Subterranean Rumblings (L'Obsul/UD comings/goings thread)
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Author:  Crowfeather [ Mon, Dec 05 2016, 22:01 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: Subterranean Rumblings (L'Obsul/UD comings/goings thread

For the last several cycles the winged figure Samcroi 'Moth" has been seen moving her belongings into a dwelling in the Stalactite District. Between this and her frequent explorations of the local tunnels and cave systems the woman sits on a balcony in that district to watch the coming and goings and general activities of the Svirfneblin below.

Author:  Luckbringer [ Tue, Dec 06 2016, 15:49 PM ]
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One deep gnome in the Stalagmite District keeps a cautious distance from the new winged inhabitant to the Svirfneblin residences. However, seemingly unperturbed, he keeps to his usual business of comings and goings carrying sacks of mushrooms or boxes of bottled liquids creeping in and out of shadowy crevices.

Author:  Richard_Edmund [ Wed, Dec 07 2016, 8:35 AM ]
Post subject:  Re: Subterranean Rumblings (L'Obsul/UD comings/goings thread

Over the course of the last few cycles, M'elzar Tebryn can be witnessed conducting various small scale experiments outside the Sorcere. They consist of a series of stones carved with draconic runes in a circle formation surrounding a central pillar carved with the same runes.

With the casting of various elemental spells, the effects vary, the most extreme being the outer stones exploding which simply bounce off Tebryns shield spell. Muttering curses under his breath he returns to his papers making small adjustments.

Author:  Arkun [ Sat, Dec 31 2016, 8:49 AM ]
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In the pathways and holdings of both the lizardfolk and the svirfneblin, a lone Drow has been spotted attacking the guardians of those small holdings. Rather than taking slaves, the armored figure seems to be far more concerned with killing everything it can get near - screaming praises to Lolth all the while.

Apparently one Drow seems to wish to bring back the idea that the worship of Lolth is as strong and obvious as ever, and to remind the 'Lesser' races that the Drow are still to be remembered in the local Underdark.

Author:  Richard_Edmund [ Wed, Jan 04 2017, 9:46 AM ]
Post subject:  Re: Subterranean Rumblings (L'Obsul/UD comings/goings thread

M'elzar Tebryn can be seen casually strolling through L'Obsul towards house Zau'tar. Upon reaching the gates he informs the guards that Representative Quevaonar wishes to speak with him. Patiently(?) he would await to be summoned inside.

Author:  Lutra [ Fri, Jan 06 2017, 22:49 PM ]
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Rumors are spreading around about the death of Grukk, the famous cyclops mercenary and owner of a famous merchant caravan. He and his caravan got ambushed and massacred on the tradeway through the Labyrinth between Mantol Derith and L'Obsul.

The Zau'tars would invite the drow inside the House until he receives an audience.

The murders in the lizardmen and svirfneblins outside L'Obsul have little impact on the population...except for the Svirfneblins. However, they are way too busy preaching among themselves about their prophecy.

The younger Svirfneblin would find the appearing Gloura fascinating and they place out gifts for her.

Otherwise the Svirfneblins keep mentioning the usual dramatic prophecy: "The Lemendemenispoiradelopth"

Rumors are also spreading around about a conspiracy that causing issues for the trade of the illithid merchants. The illithid merchants are claiming that the matter is under control and the supplies will return to normal soon.

The Duergar Clan Kheledan is seemingly more busy preparing weapons lately. Much the same applies to the Orogs. The Drow of the Zau'tar..if they are doing something then they are doing it more subtly. Members of the house can be seen going on excursions on their lizards.

Author:  Crowfeather [ Fri, Jan 06 2017, 23:44 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: Subterranean Rumblings (L'Obsul/UD comings/goings thread

The winged figure Samcroi would be seen delightedly picking up these little gifts, turning them this way and that, playing with them in the glow of the faerzress lights and making incomprehensible designs with the gifts by placing them in abstract patterns about her. Sitting amidst such artful designs she often sits, taking out her cave harp, and plays hauntingly lovely melodies.

Author:  Estara [ Sun, Feb 05 2017, 2:07 AM ]
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It was not just a one-time thing, it seemed. There was an old face returned to the L'obsul and subterranean area around it. She was seen in dark plates and purple swaths of cloth, with antique and unpolished rings upon her fingers. If one dared to look, the female drow traveler had a sharp-featured face that some might remember common to the noble line of the Tinnerai House, which once was rather feared in these parts.

