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PostPosted: Tue, Aug 15 2017, 15:06 PM 

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This will be a bit bigger project, as the matter is rather complex.

Please be patient, it will take some time until I have it all done and will work on it in steps. The topic is also locked as I do not want it cluttered in between with posts but rather want to make a proper, nice guide with an index.

Anyways, I know feylore confuses a lot of people. Please post questions here, that you wish the guide to answer or that you feel might confuse people and should be clearified in the guide. Please be aware, I am not answering them one by one here, but rather will work the answers into the guide. If you need an immediate answer because it is urgently needed for a present situation, sent me a PM instead.

The next project will be Amia Shapeshifters, I might start parallel, anyways, this is not what this thread is about! It will get it's own thread when I start. Please wait until I open one, I will do so soon.


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