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PostPosted: Wed, Jan 09 2019, 8:48 AM 

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A single folded sheet of parchment was left with the Three Steps Academy Registrar by a dark-skinned man. It appears to be the Academy application template painstakingly filled out in neat block letters.

1. Full Name: Mojaya Mwanga of Chult

2. Race: Human

3. Gender:

4. Background: I, Mojaya Mwanga am a man of the Tabaxi. I am great hunter and warrior with the quiet and sure step of the black panther.

5. What made you want to become a Shadowdancer? I, Mojaya Mwanga am still seen by keen eyed men who watch for those who prowl in the night. I seek the art of the shadowdancer to conceal me from even the most hawk-eyed men and disappear in plain sight.

6. How did you hear about the Academy? I, Mojaya Mwanga ventured far and wide in these lands, just as I did the jungles of Chult. I stumbled within a dark rift that took me to the Plane of Shadow where the town Shadowscape. My curiosity brought me to the Academy where I dutifully studied the booked I was kindly given and earned three insignia, but I have yet to achieve the mastery I desire so I seek a tutor to hone my talent and shadow abilities.

PostPosted: Thu, Jan 10 2019, 15:46 PM 

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*The application finds its way onto the Grandmaster's desk where he reviews in in silence. The next time Mojaya arrives at the academy, he would be met.*

//pm me some times and we can meet up


Fel'Brin - I am one with the shadows

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