For those who might remember her, Elvinna'dris had come back. For those who didn't, it was a thing to note. A female drow in plates. Most likely one of those dark priestesses..

She accompanied a few males on their L'obsul Sorcere dealings and lingered around the Deepcoin market, mostly, drinking blood wine and lurking with her dark red gaze.

Author:  Arkun [ Tue, Feb 07 2017, 1:35 AM ]
Post subject:  Re: Subterranean Rumblings (L'Obsul/UD comings/goings thread

One of the Druids of the Underdark has reportedly been seen moving from Thran'daariv and L'Obsul. He usually hauls Rothe meat towards Thran'daariv, returning to L'Obsul empty handed afterwards.

He rarely stays within the City however, apparently preferring to delve into the dangerous depths of the Lower Dark. His only pauses come when the Druid witnesses someone suffering from virulent disease or the odd poisoned animal here or there - whereupon he either cures them outright, or makes note of what ails them - keeping to some sort of strict balance to ensure that any pox that might riddle the poor and destitute within L'Obsul does not overly ravage their ranks.

Author:  The1Kobra [ Wed, Feb 08 2017, 3:27 AM ]
Post subject:  Re: Subterranean Rumblings (L'Obsul/UD comings/goings thread

A kobold and a red dragonkin moved into the Northwest House, their "sorcere" building, with 18 corpses of Duergar. They took them to one of the upper rooms in the house, where the kobold then saw to setting them about for preservation and experimentation. He's sure to leave an undead servant watching them at all times. The kobold sorcerer seems very enthusiastic about his work....

Author:  Arkun [ Sat, Feb 11 2017, 0:56 AM ]
Post subject:  Re: Subterranean Rumblings (L'Obsul/UD comings/goings thread

Recently, there was a disturbance in the Middledark. While the location wasn't pinpointed by those who were near enough to experience it, a few rumors are flying about that there was an earthquake or some sort of localized disturbance in the middledark regions around Amia.

Author:  Strom [ Wed, Feb 15 2017, 12:37 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: Subterranean Rumblings (L'Obsul/UD comings/goings thread

A drow male, clad in dark metal armour wearing a sword across his back took up residence in an available Inn room. He perused the bounty boards and caravan orders on occasion, speaking with apothecaries and alchemists for orders, before disappearing into the caves.

Author:  Arkun [ Thu, Feb 16 2017, 22:39 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: Subterranean Rumblings (L'Obsul/UD comings/goings thread

Postings appear in the Middle/Lower Dark regions.

Author:  Greyfreth [ Fri, Feb 24 2017, 0:59 AM ]
Post subject:  Re: Subterranean Rumblings (L'Obsul/UD comings/goings thread

Female eyes scan over the masses from a distance. Beneath her cloak Oloth'chu observes amused. Receding back into the shadows gold and black plate could have been glimpsed, the signature of Tinnerai...

Author:  Frozen-ass [ Thu, Mar 30 2017, 16:38 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: Subterranean Rumblings (L'Obsul/UD comings/goings thread

For about a week ro 2 now, a large Orog with a low and deep Grunting voice has landed in the city of L'Obsul, clearly made a camp just outside in the lower dark. he is dressed in red and black robes with bones and skulls to decorate or maybe connect to the spirits of his kin, as they all seem to be from large Orc origin. He carries a staff with a large Orc skull on it and glowing red gems in the eye sockets. Most of the time a he uses his hood to cast a shadow over his face, but with some luck or effort, one can see large pale eyes with a slight red iris.

He frequent leaves again for trade or other reasons, but always returns with many goods he sells to supply the market of the upper L'Obsul, Many fresh and random goods of various values. And if not spotted with this he is crafting items at the forge or mythal forge

Often he is also easily spoted with maps areas of the underdark, from all levels, and with this one can indicate he is well travelled in the dark, and knows how to find his way.

As per today, he has requested a meeting with the local leader of the Orog clan/merc company ((AKA Lutra!?))

Author:  Lutra [ Tue, May 16 2017, 23:27 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: Subterranean Rumblings (L'Obsul/UD comings/goings thread

An orog provides response. He should seek Chieftain Strug out.

