. On her belt is usually a slim white mace, the traditional weapon of her people.

Her clothing is most often as hap-hazard as her secondary instrument choices. One day she would wear a sleek black outfit, cut close to her body. Another time she might wear tatty and baggy brown clothes, looking like burlap on legs. Other times she could wear a collage of colors, bright and gay and mismatched as jazz notes.

[* OOC Note: "Known" means what others may know of her, or publicly observed. Example: It is known that she speaks Drow, Draconic, and Undercommon. Etc.]

Its me. You know it.

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Location: Western Australia (+8 GMT)

Name: Tebryn Illistyn
Race: Drow
Gender: Male
Age: Estimated two centuries
Height: 5'4"
Weight: Unknown
Eye colour: Vivid red
Hair colour: Silvery white, long
Classes: Wizard 28
Patron deity: None
House: None
Affiliations: Sorcere (M'elzar)
Known languages: Drow, common, undercommon, abyssal, aquan, draconic, DSL, gnomish, goblin and Kuo-toan.

Little is known of Tebryn other than he was formerly of Menzoberranzan, and that he has spent the better part of the last two centuries studying abjuration and conjuration. After many years traveling the underdark he eventually traveled to L'Obsul then Thran'daariv. As a master abjurer, it was not long into his stay in L'Obsul that he was recruited into the Sorcere and set to work warding the newly-established Sorcere building in Thran'daariv.

Warlord Elwyn Sabel | Necromaster Laura Jarshall

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Location: The frozen north

Name: Cloak
Race: Svirfneblin
Background: Mushroom Farmer, Fungus Fermenter, Miner
Age: Uncounted, but appears young
Eyes: Dark
Hair: None
Skin: Charcoal
Affiliation: The Svirfneblin Quarter, L'Obsul.

Description: An unremarkable looking deep gnome, bearing the typical dark and gnarled look of his race. He carries an ever gloomy expression on his features and stands around three feet in height, with a lean, sinewy build. Secretive and reclusive, Cloak is only reveals himself in public amoungst the other races to peddle his fungus brews in the market or mines to thirsty customers. He dresses in simple grey cloths, with little identifiable items visible.

Background: Cloak has shared little of his background with the other denizens of the Underdark. Not that any have inquired, as who cares about a worthless gnome in the realm below anyway. However, it may be evident to some that he is not a native of any of the Svirfneblin clans of L'Obsul, having found his way here from elsewhere.

aaegus battlehammer
cloak rockhewer
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Name: Chaggo Stones
Race: Hobgoblin
Background: Monk of the Serpents Guard Order
Age: 22
Eyes: Dark
Hair: Bald shaven Monk’s dome
Skin: Dark Brown

House: None
Position: None
Affiliation: Serves the Church of Tiamat

Chaggo, a frequent visitor to the Underdark moves about quite visibly in various settlements. His flamboyant and colorful robes can be seen from great distances and he makes no efforts to hide or silence his movements. He possesses average musculature for his breed along with a lengthy reach and displays deft footing in combat situations. His mental capacity is well beyond the typical, allowing him to anticipate blows and choose well his attack angles for maximum disabling opportunity. His gaudy robes are typically tailored with billowing sleeves and his blocky gloved fists only seen in flashes when striking.

Raised among other slaves in a monastery in Unther, he does not speak the language of his race as it was deemed useless for his chosen mortal purpose. Instead he speaks only Common, Undercommon, and Draconic. The brutal and violent training regimen culled many and he regards his successful efforts to survive them as proof that he is destined to serve the mighty. He was released upon the world to do the bidding of the Dark Lady in whatever fashion his training enables.

His demeanor is outwardly respectful to almost everyone he crosses paths with. He comfortably wears a persona of quiet reverence and mutual respect towards those who are not regarded as direct threats to the Church. He frequently makes a concerted effort to observe others, with some intensity and focus, for purposes unknown. He is not known to fidget and seems content to mimic statuary for long periods of time, normally with his arms crossed within his resplendent sleeves.

A large ugly scar, only seen when he doffs his helmet, winds its way across his bald head. Typically, he removes the helm only by request.

In combat he shuns the warlike tactics common to his race. Instead, individuals targeted for elimination are systematically and mercilessly broken down and dismantled with a variety of agonizing holds, crippling blows, and incapacitating strikes until they are unable to even effectively resist. They are then disposed of in gruesome fashion at his leisure.

He makes no efforts to lead, but seeks out the strong and offers them his service. Among these, Chromatic Draconic Kin are his favored and most sought after Masters, and the only ones holding permanent sway over his activity. He’ll make himself useful temporarily in a mercenary manner to almost any strong horse, but those ties are weak and short lived alliances of convenience.

Terr - Hobgoblin Warrior Priest
Baegrevele Tsjos - Borne at sea, Live at sea, Die at sea.

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