[IC] Endir's Point Day-To-Day
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Author:  Hell-billy [ Sat, Jul 23 2016, 22:46 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: [IC] Endir's Point Day-To-Day

The Burgomaster suddenly begins to attend services at the Shaundakal temple. He sits at the front row and does not participate in any prayers yet he listens to every word the old priest says very carefully.

Author:  Commie [ Fri, Jul 29 2016, 9:12 AM ]
Post subject:  Re: [IC] Endir's Point Day-To-Day

Pitt, on his recent trips, has been bringing along the same two militia-men, Howard and Todd. The three essentially have nothing in common, religious banter goes nowhere, the two locals worshiping Shaundakal and Pitt not caring about any Gods but Ubtao. Sometimes they talk about what makes a good blade, or discuss an armor piece, but the conversations that do take place are simply an attempt to fill the dead-air that Pitt seems to prefer. The men are leery of this stranger, who rarely talks and gives short commands like "make camp here," or "head south, turn right, then double back after an hour." The two men even take night watch, telling "Mr. Pitt" that he can sleep... but perhaps this is because they are afraid of sleeping with him still awake. Pitt always sleeps soundly.

But the hunts are good. Food is coming back to Endirs regularly. A local was heard to remark, "He doesn't talk business or chat at all, he doesn't plan or even bring a map, he doesn't eat or drink with us, he just goes and.... does things. Just does whatever it is he decides he needs to do.... and nobody is able or willing to stop him, but he's bringing us all this food."

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Author:  Hell-billy [ Wed, Aug 03 2016, 6:45 AM ]
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The Burgomaster is seen frequently in the mines watching the work done and taking notes.

Author:  TormakSaber [ Wed, Aug 03 2016, 7:05 AM ]
Post subject:  Re: [IC] Endir's Point Day-To-Day

The work is fairly mundane and standard, with operations proceeding normally.

Author:  TormakSaber [ Sat, Aug 06 2016, 3:52 AM ]
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On a quiet evening, a ship flying the flag of the Amian Crafter's and Trader's Federation docks in Endir's Point. Roughly fifteen workers, including a priest of Waukeen and one foreman, exit the ship pulling a few handcarts of supplies. Alongside then are four well armed guards to escort them. They leave town heading east, and make their way along the trade road. In the morning, the four armed guards return and board the ship, which then sets sail. The workers do not return.

Author:  Aiseth [ Sun, Aug 07 2016, 12:59 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: [IC] Endir's Point Day-To-Day

The black-robed magician can be seen with the workers checking over them on occasion and restocking any provisions they may need during their stay from the town. She seems pleased with their progress and seems to be accounting for their individual merits as well, with rumors of incentives for those who perform most diligently.

Author:  MisterLich [ Tue, Aug 16 2016, 5:31 AM ]
Post subject:  Re: [IC] Endir's Point Day-To-Day

Osiris, the physician of Endir's Point, continues his regular day-to-day work of ensuring the health of the town's citizens remains well. He has returned from his brief vacation from the town.

Author:  Commie [ Tue, Aug 16 2016, 5:50 AM ]
Post subject:  Re: [IC] Endir's Point Day-To-Day

Pitt continues to make his usual hunting rounds with his normal crew. They go less often now then before, as the Formain invasion scared off some land.

Author:  Hell-billy [ Tue, Aug 16 2016, 16:19 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: [IC] Endir's Point Day-To-Day

The Burgomaster and his wife are seen more frequently of late as well as a large armored man known to be their son. The Burgomaster is also seen on occasion in the company of an old man in rich red and gold robes and with a white clad elven woman, a great sword strapped to her back.

Author:  Hell-billy [ Thu, Aug 18 2016, 16:30 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: [IC] Endir's Point Day-To-Day

The Burgomaster is seen at the lighthouse inspecting a growing pile of stones that are building up near it. He points and gives instruction to the miners as to what stones are suitable and what are not. Unsuitable stones disappear into the water between the light house and the village at night. Who is doing this work is unknown but in the dark and cold of night splashes and the moving of stone can be heard.

Author:  Hell-billy [ Fri, Aug 19 2016, 20:34 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: [IC] Endir's Point Day-To-Day

The Burgomaster is seen in the company of a large dark armored man entering the temple of Shaundakal. It is uncertain what is said but passersby would hear yelling and the crashing of furniture.

