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PostPosted: Sat, Feb 29 2020, 0:25 AM 


Joined: 10 Jul 2014

A figure cloaked in darkness, once prominent in the workings of the market place, scans his former domain with a look of annoyance etched across his visage. He wears a determined look, as though he were there at the bidding of a higher power and has had to put his personal opinions aside.

Followers of Vhaeraun,

I, priest of Vhaeraun, have returned to L’obsul to bring you the good news: Freedom from your Lolthite oppressors has never been closer to realization.

But are you ready? Vhaeraun and I have our doubts. Clearly you lack leadership and dedication to the cause. Nau? Ask yourself this question: Where is the location of the nearest idol of Vhaeraun and where do you make your offerings to the Shadow Lord? Vhaeraun and I, of course, know the answer… and have no time for your excuses. You are weak, have gone astray from your beliefs, lack true leadership, and are sorely in need of guidance. In short, you are failing and will not receive divine favor from the Masked Lord until the situation has been rectified.

All you must do is slay the few Lolthite priestesses who arrogantly congregate in the market place and you will be free from the shackles of Lolth once and for all… Why do you continue to suffer their existence? They are weak and the faithful of Vhaeraun out number them within this city. It should be easy for you to gain the needed access to accomplish the task, as some of you are in close proximity to them regularly or are members of their houses.

Anyone who delivers the head of a Lolthite to Vhaeraun as an offering will receive the divine favor of the Shadow Lord.

Attention males of the Lolthite houses: Once you have thrown down your Lolthite mistresses, delivered their heads, and dismantled your houses, I shall emerge from the shadows to unite you into a force that will march upon the surface under the darkened banner of Vhaeraun. Together we shall bring darkness upon the surface lands as we ford the rivers of blood spilled from our enemies on the march to achieving our true destiny!

The time is now to unite into one people, but are you worthy?

The Shadowling.

He would pin the missive to the notice board and give a doubtful shake of his head before vanishing into the nearest corridor.

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PostPosted: Sat, Feb 29 2020, 1:00 AM 

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Naltyrr tsk'd to himself upon viewing the notice, promptly tearing it down and pocketing it before moving on his way


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PostPosted: Sat, Feb 29 2020, 1:33 AM 


Joined: 10 Jul 2014

A mighty gust of wind would pass through the corridor as it desired, at the behest of it's master... The ancient air elemental would refresh the notice as needed for the foreseeable future.

PostPosted: Sat, Feb 29 2020, 5:20 AM 

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A female drow sorceress comes across one of these missives and takes a copy. She speaks to herself..

"This foolish jaluk has a death wish? Usstan will find and obliterate him or.. far worse.."
She laughs hysterically while moving on

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PostPosted: Sat, Feb 29 2020, 10:27 AM 

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Joined: 26 May 2006
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A notice of sorts is placed up nearby the posters, which in the Twisting Witch's unique style, heeds a rather clever illusion that triggers on being read.


You are clever not to reveal your identity. For now it means you can actually be of use, for your zealot crusade is poorly timed for all Drow.

At the extremities of L'Obsul territory, is formerly a Drow settlement. It was called Nel'tyrr. Its Drow residents were butchered, and its butchers cared not whether they were female, male, child, Lolthite or otherwise. Those butchers, the orcish races under the banner of King Wolfpelt, care not for your seditious and rebellious whims. They simply seek your extermination for what you are: Drow.

I am not one for mercy towards fools... but I am pragmatic. Seeing that you are a priest of Vhaeraun as you claim, you obviously possess a survival instinct and understand the importance of this threat to Drow as a species: your talents can actually be of use in stopping this growing threat. Once the Wolfpelts are ground to dust and Drow are the dominant force in the region, then my seditiously misguided male, you have my permission to try your inconvenient rebellion again.

If you continue your misguided rebellion in spite of this reasoning and contribute your talents to further destabilising the L'Obsul hegemony at this time... you will be caught. The surface will not hide you. The Dark will not protect you. And I guarantee, nothing from your shadow or your dreams will remain sacred from the Twisting Witch.

Now, Shadowling, the choice is on you."


"I'll think of something once Amia:EE drops."

PostPosted: Sat, Feb 29 2020, 12:48 PM 


Joined: 10 Jul 2014

A figure cloaked in darkness would silently read the replies. A grin of delight would briefly crease his face.

Vhaeraunites, the slaves of Lolth, and Drow in general,

Now is truly the time to rise up and throw down your oppressors! They are scared, weak, and can only maintain their version of the status quo with your blood and support!

Slave of Lolth, why prop up a system that only benefits your mistresses? Once the current troubles have passed, should you even survive, what do you think will happen to you next? Will your lot in life be improved? Rest assured, the priestesses of Lolth already have designs to consolidate their holdings and thus lure you further into their web of deciet, lies, betrayal... and utter failure. It's their nature.

Lolthite, it is quite obvious that Lolth has forsaken you. You couldn't defend Nec'perya and you will be defeated in L’obsul as well. Your houses have lost favor! Your fear is palpable and you are right to be scared...

Drow, once you have cast off the shackles of a society that no longer functions, is unable to maintain control of it’s slaves, and has been defeated many times over (always forced to flee to a new tunnel system), can we truly unite as a people and claim our destiny!

Vhaeruanite, now is the time to abandon these retched caverns and return to the surface where you have the opportunity to be masters rather than slaves!

The solution to ALL of your problems is quite obvious: KILL ALL THE PRIESTESSES OF LOLTH!

The Shadowling.

PostPosted: Sat, Mar 14 2020, 22:50 PM 

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Joined: 05 Jan 2006
Location: Hin Town

A large jalil with a even larger blade, clad in dark plates would study the exchange of messages, she would huff, shaking her head.

Only fools start a civil war as an external enemy comes, Two foes pulled out of their keeps to fight in the open as the third foe comes upon them like a crashing wave, slaying two with one sweep of their greedy and filthy paw.

A smarter move would be to join your kin and their allies, to end this upstart bastard

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