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PostPosted: Mon, Jan 09 2017, 4:14 AM 

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*it was a happy pleasant day in the Dale until the sudden attack of an army of trolls. They appeared to be well organized trolls as they went for all four gates first before they started at the walls and the those inside the outer walls. Unfortunately the fireballs and flame walls cast towards the the trolls at the walls did not help with the wall defense as 80% of all the walls burned up during the fray. Luckily however the group of defenders worked well at suppressing the attack and finding the source of where these trolls were coming from and making quick work of their leader and shaman. Seems the trolls were using the altar above the troll caves to open up some rift where they could bring forth their army. How they managed this or whom else is working with them no one knows, but for now the Dale is safe once more.

Soon after the attack the busy right-sized folk of the Dale work to clean up the mess of burned wood, salvaging what they can to be reused for other tasks. As well some gather the remains of one of the stone golems who unfortunately fell in the attack, along with a few of the militia members who gave theirlives in the defense of the Dale.*

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PostPosted: Wed, Jan 11 2017, 6:47 AM 

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A couple of days later, one of the brave defenders returned to the troll caves to deliver retribution. The lone dwarf merrily cut through into the deeper caves to make sure things were as they should be, no clue as to what was regular to insufferable trolls.

As Dumathoin's faithful servant, the caves shook violently as he went, earthquakes echoed in the caverns, an issued warning to those daring the wrath of the Silent Keeper.

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