A similar scene occurs at Ralten's retreat where a stammering Junior is seen producing an official looking document. This only seems to further infuriate the Burgomaster who takes the document from Junior's hands, tearing it into small pieces before his eyes. The Burgomaster is heard yelling angrily "She isn't here! I am and you will answer to me!" With that the dark armored man upturns tables and stools before they both leave.

Author:  Hell-billy [ Wed, Aug 31 2016, 8:06 AM ]
Post subject:  Re: [IC] Endir's Point Day-To-Day

After an absence of over a week the Burgomaster returns from overseas. On the day of his return a rather large group of dark clad men in armor and draconic winged females meet with the Burgomaster in the street. The group is joined by a red and gold armored woman and shortly after the group disappears through a portal.

Author:  Hell-billy [ Sat, Sep 03 2016, 19:05 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: [IC] Endir's Point Day-To-Day

An aged bent over old man in rich but dusty red and old trimmed robes knocks on the door of the Burgomaster's house. In his hand he carries a small pile of weathered papers. A large dark armored man opens the door. "Is your father home?" the old man asks in a voice weakened by age. The armored man simply opens the door.

Author:  Hell-billy [ Mon, Sep 05 2016, 20:51 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: [IC] Endir's Point Day-To-Day

An elven woman in white armor with her head covered in a white hood is seen entering the Burgomaster's home, some hours later she is seen leaving in the dead of night.
The following afternoon a dark clad elven woman is seen entering the temple of Shaundakal. Perhaps an hour later the Burgomaster is seen entering as well. Anyone trying to enter the temple would find the door locked but an hour later the woman is seen leaving followed by the burgomaster a few minutes later.

Author:  Missing Scales [ Mon, Sep 05 2016, 23:27 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: [IC] Endir's Point Day-To-Day

Having secured permission of the Burgomaster, a woman with untidy white hair, tattooed and scarred, in armor and furs and clearly a white-scale dragonkin, has been seen about town. She spends time setting her affairs in order and walking about town. Soon a larger house by the gates is a flurry of activity as furnishings are moved in.

The windows, now glow with firelight, in the cold snowy nights.

Author:  Lutra [ Tue, Sep 06 2016, 3:47 AM ]
Post subject:  Re: [IC] Endir's Point Day-To-Day

*Around dawn one morning a local miner, runs to the local militia and the Burgomaster, claiming that his wife got murdered by an individual in dark outfit then urges them to visit the scene.*

// Poke me in a PM if you want to schedule this IG!

Author:  Hell-billy [ Tue, Sep 06 2016, 6:07 AM ]
Post subject:  Re: [IC] Endir's Point Day-To-Day

The Burgomaster commands the militia captain to seal off the scene making sure no one enters it including the militia. He hastily puts on his fighting equipment and tells Toslav to gather any citizens and allies to come to his home immediately. At that the old man wanders off.

Author:  Hell-billy [ Sat, Sep 24 2016, 18:59 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: [IC] Endir's Point Day-To-Day

After a somewhat lengthy absence the Burgomaster returns by ship.

Author:  TormakSaber [ Mon, Oct 24 2016, 2:16 AM ]
Post subject:  Re: [IC] Endir's Point Day-To-Day

From northeast of Endir's Point, a crew of ACTF workers and employees return by caravan, staying a night in town before an ACTF-flag-flying ship docks the next morning. The work crew is picked up and sailed off to the southwest.

Author:  Commie [ Sat, Nov 26 2016, 9:00 AM ]
Post subject:  Re: [IC] Endir's Point Day-To-Day

As the sun rises, Pitt can be seen addressing the local hunters, the ones that have been accompanying him to Brog. He tells them that while the hunts in the mountains of Brog have been successful, he's worried about over-hunting in the area. As the group has been barred from also hunting in Howness, he instructs them to return to the normal hunting routes in the Fogwood.

He also drops off some fresh deer and a wolf, taken from Amia Forest.

Author:  Commie [ Tue, Dec 06 2016, 4:48 AM ]
Post subject:  Re: [IC] Endir's Point Day-To-Day

A very annoyed Pitt would be seen renting a room at the Retreat, and could be found around there frequently.

