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PostPosted: Fri, Mar 14 2014, 15:03 PM 


Joined: 23 Jan 2006

Hey, dancers. I need your help for a little project that will be updated in the near future. What I am looking for is a 1-2 paragraph description of Shadowscape written in the style of a travel guide writer. I know that there is a lot to Shadowscape, but we want just the essence of it. The goal is to let a character (and moreso, a player) know that there is a place for their shady character on the server, and a little about the place and maybe more or less where to find it.

After one (or a few) of you have prepared a draft I will take it, give it a final edit (no promises on keeping it exactly like the original, but I do my best) and then submit it for the project.

Looking to have this in the next couple of days, at least. Thank you to anyone who steps up!

PostPosted: Sun, Mar 16 2014, 3:29 AM 


Joined: 12 Jul 2010

Shadowscape City, formerly known as Daggerdale, is a displaced town that found its way to the Plane of Shadow through magic and tragedy, and is now under the protection of a stern cadre of Shades. Law enforcement is swift and efficient, as the mysterious creatures watching over the town brook no interruption to the bustling commerce. The locals are grim and hardened by the difficulties of eking out a living on the Plane of Shadow, but their success in the face of hardship has given them an indomitable will and surprising optimism. Shadowscape citizens are a thrifty and opportunistic lot, dealing in exotic (and perhaps illegal) goods that cannot be obtained elsewhere in order to make the coin needed to import the necessities of living.

Ruled by a council of merchant families that strictly value their privacy, the primary attraction of the town is the Three Steps Academy, a small school and library who's vast accumulated knowledge of shadowdancing and shadow magic belies the edifice's modest exterior. A traveler would be hard-pressed to find a better education in shadow play anywhere else in Faerun.

A visitor is also encouraged to visit Shadowborne Industries and the Market Square, and capitalize on the unique opportunities the Plane of Shadow has to offer, all without the danger of exploring the plane yourself. The Drunk Dancer Inn also has an impressive collection of exotic beverages for the liquor aficionados, though the food is basic at best. Accommodations in the Inn are limited, but very luxurious and worth the premium in coin.

Shadowscape's relatively low population makes for ample housing opportunities for the adventurer seeking a more permanent lair.

The safest route to the city is through Tarkuul's portal, though natural rifts exist in Endir's Point and the wilds of Borgendenstein for those willing to brave the dangers of the Plane itself.

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