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PostPosted: Sun, Jul 28 2019, 11:01 AM 

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Will EE bring about a change to the broken defender stance, i went digging for an old thread.


there has been many threads over the years but i thought this one was one of the best and most balanced ideas and was approved by dev team at the time to be implemented into the HAK but seems it lost its way.

Quote from thread

Dwarven Defender

Remove current Defensive Stance feat and replace with Defensive Stance toggle similar to Knight Commander Aura's.
+4 Dodge AC
X percent move speed decrease
Physical damage immunity 5 percent per damage reduction feat
+1 Save bonus per five DwD levels

I would like to see +2 attack bonus added to this, but that's just my thoughts as DwD and what will be Defender in EE will mostly be a tank type concept and will dip heavily into CON having garbage AB, the original stance adds +4 str anyway which would carry over to +2 ab.

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