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PostPosted: Wed, Oct 18 2017, 17:59 PM 


Joined: 04 Jan 2015

The thread in IA gave me a pretty fun idea I kind of want to try, partly based off a few books I've been reading.

Essentially, this character should be good with money, and decent at making it. (So, ideally able to solo as many bosses as possible) However, I'm trying to essentially make this character as... lazy as possible, essentially. Physically, he's got Bags of Holding and stuff to pull the weight, and any menial labor should be done either by summons or by other players. Now, I've been debating about the two classes I see this working on best: Cleric or Wizard. Wizard is Int, which fits IC, generally more feats, and a few spells that would be really useful. (especially invis)

If I were to go Cleric, I'd have a few domain combinations possible: Trickery/Charm, Trickery/Knowledge, or Waukeen's combinations...

If I were to go Wizard, I'd have a lot of nice bonuses, like the familiar, mass haste, and invis.

In general, I'm hoping for a build that would just summon, buff up, maybe shove a few heal potions down a summons' throats, but not fight at all. And I'm curious, mostly about which would be stronger: Buffed up Cleric summon or a Buffed up Wizard summon, but also which Spell Foci, and Epic Summon to take. I'm thinking abj on a Wizard, or Conj on a Cleric would be useful, and given the +20 AC versus dragons lots of bosses have, EMD would be better than EDK. But since I'd be going high (maybe even 30) Wiz or Clr, Gate or Shades also look like they might be promising contenders for summons.

Anyone got any suggestions, will this concept be decent at hunting bosses, or just fall flat on its' face? I feel like summon and buff usually doesn't work, but I'm not 100% sure...

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