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PostPosted: Sat, Nov 07 2015, 16:59 PM 

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*A panting, young Hin desperate for a way out of the forest after being chased by the forest creatures of Amia discovers a planar rift. Out of desperation, she touches the light the portal emits and closes her eyes where she hopes it would be safe place to hide in.*

*After a few moments, her heart quickens even more as she is sucked in to the rift with a sinking feeling that she may end up in some abyssal hell. The only sound the forest hears is a tiny subtle scream that elapses as quickly as it began.*

Where am I? I can't see anything.

She quickly realizes she still has her eyes closed after that frightening experience of being sucked down a planar rift. In an attempt to adjust her sight to the darkness, she opens one eye and realizes she still sees darkness.

Balls of a juggling Ogre! Where the darn am I?

She blinks twice and opens both her eyes and her sight begins to focus on a vertical post not more than a few feet from her. It reads "Shadowscape" and a sign pointing to the Three Steps Academy.

While trying to survey where she is exactly, she sees dark figures moving around very silently and quite swiftly. This triggers her instincts and she opens her pack and fumbles for a torch. With the torch lit, she is disappointed that the light does not cover the necessary area to reveal where she is and drops her jaw when she sees that some of the shadows look at her like she lost her shirt on the other side of the rift.

Realizing that her torch appears to distract the shadows, she attempts to make a smaller flame from it that would be enough for her to eye her immediate surroundings. After a few minutes of looking around, she thinks to herself that if there is an academic institution here this might be a civilized place despite it being so...

Damn dark!

She covers her mouth quickly as the words left her mouth loudly than what she intended. Realizing that the Shadows seem to pay her no heed except for the small flame produced by her torch, she tiptoes quickly towards the direction to the Three Steps Academy.

After a few hours of stumbling and avoiding the Shadows that walked, if one could call their movement that, she finally reaches the door of the Academy.

Excuse me, what place is this for? And...Where am I?

She asks a seemingly normal human dressed in what she thinks is some kind of guard patrol livery. The guard looking straight doesn't seem to respond for a few moments until she tugs his trousers. The officer, expecting someone to appear from the darkness ahead is surprised that the voice came not from afar but a few feet below him.

You're in the City of Shadows, lass. You have just stumbled upon the doors of the Three Steps Academy.

The guard, seemingly amused, ushers the young female Hin to enter. Not wanting to cause a ruckus, the female Hin places a hand conspicuously on the top of her short sword just in case something happens. She steps in and a girl only a few years older than her greets her with a surprisingly warm smile that seems to have a light against the surrounding darkness.

Hi, Welcome to the Three Steps Academy. Will you be registering as a new student or are you here to visit someone?

The local girl hands the female Hin a pamphlet and a registration card and directs her to some sort of visitors lounge nearby. The Hin sits and reads the pamphlet. Slowly it dawns on her that this may be the place she has heard of and quickly mouthed to Tymora a million thanks. She fills up the registration card and signs it with the name Istelann "Isty" Thur'Anni to which she gladly hands back the card to the warm smiling girl behind the desk.

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