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PostPosted: Wed, Dec 05 2018, 20:49 PM 

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robbi320 wrote:
Are you suggesting shield, a first level spell, that also lasts for a rather long time, and is commonly found on items, should block IGMS, a sixth level spell?! Balance!

P.S.: If the remark about RDDs when you answered to my post was meant about Alex, that's a pretty low blow. If anything, 50/- DR versus IGMS would make a weakness of his smaller. Nonetheless, going around and bashing other peoole for the characters they play, I'd thought that was above even you.

The fat DD part goes for any class, my DwD is the same. The fat little bastard can endure a lot just on DR and heal pots. I honestly was not even thinking about your character being a DD.

Shield blocks a high lvl magic missile also, which I think is one of the most underrated spells for many lvls. The spell you all talk about is just a overglorified version of magic missile :lol:

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PostPosted: Fri, Dec 07 2018, 3:08 AM 

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The shield spell actually gives 25%magic immunity with epic abjuration focus which is amazingly useful against it and perfectly fine by me since its an epic feat investment

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PostPosted: Fri, Dec 07 2018, 3:12 AM 

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Bear in mind also that the death script uses magic damage for the purposes of the stabilization/dying to -10. Magic DR screwed up that system, too.

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PostPosted: Sun, Dec 30 2018, 11:41 AM 


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TormakSaber wrote:
5/- magic and 5/- divine never should have gone in to begin with, and whoever spearheaded that decision made a very poor one.

Lutra wrote:
Not really. The old version of the -/5 resist was a 5% immunity in the case of the divine resistance things. Both for axed for reasons mentioned above. It was both an mechanical and a lore question. It would require a discussion within the team to go down on that route.

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PostPosted: Sat, Jan 12 2019, 20:06 PM 

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Try buying it, then take the screenshot. :lol:

PostPosted: Tue, Jan 22 2019, 17:21 PM 


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Well. This got heated. To be as fair about this as I can, I disagree with a lot of what people are saying. Until you have been relegated to being a haste monkey with BBoD and a one time use of greater ruin in almost every high tier epic encounter...the "god factor" of being a mage isn't that impressive. Please refrain from using "well horrid wilting" as any kind of defense. Maybe someone doesn't want to use necromancy from an RP standpoint, simply because of it's mechanical value. Most well built players can shrug of anything you can throw at them, due once more to ridiculously high saves, common gear that negate effects or alteration of spells to be nigh useless (I'm looking at you enchantment). Most victories by even well built mages come from actual skill, not a cheese, one click build, and I only see further nerfing mages to be pandering to that sort of thing. I play all these builds, so I am speaking objectively. Yes..I can solo most content with a mage. However I do it much faster and far more easily with my RDD...who if geared properly wouldn't ever need fear a mage, as they don't even have enough juice to widdle his vast hp, or the fort to stand against his dev crit. Oh...and I can solo almost everything with 4 potions, no resting. The improvements to Illusion were amazing! Albeit...less so once you evolve past Flame Giants. We build our Mobs strong and our Players stronger. Enchantment was changed so the duration of the spells made them absolutely useless. Hence, why no one touches it anymore. Evocation got some nice boosts, but ultimately....most hight level mobs and players either reflex, or resist the damage to nothingness. So. Barring necromancy, and horrid wilting (wail if you are fishing or picking on dexers), what option are mages left with for actual damage? We aren't counting the epic spells. All casters get those. Evo Clerics get so much more. Clerics in general do. Haven is a lower level and for all general purpose, better time stop. It achieves the same goal. Eq is pain to anyone without (it bypasses mantles) reflex and evasion. SoV is a persistent nuisance. The one true savior of the mage is Mords. However...thank you, UMD...its not even exclusive. I'm sure there are plenty of arguements to be made, and I'll gladly hear them. However the current mage in high epic dungeons just sits behind a wall of BBoDs...while everyone asks for buffs...usually trying to time his greater ruin to get the last hit on the boss...because he/she is just that bored.

Note: I am not dismissing the rp values of the following mechanically inferior schools: divination, transmutation,, enchantment.
Secondary Schools that are always taken in conjunction with a "dmg" school:

Abjuration works wonderfully in the defensive aspect.
Conjuration is taken for EDK and grind summoning early on.

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