Author:  Frozen-ass [ Wed, May 17 2017, 18:03 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: Subterranean Rumblings (L'Obsul/UD comings/goings thread

After a revealing meeting just in front of the hall of negotiation, The Orog on red and bones, is seen going around the city following rumours .. at this stage is is not directly questioning people just listening and looking, for now.

At some point he seems to leave for the docks, and taking a trip to Thran'daariv.. after he returned with fresh information.. but also a bit smoking.. clearly it was a rough but productive trip.

After a long rest in his camp, that for some reason is much better protected by various means then befor, the Orog heads off to the Svirfneblin quarters.

Author:  thetangerinetornado [ Sat, Oct 07 2017, 1:35 AM ]
Post subject:  Re: Subterranean Rumblings (L'Obsul/UD comings/goings thread

A hobgoblin in garish fluttering robes can be seen in L'Obsul and Thran'dariv looking about for someone or something in recent days.

Author:  Eltryptich [ Fri, Oct 20 2017, 7:37 AM ]
Post subject:  Re: Subterranean Rumblings (L'Obsul/UD comings/goings thread

A long since unseen red dragon disciple dressed in the manner of a Chessentan warrior can be seen a little in the markets of L'Obsul and plenty in Thran'Daariv praying at the temple, wandering about and going in and out of her house. She ask about for the high priestess whereabouts.

Author:  vhunelar [ Mon, Dec 11 2017, 7:54 AM ]
Post subject:  Re: Subterranean Rumblings (L'Obsul/UD comings/goings thread

A variety of drow and other evil appearing creatures make their way in and out of the fortified house just by the lower lift exit in L'Obsul for many human days.

Most notable are a Yathtallar and her bodyguard a red dragon warrior. There are also various other drow of everything from noble to slave caste, what appears to be a half blood drow, and a few mongrels of various kinds that come in and out again and again. Some are noted to have vastly improved gear on exit.

There are also a number of bodies (most are human) carried into the residence at various times, some of which walk out later alive again, some of which do not.

Author:  SebSedar [ Tue, Dec 12 2017, 17:02 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: Subterranean Rumblings (L'Obsul/UD comings/goings thread

A well-built dark-haired male red dragon disciple can indeed be seen accompanying the Yathtallar.

Attentive folks might have noticed his discomfort when he first entered L'Obsul. However, in recent days the discomfort seems to be completely gone. If anything, he seems to enjoy it!

Over the last couple of weeks, there have been hints of him becoming more and more devoted to the Yathtallar's cause. Nowadays, apparently fully loyal to the Yathtallar, he eyes her enemies with a cold gaze, and if they press the issue, his gaze tends to turn into fire rather quickly.

Author:  neper [ Wed, Dec 13 2017, 6:43 AM ]
Post subject:  Re: Subterranean Rumblings (L'Obsul/UD comings/goings thread

An Strange female half drow on dark clothes have been seen in the company of the High Priestess (Cestdeavenix) and a Red winged male (Ciaran).

She has been seen her putting a tied goblin outside, getting wood and placing it for a crucifixion.

Author:  SebSedar [ Wed, Dec 13 2017, 7:33 AM ]
Post subject:  Re: Subterranean Rumblings (L'Obsul/UD comings/goings thread

A day in L'Obsul like any other. A goblin (those who know him would recognize him as Rotgash) was sitting at one of the tables near the market square when he was approached by the high priestess Cestdeavenix and her two companions - the red dragon warrior Ciaran and a mysterious half-drow dressed in dark clothing, Miz'ri.

It did not take long and fisticuffs erupted between the goblin and the red dragon warrior. Outmatched, the goblin was restrained and carried into a nearby house.

Those close enough to the house could perhaps hear faint nondistinct shouts of three different voices. A commanding Drow voice, a goblin voice, and a deep human-ish one.

After some time, Miz'ri could have been seen running out and returning with some wood.

Some moments later, the dead body of the goblin was carried out into the streets strung up on a wooden cross, with the following sign neatly mounted on the cross:

"Thought himself too good to kneel before Yathtallar Cestdeavenix"

in three different languages, Drow, goblin, and undercommon. The cross was then erected in the middle of the street for all to see.

Author:  KnightOfKelemvor [ Thu, Dec 14 2017, 13:31 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: Subterranean Rumblings (L'Obsul/UD comings/goings thread

Out from a portal on L'Obsuls lower levels Essedeavenix, Yathtallar Cestdeavenix's younger sister, can be seen arriving dragging a young drow female with her. The young prisoner tries to resist but as if grabbed by an invisible force she gets dragged of to the Yathtallar's house. Esse walks in and closes the door.