Author:  Gribbo [ Fri, Feb 10 2017, 11:55 AM ]
Post subject:  Re: [IC] Endir's Point Day-To-Day

After the recent events in the shadowscape had reached the Barony, The Baroness would be seen in Endir's point speaking with Junior and the father. Afterwords guards would be posted in Endir's, especially around the rift.

If any of the gaurds were asked what they were looking for they would reply with:

"Nightcrawlers, if one get's loose we are here to try and get as many people out safely as we can. If you see one, sound the alarm and run."

Author:  Commie [ Fri, Feb 10 2017, 12:45 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: [IC] Endir's Point Day-To-Day

Pitt could be seen making more frequent walkthroughs of the town, his face-obscuring helmet on. He chats with the militia and Junior frequently when he passes through.

Author:  Estara [ Fri, Feb 17 2017, 10:15 AM ]
Post subject:  Re: [IC] Endir's Point Day-To-Day

A blonde warrior visited Endir's, checking in with Junior and the locals. She seemed curious about the recent events, the posting of guards and reminisced on days with Ralten's Band and Gorthod.

Author:  Xaviera [ Wed, Mar 29 2017, 5:36 AM ]
Post subject:  Re: [IC] Endir's Point Day-To-Day

Rouge, a slim young elven-looking girl with the horned helmet and shortbow who identifies herself as the Baroness Brieli's seneschal, visits once or twice each tenday, stopping in at Ralten's Retreat, the shrine of Shaundakul, and other places about town to speak with the people of Endir's Point, inquire about local happenings, and on occasion buy a round of drinks for those present. She doesn't speak much (indeed, she seems to have some difficulty doing so) but assures them that the Baroness stands ready to assist with any problems they may have.

Author:  yimmi [ Sat, May 06 2017, 23:52 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: [IC] Endir's Point Day-To-Day

A hooded figure descends from the ship, he walks down the docks and goes into the town. When he removes his hood to take a better look at the town, those people near him can notice that he has a very well groomed moustache... and a hideous scar on one of his eyes. He asks around where the local inn is. When he goes there he spends a whole day drinking and eating, if any of thethe locals would come to talk to him he would offer them a drink and something to eat so they could join him. After spending the whole day doing this he asks the inn keeper if there is any house available for rent, he would then inspect all the houses and then pays for the big house next to the inn. After spending the night passt, some strange lights could be seen coming out of the house... and the moustached man doesnt appear for the next few days.
After a week the same man comes down the ship at the docks, maybe some more observative townfolk would wonder how did he get off the boat if no one saw him leave the house...
He is followed this time by a big muscled half-orc who goes behind him all times, intimidating anyone who would put a bad face to him. This ocation both the moustached man and the half orc, carry a lot of bags. They both go to the rented house and then come out and head directly to the inn where they spend the rest of the day drinking and eating. The moustached man would buy some rounds to the local people to ease a bit the tension caused by the half orc... then they would head back to the rented house, where the man enters and..the half orc stays aoutside sometime, like guarding the place, before entering himsleft.
The man also asks around who is in charge of this town, as he wishes to have an audience with said individual...

Author:  yimmi [ Wed, May 10 2017, 0:47 AM ]
Post subject:  Re: [IC] Endir's Point Day-To-Day

The last day Jacob changed his routine a bit, instead of spending most of the day at his rented house near the inn, he decided to ask the locals what he could do to help a bit. He was told that the trolls that go near the surrounding area cause troubles from time to time. Jacob decided it was a perfect opportunity to investigate the area near Endir's Point. He was seen approaching to the gates, his hood on and his sword on his back. He then prepared himself by casting the usual magic that enhances his melee abilities and then he went through the gates, if someone was nearby that person could've seen that he summoned a Magic Beast to his side, which he also casted some magic on, he then drew his sword and walked toward the trees... For the rest of the day the screams and howls of the trolls could be heard from the town, eventually growing weaker until nothing could be heard...
Later that day Jacob would return to Endir's alone, his armor stained with what seemed to be dried troll blood.
He would then go to the inn and get a few drinks with whoever was in there, we would share a story or two about himself and then he would get up from his seat and said
"I really need to take a bath... I think I still smell like troll...". That night no lights could be seen from the second floor of the house, just in the first floor the light produced by the fireplace was seen.
During the night a half-orc was seen coming from the house, checking the surrounds of it and then entering again.

