Clarification: Bugs for 1.69
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Author:  Angelis96 [ Wed, Apr 17 2019, 16:46 PM ]
Post subject:  Clarification: Bugs for 1.69

I simply wanted to clarify to the community that even though the ADT is focusing on EE at the moment I would highly ask that you continue to post any bugs/issues you see in the proper places to be fixed as soon as people are available to do so.

I do not know if things have simply been fine or if people have not been posting them because they are not a priority at the present. However, any issues in 1.69 may very well transition into EE once we make the move. So if anyone has been refraining I would strongly urge that people still post issues as soon as they see them so they may be fixed at the ADTs earliest convenience.

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