After several hours the door opens and out comes Esse, dragging the corpse of the young drowess, not far behind walks the Yathtallar herself, overseeing the situation. Esse places the corpse on a wooden cross placed on the ground, nails it to the cross and together the Drow sisters erect the cross next to the one with the goblin on it.

Esse then nails a note to the chest of the young drowess, but after a few harsh words from the Yathtallar she pulls it out and nails it to the cross instead...

Author:  SamTheGiantSlayer [ Fri, Dec 15 2017, 8:36 AM ]
Post subject:  Re: Subterranean Rumblings (L'Obsul/UD comings/goings thread

Two winged figures appear to stop and chat at the bazaar in L'Obsul, speaking in quiet and curious whispers. Many seemed to refer to them as the "moth" people; songs in the shadows, dances in the dark. Before long, they head off toward deeper layers of the Underdark, brandishing both magic and weapons in a short but sweet escapade through the Ogre caverns.

Author:  oldppdungeonmaster [ Tue, Feb 20 2018, 4:46 AM ]
Post subject:  Re: Subterranean Rumblings (L'Obsul/UD comings/goings thread

A blurred shadow drifts slowly about the edges of sparsely inhabited areas... fading in and out of sight. Echoed , deep tones.. mutter.Half heard by those near, Diabolic speech, so heavily accented as to be nearly..unintelligible. The words "Gone... Deep...Rise.." is all that may be heard, by those quickly turning heads , catching the edge of dissipating haze curling against the stones..

Author:  Kiyona [ Wed, Apr 11 2018, 14:52 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: Subterranean Rumblings (L'Obsul/UD comings/goings thread

The sorceress Essedaavenix can be seen walking into the market square of L'Obsul carrying a bloody scalp with three dreads on it, nailing it to a pole, underneath she nails a note saying: "Do not disrespect Malla Yathtallar Cestdeavenix and house Defadilae!"

Another note is added below the first and a set of blood stained piercings are added as well. The note say's
"Remains of Zy'nár, heretic and disrespectful follower of Talona, let him serv as an example of what comes to those that oppose us"

Author:  Empty Observer [ Fri, Apr 20 2018, 5:26 AM ]
Post subject:  Re: Subterranean Rumblings (L'Obsul/UD comings/goings thread

A drow female has been noticed in L'Obsul, wandering aimlessly in the city itself and nearby caverns. She seems to be searching for something, but what, is unclear. No one has recognized her, but she walks with age, as though having had a long and miserable life.

Her armor is beaten and battered, not significant except a dark red right gauntlet. Speaking to none but merchants, she rents a small house in the city and continues her daily walks, searching...

Author:  angst360 [ Tue, Oct 02 2018, 1:05 AM ]
Post subject:  Re: Subterranean Rumblings (L'Obsul/UD comings/goings thread

From a boat anchored in a secluded inlet, a young drowess surveyed the scene before her through steely eyes. The ruins of a once proud society littered the shoreline. The stench was almost overwhelming, at least to her nose. She would think to herself, “It is probably beyond reclamation, but not revenge...” She would gaze at the fortifications as the boat gently tossed to and fro, a plaything of the current. “Boatman, I have seen enough...” The boatman, quick to comply, began to make way and navigate the quickest route back to the L'Obsul waterfront. His passenger struck fear in his heart and made the steadiest of sea legs tremble. In his haste, he would misjudge the current causing the boat to toss violently. The drowess grabbed for a firm hold upon the gunwale with whitened knuckles. Should the boat capsize, the weight of her armor would pull her under, never to be seen again. For a long moment, it all hung in the balance: A razor thin line between life and death. She felt no fear, because faith was her constant companion. “If Lolth wants me to die here, in sight of an abject lesson concerning the loss of favor, so be it”, she would think to herself. The small craft eventually righted itself and the now pale and trembling boatman returned them to shore by the slowest route he could devise, all to aware of the suffering that awaited him on dry land

Author:  A Majestic Dwarf [ Sun, Sep 01 2019, 16:04 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: Subterranean Rumblings (L'Obsul/UD comings/goings thread

Troubling rumours from traders visiting the city have concerning news. They speak of Orcs, Goblinoids and others launching raids on Drow Enclaves and Duergar clanholds across the Northdark, and through it all, the tales of a large armoured figure riding a giant worg. Already, refugees come from one of L'Obsul's trade partners, a small drow mercantile enterprise specializing in alchemical preparations.