Author:  yimmi [ Fri, May 12 2017, 1:57 AM ]
Post subject:  Re: [IC] Endir's Point Day-To-Day

It was early in the morning when both Jacob and a half-orc left town, they where carrying enough provisions for a long day. When they both reached the gates they put their armor on. Jacob assisted also with his magic enhancements, but no summoning this time.
If someone would've followed to see where they were heading, that person would've saw them going straight towards known troll territory.
The day passed and no signs of the two was seen, but something was amiss, no troll was seen to bother anyone that passed near the roads, nor deeper into the woods, everything was particularly quite. Some locals that passed near the woods claimed that they heard a voice in the air, some deeps words that they did not know the meaning of, some of the more superstitious ones where saying that they could feel like some magic was in those words, one particular hunter that was in the nearby area said that the voice sounded with hard consonants and sibilants that sounded a bit like a hissing from time to time, and the words where emphasized on the first syllable. This voice was heard until midnight, and then the silence again.
It was late in night when the two returned, the man with his hood on and the half orc with a new armor... some of the locals that still where around and awake at that would swear that now, from the back of the half-orcs two wing-like masses protruded, it was hard to picture the true contour of them as apparently they where black as the night itself.
The two of them walked directly to the big house being rented near the inn, where a strange looking light was seen coming out of the windows.
The next day only the moustached man left the house, carrying some sort of letter on his hand, he went towards the woods, summoning his magical beast once outside of town and followed the road....

Author:  yimmi [ Fri, May 26 2017, 19:27 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: [IC] Endir's Point Day-To-Day

After some time away the moustached man is seen once again at Endir's.
He appears near the leyline node, carrying several books with him. He goes directly to his house then,
where he spends the rest of the day. If someone passed there during the night, they'd notice that the lights where always on.
The next day he would go towards the fogwood, but not alone. Outside town he would make some ritual and then, out of nowhere, a Gynosphinx would appeard. As the creature isn't used to the climate around Endir's,
the man would cast some protection from the elements spells for it, then they would both go towards troll territory...
The locals would say that for the next day no troll was seen roaming near the town, which was well greeted by them, as now they could easily go out of the limits without worrying about said trolls.
At night the man would return alone, he goes directly to the inn and share some drinks with anyone there willing to stand the troll blood scent coming from his armour...

Author:  yimmi [ Tue, Dec 05 2017, 1:43 AM ]
Post subject:  Re: [IC] Endir's Point Day-To-Day

After months of absence a familiar face is seen once again on the small town, a hooded figure that the ones that walk near him would notice that has a rather well kept moustache...
He arrives by ship and walks directly to the inn and spends quite a lot of gold in drinks... he later falls unconscious and only wakes up the next day.
He grabs his things and asks for a bottle of wine, so he can go drinking it outside.
Leaving the inn he goes directly to a rather large house that is next to the inn, he pays some money to the landlord and enters.. from the windows a fire can be seen lighting the house... the moustached man leaves the next morning by a portal that he opens right outside the house... who knows where he might have gone?

Author:  yimmi [ Sun, Aug 19 2018, 4:36 AM ]
Post subject:  Re: [IC] Endir's Point Day-To-Day

The hooded figure appears once again after several months of absence, this time he doesn't comes alone as he's followed by both another man and a female dwarf. The three of them enter his old house, the large one situated next to the inn.

From outside it could be seen that the fireplace is lit as some lights start from the inside and smoke arise from the chimney. Some time passes and the female dwarf leaves the house, but it's not until some hours later that the other man leaves too... The hooded figure remains on the house until the next day, when at first time in the morning he heads towards the local inn and orders some food and drinks for himself and anyone else who is willing to join him.
For some he may be a known face, for others he introduced himself...

