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PostPosted: Fri, Nov 17 2017, 20:47 PM 

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Ever got an error like this before when loading up NWN or the Toolset?
"There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into drive \Device\Harddisk7\DR7."

I had this earlier and had a hell of a time finding out what was causing the issue. This issue can occur after restarting your computer. The toolset may have been working fine before, but when you load it up, you get this error. The solution is typically very easy.

The error is caused by an extra storage device hooked up to your computer, one that was likely connected during your last computer restart. This can range from an external USB drive, to a USB thumb drive, to a cellphone. It could also be a virtual drive.
Try simply unplugging the device and loading up the program that wasn't working. Hopefully it will work now (and you should be able to plug your storage back in).

If you're having trouble figuring out what storage is causing the issue, take the following steps:
1. Go into "Control Panel"
2. Open "System"
3. Click the "Hardware" tab
4. Click "Device Manager"
5. Under "Disk drives" find the drive that is likely causing the problem.
You can find out which device is causing the problem by looking at your original error.
"Please insert a disk into drive \Device\Harddisk7\DR7."
So, it was the 7th device on my list to be causing the issue. In my case, it was my Blackberry hooked up to USB.

I unplugged my Blackberry, started up the toolset fine, plugged my Blackberry back in. Easy!

Lastly, if unplugging the storage responsible doesn't work, try restarting your computer without that storage present.

It's a rare error, but hopefully this helps anyone who's had trouble figuring this one out! (Like I did earlier).


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