In the face of this, the powers that be have decided that they will meet to discuss how to best prepare L'Obsul for this. The Council has arranged a meeting and will announce their decision to the population of L'Obsul following the meeting. However, each of the factions has their own way of dealing with the news before hand. The House Zau'tar and the Duergar can be seen undergoing various military preparations, with additional patrols being made. The Svirfneblin are often seen in little huddles, discussing the rumors in quiet whispers, whilst additional excavations can be heard from within the Kobold warrens. Finally, the Orogs redouble their mining efforts, the toiling within the Gulag becoming even more unbearable than usual.

Despite the rumours, most of the population is not worried yet. After all, It is just an normal warlord, isn't it?

OOCRunning 2 Events and then will allow some time for Player responses.

Verdict of the L'Obsul Council: Thursday 5th of September - 7pm GMT / 3pm EST
Follow up event: Sunday 8th of September - 8pm GMT/4pm EST

Author:  A Majestic Dwarf [ Mon, Sep 09 2019, 16:59 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: Subterranean Rumblings (L'Obsul/UD comings/goings thread

Life in L'Obsul gets a little less productive. Since the business with the council meeting, the Kobolds have ceased supplying the city with their labour and the products of the mines. Rumours have it that a Svirfneblin delegation has spoken with them, but those negiotiations failed in short order. It is said that the Kobold slain during last weeks events was a respected elder amongst their kind and that they are taking it hard, hiding from an oncoming storm. To make up for the shortfall, the Duergar have redoubled thier efforts in their own mines, and the whips of the overseers can be heard with a renewed ferocity.

The Orogs, have for now at least, ceased thier roving and looking for trouble. A group of them was seen hauling a drow prisoner into their den. Guffaws and cheers could be heard throughout the night as the poor soul is treated to Orog hospitality. It is clear perhaps, that some within the city are not happy about this development either, although no response has yet come to light.

Author:  Galenson [ Wed, Sep 25 2019, 15:55 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: Subterranean Rumblings (L'Obsul/UD comings/goings thread

It seems that the Twisting Witch, the Third Daughter of House Vilrath, has retired to the temporary Vilrath Compound in L'Obsul for the time being. There was speculation that she was wounded during the successful raid for a high priority target: a goblin by the name of Crect, who was in league with the assassin of the Council delegates.

Naturally there's no formal statement from house Vilrath on the topic of the Third Daughter, nor can any word truly be trusted: it may not have been the actual Twisting Witch after all. However, House Vilrath does confirm that the Assassin's accomplice is now dead, and a base of operations by the infiltrating dissidents destroyed in the process.

One would call such a victory of sorts.

//copy+paste from the DM thread

Author:  LastDragonRider [ Sat, Nov 16 2019, 6:03 AM ]
Post subject:  Re: Subterranean Rumblings (L'Obsul/UD comings/goings thread

After the Vilrath Que'llat meeting this cycle, people come and go with a purpose, like spiderlings hatching from an egg sack they spread every which way to do the Ilharess' bidding. It looks like, for all intents and purposes, she has revoked the neutrality of the house as bloodlines and recruited members spread throughout L'Obsul. In the coming days, Vilrath's Ilharess, Tagnik'zur is seen frequenting the merchant square and dining area, her expression neutral as she looks about watching those coming and going as she sips her wine. Receiving messages from various members and dispatching orders. Seems the giant spider that is Que'llar Vilrath has awakened at last.

Author:  angst360 [ Sat, Feb 29 2020, 15:17 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: Subterranean Rumblings (L'Obsul/UD comings/goings thread

The Nightshadow (as all members of Vhaerauns clergy are called) would quietly slip into the place of power, unremarked upon by those who may have caught a glimpse.. as he had visited this building on numerous occasions under the guise of 'trade' alliance business before the fall of Nec'perya. He would slowly roll back the cowl of his cloak, carefully examining the council chamber for signs of other presences. Once satisfied that he was alone and would not be interrupted, the male cleric would begin the ritual. A strong, long lasting spell of darkness would engulf the entirety of the chamber, turning it into a void of blackness.