Author:  yimmi [ Sun, Aug 26 2018, 2:58 AM ]
Post subject:  Re: [IC] Endir's Point Day-To-Day

The moustached man is seen leaving the ship that arrives this day, he seems tired and those who take a closer look to him would realize that his cloak has some "claw marks", and his shield too. He carries a box with him too, which he treats very careful.
He goes directly to his house, the large one near the inn, where from the windows a fire being lit could be seen... he doesn't come out for the rest of the day, but some strange lights come from the second floor of the house... what he may be working in? Some of the locals may wonder.

The next day he goes to the inn and, as usual, orders food and drinks for the ones present. As he has spent there almost two years now, he is known to some of the people there.

Author:  yimmi [ Mon, Jun 03 2019, 20:01 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: [IC] Endir's Point Day-To-Day

It is late in the night when a ship arrives to Endir's, the normal people coming down from the ship, nothing unusual.
It wasn't until the last person unboarded that a familiar face arrives to the town... a moustached man with a scar on his left eye. Said man walk with his backpack and goes directly to rent his old house, a big one next to the inn. After a few moments he goes directly to the inn where he talks with the locals, some of who may recognize him after all this time...
Something catches his attention, as rumour says about "the holy city burning" and other sort of statements... After hearing this, the moustached man pays for the rounds of those gathered with him and goes directly to the docks, boarding a ship...

He comes back a few hours later, followed by another man with red hair, together they go talking in a strange language and goes directly to the moustached man's house.

Author:  Aiseth [ Tue, Jun 04 2019, 6:41 AM ]
Post subject:  Re: [IC] Endir's Point Day-To-Day

A single shrouded figure enters the eastern gates of Endir's Point in black robes as though a lady in mourning, she bears a black staff, her fingers are unusually long and untrimmed. Likely she came from the road that leads to Fort Summer. In any event, she has taken refuge in the village for the time being.

Author:  Aiseth [ Tue, Jun 04 2019, 19:56 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: [IC] Endir's Point Day-To-Day

Having spent a night in Endir's Point, the black-robed magician inquires with the Barony militiamen of whom she would need to speak to in regards to commissioning a project of iron delivery, and has given them her lodging information at the Inn should they have a response. A day of packing, she heads back to Fort Summer to speak with the retainers of the Barony.

Author:  yimmi [ Tue, Jun 04 2019, 20:46 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: [IC] Endir's Point Day-To-Day

The moustached man would be watching from the window of his house the coming and goings of the locals, taking some notice about a black-robed woman who wields a black staff.
Nonetheless he doesn't approach and goes directly from his house towards the Inn, where once again he shares some food and drinks with the locals... hearing what they have to say.

Author:  Aiseth [ Wed, Jun 12 2019, 7:36 AM ]
Post subject:  Re: [IC] Endir's Point Day-To-Day

It does not take long for local rumors to spread that a known reclusive member of the barony has been given a role to oversee the day-to-day operations of Endir's Point. She spends some time down by the ports, communicating about relinquishing some dock space for imports and exports. As well, the black robed woman would be seen around the mines north of the town, looking to speak with the foreman there.

Author:  yimmi [ Tue, Aug 13 2019, 14:33 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: [IC] Endir's Point Day-To-Day

A moustached man that may be known to some of the locals arrive once again to the town. He asks to speak with the local authorities about some important issue...

Author:  yimmi [ Wed, Feb 05 2020, 7:20 AM ]
Post subject:  Re: [IC] Endir's Point Day-To-Day

The big house next to the local Inn has seen some activity today. As his usual user, the moustached man, is seen coming back from a portal with a woman and two well armed individuals.

The four individuals seem to stay once again on the place, as the house is having more activity than before, with the comings and goings of those mentioned, specially by the armed ones.

At the next day, the moustached man is seen heading towards the local inn, where he has a chat with the local militia men after buying several rounds of mead...

Author:  Silent2001 [ Sun, Mar 29 2020, 22:06 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: [IC] Endir's Point Day-To-Day

A gangly looking tiefling would emerge from a portal, swaying from side to side, he'd stare at the barn outside of Ralten's Retreat and after fumbling with the lock gains entry to the building with a triumphant yell. After a couple of hours the tiefling would emerge covered in sawdust sporting a shit eating grin. He'd make his way to the Retreat and get hammered with the locals, whether they tolerate him or not. By the evening the tiefling would be seen half-crawling back to the barn, giggling.

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