In the center of the council chamber, where will and power merge to govern, he would kneel in silent prayer. Perhaps he sought guidance, or wished to report progress... none but the Nightshadow and The Masked God of Night would ever know.

Once the ritual was complete, and the darkness had faded away, he would exit the Hall of Negotiations with a calm and purposeful manner. A mischievous grin (hidden beneath the mask he wore on such outings) played across his features, lighting his red eyes with a glimmer of amusement. The look only lasted a moment, as there was much work left to be done...

Author:  Drakos_Vek [ Sun, Mar 01 2020, 7:40 AM ]
Post subject:  Re: Subterranean Rumblings (L'Obsul/UD comings/goings thread

Kerath Zau’tar, one of the most prominent drow males (at least in his own opinion) in the city, has been more visible in the city as of late. He has dismissed reports of seditious manifestos and rumors of Naltyrr’s schemes as foreign attempts to destabilise L’Obsul and not worth his or anyone else’s time. He can be seen travelling between segments of the city, speaking with various craftsmen, slavers and the Zau’tar drill master on several secret projects, exchanging documents and gold almost as regularly as words.

Author:  Galenson [ Sun, Mar 01 2020, 8:08 AM ]
Post subject:  Re: Subterranean Rumblings (L'Obsul/UD comings/goings thread

Meanwhile, it seems that the Twisting Witch has been extremely active also. Often in conflicting ways, as if she is in multiple places at once.

Rumours are that the Third Daughter has been quite active in the deeper segments of L'Obsul and its mines of late. But, with her reputation of her talents, its really hard to know what she's truly up to... or whether she's actually there at all.

Author:  angst360 [ Sun, Mar 01 2020, 18:42 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: Subterranean Rumblings (L'Obsul/UD comings/goings thread

Somewhere in L’obsul, in a dingy rented room devoid of all contents but a single wooden chair, a male drow would sit in revelry.

Scenes from his previous time causing mischief in L’obsul and Nec’perya would replay through his mind. Memories of the quiet part he had played, from the shadows, in the fall of Nec’perya would cause him to smile involuntarily for a moment. But then a frown would slowly form as he recalled the story of his co-conspirator, his only true friend, and what had become of them. Memories of their conversations and the numerous cycles spent plotting against the establishment would replay, over and over, in his mind.

As his agitation grew, his conscious mind would begin to intervene. “Our plans hadn’t developed as we had hoped, instead they had turned out better than expected. But the price had been more than I would have been willing to pay, had I known there was a price.” He would clench his fists as he reminded himself of how The Witch, his Witch, had been treated. “Nau, that won’t happen again… lessons have been learned and would now be applied.”

He would sit in silent rage for a while, staring at a bare wall with unseeing eyes.

Finally, convictions renewed, he would steel himself by reviewing his overall plan and strategy. It was a long game he was playing, and he had only just taken the first of many steps. But he had confidence, he had played this game before and been successful, and he had already proven himself a peerless master of manipulation and psychological warfare… and, unlike his enemies, he had nothing left to lose...

Author:  angst360 [ Sun, Mar 01 2020, 19:59 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: Subterranean Rumblings (L'Obsul/UD comings/goings thread

Meanwhile, in Skullport, another male drow, Mas'dar Velve lu'Orbdrin, would be lounging in a luxurious house, waited upon by scantily clad concubines adorned (shackled) in gold chains studded with many of the precious gems he had collected.

As he sipped a rather rare and expesive wine, Mas'dar would consider the messages that, an obviously rattled, Naltyrr had hastily sent to him. He would laugh to himself as he considered the Arc Mage, "He always was the weak link..." While the content of the messages wouldn't carry much meaning for him, other than the fact there were apparently new problems in L'obsul that weren't any of his concern, the communication itself would convey information that he had desperately been seeking. Silently, he would raise a toast to Naltyrr's ineptitude, "long may it continue.."

Author:  Genar_Detkasa [ Sun, Mar 08 2020, 13:05 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: Subterranean Rumblings (L'Obsul/UD comings/goings thread

In the mushroom grove a certain mage practices his craft, focusing his mind and drawing out the nearby faerzress energies that nourish the fungi. Upon the conclusion of his visit the lights fade away, the mage withdrawing back the Zau'tar compound, sometimes visiting the grove again to conduct the same exercise.


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